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Genital Herpes? Human Papilloma Virus? AIDS? Epstein Barr?

Djehutys Anti-Viral Cleanse and Regimen is a 20 day 100% all-natural
(herbal), safe and sane cleansing program and regimen that consists of
several herbal formulations, dietary regimen, and meditation/affirmations for
purposes of addressing all so-called viral infections and the maintaining of
optimal health and wellbeing.
Djehutys Anti-Viral Cleanse and Regimen helps to naturally, safely
and effectively purify the blood of toxins and impurities and fortify the
body (defense system) against unhealthy microbes and protozoa. Clean
and healthy blood helps to maintain balance of positive and negative
microorganisms in the body that are there by nature. Problems erupt when
balance is lost and negative microorganisms dominate. Return the bodys
balance and return to a state of homeostasis and experience optimal health -
your divine birthright.

The body speaks through metaphor so when you have a skin eruption and/or
discharge and/or inflammation or burning in or near the genitalia area, it is
a sign that you need to pay attention to the energy in this region because it
conveying a message to you.

Health challenges of a sexual nature denote it is time that you reassess
your sexual belief systems. Problems with the male penis and female vagina
denote First and Second Chakra issues which deals with issues of being
grounded in ones sexuality and/or sexual orientation, survival (having
sex for survival purposes though the sex and person with whom youre
having sex with is unhealthy for you), imbalanced emotions (having sex
for emotional reasons), relationships (having sex with whomever just for
the sake of being in a relationship or afraid of being alone), and pleasure
(having sex with whomever for purposes of pleasure or sexual gratification).

Health challenges in the genitalia region mean you must deal with the above
issues, whichever one applies to you. Its time to let go of guilt (that came
from an unconscious desire to be punished from doing something wrong,
bad, or sinful - usually sex, as some religions teach that sex is a sin or
premarital sex is a sin and you claim the religion but have violated it and
keep on violating it because the sex feels so good which leads to a feeling of
confusion as well as the need to be punished for living in sin), shame (from
past sex acts: threesomes, being a prostitute, engaging in bisexuality if its
not your nature, numerous abortions, being raped or sexually molested,
etc.), fear, grief, lies, illusions, and attachments - all demons
(negative emotion) of the seven chakras that make up the human energy
field or aura.

The above constitutes why you may now have little painful bumps, blisters,
lesions, and rashes on or near your genitalia, your buttocks, and else
where. These are only signs to get your attention to deal with the hidden
elements (unhealthy emotions, attitude, and thoughts) that are robbing you
of optimal health and well-being and a healthy and balanced sex life full
of sexual bliss. You are sexually attracting people based upon this hidden
energy field you are emitting and people pick up on this energy and transfer
their demons (negative energy) to you that manifests as health challenges
(skin eruptions) in or on your genitalia. You are unconsciously contracting
with people whom you may ultimately blame for burning or infecting you
sexually, but they came into your life for a reason - to give you what you
unconsciously desire:

* Punishment for your feeling of guilt and/or sin

* Justification for your feeling of shame, poor or low self-esteem, or poor
self-image, or self-worthlessness

* To feel like a victim or more of a victim (bad things always happens to
poor lil ole me!, men always dog me out and do me wrong, or I always
get cheated on!)

But in addition to all of the above (what is unconsciously desired), to also
help you learn a valuable lesson. You see, all physical health challenges
originate on the mental and emotional levels and are based on life issues
which is why you must get your life in order if you desire to experience
optimal health and wellbeing.

What Is A Virus?

Millions of Americans are infected with so-called viruses. According to
Western medicine, there are over 200 different viruses pathogenic to
humans. Mosbys Medical Dictionary, 3rd ed.

However, contrary to what most people believe and have been taught in
regards to so-called viruses, a so-called virus, from my personal research,
is nothing but poison which fosters the growth and development of negative
microorganisms that infest the tissues of the organs and glands of the body,
i.e. heart, liver, intestines, etc.

