Jive Turkey

Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

Okay, here it is finally, an article on turkey by Mr. radical and controversial himself. Many people wonder and ask me if turkey is a good white meat to eat. I don't care what color the meat is, it is NOT good to eat. Meat is a food for carnivores ONLY.

But I must say, if one does engage in flesh eating, white meat is far better than red meat. White meat is easier to digest (even though the body cannot digest any animal flesh in all honesty). Most meat-eaters prefer their white meat from fowl. And fowl is just that FOUUL! After all, the alphabet W is pronounced double U.

When we think of fowl, we think of chicken and turkey. This could also be said of white meat.

Now since our topic is the turkey bird, let's get down to business on this foul creature.



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