Dr. Umar Johnson and Conscious Stripper

Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

I met the good brother Dr. Umar Johnson in late 2011 after Karen Cooper flew myself and Dr. Umar to Newport News, Virginia to lecture at the Pointe Plaza Suites hotel.

Shortly after I went public on Facebook with what was going on behind the scenes with my former business ‘Dherbs’ and former business partner, Ahman Dolphin, and his embarrassing scandalous behavior after I revealed at a partnership meeting in June 2011 that I was leaving the company I started in a small kitchen of a Glendale apartment, Dherbs, to start Dhealthstore.com so I could do all that I have and am doing at Dhealthstore to serve the people, Karen Cooper of Newport News, Virginia contacted me on Facebook and invited me to Virginia to speak.

I didn’t know Karen personally but I soon discovered that she was serious about



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