According to Mosbys Medical Dictionary, 3rd edition, the medical term Virus
comes from a Latin word root meaning poison, which means that so-called
viral infections are nothing more than severe cases of blood toxicity and
impurity whereby the body becomes the perfect atmosphere for parasite and
worm infestation. Yes, worms and parasites are present in so-called viral

Mosbys Medical Dictionary supra, defines Virus as: A minute parasitic
microorganism smaller than a bacterium that, having no independent
metabolic activity, may only replicate within a cell of a living plant or animal
host. Mosbys Medical Dictionary clearly explains to you what is involved in
cases of so-called viral infections.

A virus is not a parasite according to the etymology of the word, but a
condition that is conducive to negative microorganisms or protozoa, those
commonly known as parasites. The etymology of the word virus and
present definition of the word lets us know whats involved in so-called viral
infections: POISON (poisonous blood) and UNHEALTHY MICROORGANISMS

From my research, the phrase viral infection simply means the body is
too acidic (very low body pH level) and too anaerobic (lacking oxygen).
So-called viral conditions disappear when the body becomes alkaline and

So-called viral conditions that manifest on the skin as rashes, bumps, and
lesions are a clear indicator that the bodys blood and lymph fluids are
toxic and the mucous membranes (inner skin) are filled with parasites
(microorganisms) and thus attempting to expel through the skin, and thus
need serious cleansing and purification and that?s what the herbs in our
cleanse does: Cleanse! Detoxify! Purify!

When you cleanse the blood and lymph fluids of the body youre
automatically boosting and fortifying the defense (so-called immune)
system. Weakened immunity is always implicated in so-called viral
conditions which here at are viewed as poison or
poisonous conditions.

How Can You Assist Your Body in Naturally Healing Itself?

You can change your life and the state of your health by changing your life
- your diet, lifestyle habits, thinking, and attitude and
and Djehuty Maat-Ra helps in that process by providing the necessary
tools (which includes information) and this regimen is the ultimate tool in
assisting you to finally heal from that toxic blood state (health challenge)
that has robbed you of your life with your participation via ignorance.

You can say goodbye to embarrassing, humiliating and irritating moments
due to toxic blood skin manifestations on your genitalia and buttocks and
elsewhere when you begin to heal by changing your life - your thinking/
thoughts, attitude, diet, and lifestyle and perhaps, even your environment.
You can also avoid wart removal. The body can heal itself and return to a
state of optimal health and wellbeing if you do and give it the right things.

You can also avoid the harmful effects of man-made pharmaceutical drugs.
God did not create the pharmaceutical drugs for the service of man nor
did God say the pill made by man shall be as medicine or for the healing
of the nations. Biblical references clearly mention herbs as being for the
service of man, medicine, and for the healing of the nations. See Psalm
104:14, Ezekiel 47:12, and Revelation 22:2 (for those who are religious in
general, Christian in particular).

And for those of you who are not religious, let us go study Hippocrates (not
an actual man, but a Greek secret society of healers dedicated to healing
in the name and honor of the Kemetic god Imhotep) who cured over 4,000
diseases during their time with herbs and other natural modalities (i.e.
steam). And for those who are Kemetic and deal with Kemetic history, let us
study the works of the Great Imhotep.

Pharmaceutical drugs kills over 700,000 people a year according to
statistics. The drugs prescribed for so-called viral infections are more
dangerous and scary than the so-called virus itself. Nobody ever dies from
disease in and of itself. Disease is actually a friend and ally that serves as
a sensor that lets us know that the body is imbalanced but the government
(Congress) via government agencies has categorized disease (a natural
occurrence that manifests when we are outside of Nature and her laws)
based upon where and how it manifests on the body and in turn has
patented and trademarked the various diseases (their names given to them)
which is why no one (outside of the pharmaceutical industry) can mention

without violating the law (Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act or Title
21, United States Code) simply because these diseases are property of the
government which has a right to regulate them (specific named diseases)
and enforce laws that protect them via enforcement agencies, i.e. FDA (Food
and Drug Administration Agency) and Department of Health and Human

It is all a part of the word control game for mind control purposes as U.S.
citizens are word controlled 100% and remaining dumb downed helps
them to never understand the very words that control them and keep them
enslaved, and sadly and unfortunately, with their own participation.

