Big Ole Butt: Steatophygia vs. Callipygia


As Seattle rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot said in a song, "Baby Got Back!" But the question is, is baby's back (butt) steatopygian or callipygian?

Well, most folks have probably never even heard of these two terms so I will begin this article by defining these two terms.

Callipygian is defined as: "Having shapely buttocks." SOURCE: The Highly Selective Dictionary For The Extraordinarily Literate. Ehrlich, Eugene. Harper Collins: New York (1997), pg. 28

Callipygian. adjective. [derived from Greek, kallip_gos (epithet of a statute of Venus), kallos "beauty" + p_g_ "buttocks"] Pertaining to or having well-shaped buttocks. SOURCE: The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, 3rd edition, 1993, pg. 321

Steatopygia is defined as: "Excessive development of fat on the buttocks, especially of women." SOURCE: Ibid, pg. 166

Steatopygia. noun. [derived from Latin, steato, "fat" + pug_ "rump"]. A protuberance of the buttocks, due to accumulation of fat in and behind the hips and thighs, esp. as found (chiefly in women) among the Nama and Bushmen of Southern Africa. SOUCE: The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, 3rd edition, 1993, pg. 3045

Okay, so we now know the definition or meaning of these two terms. One means having shapely buttocks and the other means excessive accumulation of fat on the buttocks.

Today, Callipygian refers to the shapely buttocks that may have excessive fat in them but is considered healthy due to lack of cellulite and/or stretch marks. Steatopygia refers to the unshapely buttocks that are the result of excessive fat that leads to stretch marks and/or cellulite.

The point I am making is that a lot of Black or African-American and Afro-Carribean females have large butts, most of which are very shapely. However, there are two kinds or conditions of large butts. There is the healthy large butt that is usually shapely and curvaceous and then there's the unhealthy large butt that is rotund and unshapely.

When you take the callipygian butt in the nude, it is not only shapely with definition and tone, but the skin is very smooth. There are no fluid pockets (cellulite) or stretch marks on it which are considered unsightly to most self-conscious women.

When you take the steatopygian butt in the nude, it is unshapely and lacks definition and tone and the skin is very bumpy due to excess fluid buildup and retention and it is also saturated with stretch marks.

Today, the African woman's butt, in general, is not automatically naturally big and shapely in a healthy fashion. One brand of woman may have naturally round, healthy and shapely buttocks whereas the other brand of woman may have unnaturally round, unhealthy but shapely (or unshapely) buttocks.

The Black woman with the naturally shapely and healthy buttocks is usually Afro-Carribean and is from the African continent (Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, or Nigeria) or the Carribean or the Diaspora (Virgin Island, Barbados, Jamaica, etc.).

The Black woman with the unnaturally shapely (or unshapely) and unhealthy buttocks is almost always from the United States or African-American.

Even if the African-American female has a shapely butt, in most cases it is still unhealthy when you consider what's in her buttocks stemming from her diet.

Diet plays an important role in whether a buttock is callipygian or steatopygian. The fat on the butt of the Afro-Carribean female is usually natural and based on the genes (genetic disposition). The fat on the African-American female is usually unnatural and based on diet (poor diet). This is not to say many sisters are not naturally packing backside because you will find and see a lot of beautiful Black or African-American females who sport shapely and healthy buttocks. Many of them pose in Jet Magazine and other black magazines (King, Essence, Vibe, etc.).

Just as there is an exception with the African-American female, there's also an exception with the Afro-Carribean female. You will find a lot of Afro-Carribean females (usually in the U.S.) who are steatopygian due to embracing the degenerate and decadent American lifestyle and diet.

I have noticed that a lot of African-American females start off callipygian in their early to late teens and into their early twenties, but by their late twenties and early thirties, the excessive fat takes a toll on the butt and it becomes steatopygian. I see this with a lot of corporate sisters. After about five years on the job, they blow up (become excessively thick or fat). They start making good money, start eating more junk food due to lack of time (to prepare and eat more healthy foods) and start nibbling on and eating more candies and sweets (chocolate) usually out of boredom or for unknown or subtle emotional reasons.

