My Knack For Business

Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

Many people ask me how I came to learn business and learn it so well in addition to being successful in business, creating two multi-million dollar businesses, despite never attending major university or business school.

I give credit to many placements within my astrological natal chart, specifically Sun in the 6th House (Work and Service), Mars in Gemini, Venus in the 7th House (Social Speaking), Leo in the 10th House (Business and Career), Gemini in the 3rd House (placidus orb from Rising sign of Scorpio), and having Fire Signs in my Money and Work Houses (Sagittarius in the 2nd House, Aries in the 6th House, and Leo in the 10th House).

With Sun in the 6th House, I always had the knack for business, even when I was not astrologically astute. As a little boy, I excelled in selling fireworks, especially firecrackers. My father used to buy fireworks in bulk ...



Mango Butter - $5.00
Oz Oil (4oz) - $4.78
Taurus Elixir - $2.99

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