Dear Reader, victims die from the consumption of prescribed medications
that compromise the bodys defense (immune) system. The medical term
for this is iatrogenics. Trust me! You dont have to die from any health
challenge. Every health challenge is healable with the right knowledge,
information and tools and thats what and Djehuty
Maat-Ra provides the people of the world with, especially the tool of herbs
(plant, leaves), which God clearly stated was created for the service of
man, Psalm 104:14, medicine, Ezekiel 47:12, and for the healing of the
nations, Revelation 22.2. This is what God said (for you religious folk who
claim God but turn to man for pharmaceutical drugs).

Many people have their skin manifestations, called lesions and outbreaks
(lesions and outbreaks are healing signs), suppressed and therefore are
duped into managing their skin eruptions with medication. No commercial
disease advertisement for medication talks about curing disease, only
managing the disease. To manage a thing means to keep it, keep it under
control, but nevertheless, it?s still there.

Djehuty and uses many of Natures best and most potent
plants with strong antiviral and anthelmintic properties that have been
traditionally used to maintain and fortify optimal health and wellbeing.

Don't let a word you don't understand destroy your life by sabotaging your
health. You have a choice in what stays in or leaves your body. Make the
right choice and let Djehuty and assist you in maintaining
and sustaining optimal health and wellbeing with our safe, sane and effective
Antiviral Cleanse and Regimen and wealth of information. Remember folks,
sickness is a choice! Make the choice to be healthy if you desire to be
healthy! Healing begins in the mind and with right knowledge!

What Does Djehutys Anti-Viral Cleanse Consist Of?

Djehutys Anti-Viral Cleanse consists of six (6) potent, safe, sane, and
effective herbal compounds concocted exclusively by Djehuty Maat-Ra.

(1) Blood Formula - Activity: This formula detoxifies, strengthens, builds,
tones, nourish, invigorates, and maintains the blood and lymph fluids during
the cleanse.

Ingredients: Yellow Dock Root, Manjistha, Burdock Root, Dandelion Root,
Red Clover Tops, Chickweed, Sassafras, Chaparral, Amla Fruit, Cleavers,
Oregon Grape, Indigo Root, Poke Root, Nettle Leaf, Iron Weed, Strawberry
Leaf, Capsicum Fruit, Red Root, Cats Claw, Ligustrum, Pau D Arco, Cerasee,
Ligusticum, Solomons Seal, and Goldenseal Root. 100 Vegan capsules.

(2) Immune support Formula - Activity: This formula strengthens, tones,
fortifies, and maintains the defense (so-called immune) system and helps
normalize body chemistry and increase resistance to stress.

Ingredients: Astragulus, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Pau D Arco, Cats Claw,
Korean Red Ginseng, Schizandra, Suma, and Ginger Root. 100 Vegan

(3) VC-Bioflavanoid Formula - Activity: This formula is the richest and most
potent natural (organic), digestible, assimilable, and absorbable source of
Vitamin C available. It also provides natural antioxidants, contains MSM
sulfur or organic sulfur, and contains every essential bioflavonoid.

Ingredients: Rose Hips, Amla Fruit (Indian Gooseberry), Hibiscus Flower,
Camu Fruit, MSM Sulfur, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Elderberry, Grape Seed,
Capsicum Fruit and Moringa Leaf.

(4) Anti-Viral Formula - Activity: This formula naturally neutralizes negative
microorganisms while simultaneously purifying the tissues and cells of

Ingredients: Olive Leaf, Osho Root, Lemon balm, Hyssop, St. Johns Wort,
Passionflower, Amla Fruit (Indian Gooseberry), Myrrh Gum, Oregon Grape,
Tronodora, Usnea, Garlic, Slippery Elm, Camu Fruit, Acerola and Goldenseal
Root. 100 Vegan capsules.

(5) Anti-Parasitic - Activity: This is a powerful anthelmintic and vermifuge
formula that purifies the body of negative microorganisms. Optional: Use
along with castor oil for best results (available from

Ingredients: Black Walnut Hull, Male Fern, Neem Leaf, Peach Tree Bark,
Pumpkin Seed, Southernwood, Quassia, Capsicum Fruit, Wormseed,
Epazote, Rue, Tansy, Cloves, Thyme, Betel Nut, Cascara Sagrada, Butternut,
Kutaj, Garlic, Olive Leaf, Senna Leaf, Vidanga, Wormwood, Pink Root, Poke
Root and Goldenseal Root. 100 Vegan capsules.

(6) Intestinal-Colon - Activity: A powerful but gentle, cathartic formula! It is
the best, most effective, safe and sane, and nonabrasive and non-gripping
herbal laxative and cathartic formula on the market. This formula helps to
return the colon to a state of maximum health and. The formula also tones,
strengthens, rebuilds and restores the colon lubricates the walls of the colon,
dissolves gas pockets, and purifies the intestines of creepy critters, and
stimulates peristalsis (bowel movement).

Ingredients: Senna Leaf & Pod, Cascara Sagrada, Buckthorn, Psyllium Husk,
Black Walnut Hull, Rhubarb, Irish Moss, Cape Aloes, Mandrake Root, Poke
Root, Slippery Elm Bark, Capsicum Fruit, Guar Gum, Goldenseal Root, and
Ipecac Root. 100 Vegan capsules.

Instructions and Dietary regimen.

In order for the Anti-Viral Cleanse to be effective, I recommend an all raw
foods diet for the duration of the cleanse. Raw foods are more cleansing and
nourishing for the human body, as most raw foods are alkaline in nature.

The Anti-Viral Cleanse comes complete with herbs, instructions on how
and when to take the herbs, a recommend dietary regimen, meditation/
affirmations and much more - everything you will need to get started and to
complete the program.

Frequently Asked Questions about Djehutys Anti-Viral Cleanse

Question: Is this Anti-Viral Cleanse sold at the same one
sold at Dherbs?

Answer: No it is not! As of October 1, 2011 I have not personally
manufactured any products for Dherbs and have no idea who now
manufactures their product nor do I care in all honesty. I only stay focused
on my personal creations as I can stand behind the integrity of my products
and I know my energy that goes into what I make. I cant say this for or
about any other company in the world.

FYI: I have not been at, affiliated with, or employed by Dherbs since August
2011. Because Dherbs has chosen not to give public notice of this fact, many
people do not know I am no longer there or make any of the products sold
there. Up until this point, only Djehuty Maat-Ra and has
given public notice. Our guess is that a lot of customers would no longer
purchase from Dherbs if and after discovering that Djehuty is no longer
there as Djehuty has a large following and many people love and trust him
and go where he goes.

Question: Why did you remove certain items from the Anti-Viral Cleanse
such as the roll-on?

Answer: Because Oz-Oil was just as effective and most people on the Anti-
Viral Cleanse already had a bottle of Oz-Oil, so I wanted to help people save
money and also give them options to make their own choices of additional
products they could use during their cleanse, any cleanse.

At, my Anti-Viral Cleanse is only $120.00 and an 8 ounce
bottle of Oz-Oil is only $16.95. Total thats only $136.95 which is nearly $30
cheaper than Dherbs Anti-Viral Cleanse. You save money and get more for

Question: Does the Anti-Viral Cleanse cure or heal Herpes?

Answer: NO! No product, natural or unnatural (e.g. pharmaceutical drug,
medication), can cure or heal any disease, disorder, or pathology. Healing
or curing are not external but come from within (within the person). To
cure or heal any disease requires a wholistic approach (inner and outer).
At, it is our belief (predicated upon knowledge) that if a
person positively changes or modifies their (1) mindset (thinking/thoughts),
(2) attitude, (3) diet (food and beverage), (4) lifestyle, and (5) environment,
in addition to having the (6) will, and (7) intent to heal, the person can in

fact heal or cure him/herself from ANY disease including herpes simplex
virus 1 & 2.

Question: How come the Anti-Viral kit does not purport to cure herpes?

Answer: Number one, Djehuty understands the laws and the language of
the law of this land. The term cure is a trademarked term in the U.S. as
well as the term herpes (or herpes simplex virus) though government wont
openly admit it but will prosecute you for using said terms and phrases. In
fact, all diseases that you find listed in a medical dictionary or Merck Manual
are trademarked and to purport to cure what does not belong to you, but
which belongs to another and is protected under trademark and patent law,
is a violation of trademark and patent law. Therefore, Djehuty does not use
the term cure pertaining to a product for any trademarked and patented
disease(s) which includes herpes simplex virus.

Question: How is the herpes virus rendered eradicated after performing the
Anti-Viral Cleanse?

Answer: Easy! Its really basic and common sensible. The Anti-Viral formula
(and the Full Body Detox kit and regimen) cleanse the entire body including
the blood and lymph fluids and when you cleanse the entire body and render
the body alkaline (via mineralization) and oxygenated, disease cannot exist
in your body. Herpes is a skin and parasitic disorder and when you cleanse
the blood (and entire body) parasites and unhealthy microorganisms cannot
live in the body. Its that simple!

Herpes simplex is an infection caused by a herpes simplex virus (HSV),
which has an affinity for the skin. SOURCE: Mosby?s Medical Dictionary, 3rd
edition (1990)

Virus [Latin, meaning poison is a minute parasitic microorganism much
smaller than a bacterium SOURCE: Mosby?s Medical Dictionary, 3rd edition

Very few people are healed after just performing herbal cleanses because
in their minds they still embrace the concept that (1) herpes is incurable,
and (2) They themselves still have the disease. Faith/Belief is required for

Question: Doesn't the herpes antibodies stay in your blood forever?

Answer: That depends on who you ask! Under allopathic (Western)

medicine, herpes is incurable. Under naturopathy, herpes (like all other
diseases) is healable predicated upon wholistic modalities that work on the
person?s mind, body, and spirit.

Question: Doesn't the herpes virus live in the skin or tissues of the nervous

Answer: Djehuty does not accept that medical theory or notion. In our view,
it is erroneous and stated to justify the incurable status of herpes, especially
genital herpes.

Question: Doesn't the herpes virus live and stay dormant in the cells of the

Djehuty does not accept that medical theory or notion. In our opinion, it is
highly false and erroneous.

Question: After performing the Anti-Viral Cleanse and I test negative for
herpes, will I stay negative for herpes?

Answer: That all depends because a person can revert back to their old,
degenerate lifestyle and insalubrious ways and habits which played a role
in their contracting herpes in the first place. If you have herpes and cleanse
your blood in particular and body in general, change your mindset (thoughts
and thinking) and behavior, change your diet (eradicating meat, dairy,
refined starched and grains, sugar and salt and other harmful chemicals),
change your lifestyle (becoming fastidious with whom you have sex with,
remain celibate while single, etc.), and change your environment and the
virus disappears (and you test negative when tested) and then go back to
your old mindset, attitude, diet, lifestyle and environment, there?s a good
chance of herpes being diagnosed in your body again. You see, herpes is
not limited to sexual intercourse. It is a blood and parasite disorder and the
blood is not limited to toxicity resulting from sex nor is a contracted parasitic
infection limited to sexual intercourse. You can get toxic blood and parasites
from eating meat alone. When you start to see herpes as more than a STD
and see it as a blood and parasite infection and disease, then you?ll start
to understand healing from herpes much better because if dirty or toxicity
means diseased, then clean and pure means healthy or whole.

Question: Is the Anti-Viral Cleanse suppressing the herpes virus or
completely eradicating it?

Answer: The Anti-viral Cleanse does not suppress the so-called herpes virus
or any virus. Remember, virus means poison (as per Mosbys supra) and

you cannot suppress poison with herbs. Herbs dont suppress! They help
the body to eliminate what?s not supposed to be in the body. Herbs are
cleansing, strengthening, and building. Suppression of a thing means the
thing (e.g. virus) is still in the body, just dormant or latent. Suppression
of herpes will still turn up as positive for having the infection when you are
tested for the virus.

Question: After I complete the Anti-Viral Cleanse, should I go and get tested
to see if the virus is gone?

Answer: No! The Cleanse should not be about that - a quick fix! But a
lifestyle change. If anything, after changing your diet, lifestyle, mindset,
attitude (about disease and healing), etc. wait till 6 months before you go
get re-tested. Many people have weak minds and weak minds slows down
the healing process. Get the mind strong and then go get tested.

Question: How long after I complete the Anti-Viral Cleanse should I go and
get tested to see if the virus is gone?

Answer: 6-12 months (to give your new lifestyle, diet, mindset to set in).

Question: Should I perform the Full Body Detox before performing the Anti-
Viral Cleanse ?

Answer: highly recommends this! This would be the ideal
thing to do. The Full Body Detox and the Anti-viral Cleanse performed back
to back will greatly cleanse your body, eliminate parasites and worms, and
ensure that your herpes test comes back negative.

Question: How long after performing the Full Body Detox should I wait to
perform the Anti-Viral Cleanse?

Answer: The cleanses should be performed back to back. It is best to
start the Anti-viral Cleanse 1-7 days after performing the Full Body Detox.
However, make sure you keep up the Full Body Detox dietary regimen
during your break between cleanses.

Question: Can I have unprotected sex during the Anti-Viral Cleanse?

Answer: Planet Earth is a free will zone and America is the land of the free
(purportedly) and you can do as you will or choose (granted you are willing
to deal with the consequences of your action(s)). However, in our view, it
is unwise to have unprotected or even protected sex while performing the
Anti-viral kit and regimen or while doing any kind of cleanse or cleansing

Question: Does Djehuty guarantee that I will test negative when I get
retested for herpes after completing the Anti-Viral Cleanse?

Answer: I sure would like to, but for legal reasons and logical reasons, I/
we do not guarantee anything. There are many corrupted and perturbed
people in the world today, especially in the U.S., who would purchase the
cleanse but (1) continue to consume the same degenerate diet, (2) fall off
the regimen, or (3) not fully complete the regimen, and then unethically and
unscrupulously seek to get a refund by claiming the kit and regimen did not
help them heal from their particular viral infection, or worse, attempt to sue
Dhealthstore.Com for false advertising.

Question: Do many people report that they tested negative after getting
tested after completing the Anti-Viral Cleanse?

Answer: No, but some do! We at invite everybody to Write
a review (testimony) on our site after testing negative for a specific viral
infection so to serve as inspiration for other people who may be skeptical
(about the kit and regimen) and plagued with a so-called incurable viral
infection; but because most people who purchase the kit do so due to having
either genital herpes or A.I.D.S, sexually-transmitted diseases, they do not
want to publicize their personal history and past for (1) fear of lawsuits from
past lovers who may have contracted the virus, (2) fear of causing health
concerns for a present or potential lover, and (3) fear, guilt, shame, and/
or humiliation, which is very understandable to us. Federal and state law
require individuals who test positive for sexually transmitted diseases to
register with the Department of Health and failure to do so is a violation of
the law and many people fail to obey the law. These are the reasons most
people who test negative after performing the kit and regimen do not, refuse
to, or fail to Write a review (testimony).

We are not promoting any formula or product as a cure for any viral
infection as only God and the human body (mind) can heal. What we
are promoting as a cure for any viral infection (or any other disease)
is a lifestyle and daily regimen. Djehuty promotes a wholistic and total
approach to healing and healing from a particular pathology or disease
which include viruses and/or viral infections.

Healing FIRST starts in the Mind!

* The above statements have not been approved by the FDA and the product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease.
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