I'd be remiss to not mention how sedentary their lives also become after they start working these corporate jobs.

In the last ten years, I have seen very beautiful corporate African-American females (goddesses) blow up like cows and I know it is due to the fat factor (junk food and sweets).

Many of these sisters/women are given steroids by doctors for diseases and conditions that do not require steroids. However, these steroids cause these sisters to blow up like blimps and also make them sicker than they already were. Many of these pharmaceutical steroids are derived from pigs and that's what many of these women end up looking like - a big, fat pig!

The butt is one of five zones on the female body that serves as a reservoir of fat, the other four zones being the breasts, belly, thighs and back arms.

The female butt will hold fat in it. It will also hold fluid waste. So many times "a trunk of funk" is literally just that - a trunk of funk! That big ole butt is holding TOXIC WASTE! Yeah, it may be big, round and curvaceous, but it may be due to toxicity and this is not healthy or a good thing. So many women, especially African-American women, are so caught up on having a nice-sized big butt for sexual appeal purposes that many times they will ask me that if they perform my Full Body Detox will they lose their butt? Some actually contemplate on not performing the Full Body Detox due to keeping their big butt. They'd rather be toxic with a big ole butt rather than be healthy.

If most of the toxins are stored in the butt then detoxifying the body with the kit will put an emphasis on removing the toxins from the fatty tissues of the butt. I don't regulate this! The woman's Body Intelligence regulates this.

After looking nice, what good is a big ole butt? You'll get some compliments on it, but then what? I shouldn't ask this question because there are some freaks out there. A lot of women like to get spanked on that fanny, especially while in the Doggy-style position during sexual intercourse. Liking to get spanked on one's butt doesn't make a woman a freak. I'm just messing a round and having some fun. But getting spanked on the rear end is stimulating to many women. The butt tissues can create stimulation when spanked and release pent up passion. And of course there's the psychological implication of the need to be punished (for being "naughty").

The male lover spanking the fanny at the request of the female may be a gesture to re-dramatize the paternal discipline she received as a little girl when naughty or, because most African-American girls grow up without a father these days, a gesture to have her lover to make up the discipline she desired from a father or father figure but never received.

Sex with African-Americans, in many cases, is laced with implications of the daddy-mommy, father-daughter, and mother-son relationships. African-American females will not hesitate to call her male lovers "daddy" while in the sex act. Though it may sound incestuous, it's not. It's more "familial love-based" than incestuous. It's just expressed while engaging in the sex act. So an African-American female may say "Give it to me, Daddy!" while in the sex act but she consciously does not want to be having sex with her father though she may desire "male-based" affection and love. Daddy is the man who shows a black girl manly love, the man who protects her, makes her feel secure, and make her feel good. Many times because a black man was not present while growing, a lot of these emotional desires are compensated with strange men (lovers) during the sex act.

The same thing can be said of many African-American males calling their female lovers "Mamma" in the sex act. However, no Black male (in his right mind) consciously wants to be having sex with his mother. It's repulsive. The idea itself is sickening. In the Black or African-American family, it's an expression, a figure of speech.

The booty is a big deal with Black folks. It's like a trademark of something.

Because of the hormone-laced meats and dairy products consumed by the average American today, Afro-Carribean females are not the only females sporting the big ole butt today. Many Caucasian, Hispanic and Asian females are also sporting big ole butts. Estrogen affects the buttocks too!

White girls/women who were known to have flaccid posteriors prior to the 1980s can in some cases rival African females/women. However, in some cases it may not be a case of hormones but a case of surgical augmentation, i.e. knife in the booty. Silicon can work serious bodily miracles today. Rappers Chuck D and Paris are correct for calling America "Plastic Nation" today. So many people, especially females (and mostly Caucasian females) go under the knife to change or augment (enhance) some bodily feature, mainly sexual features.

I hear they even sell and some women purchase, butt pads; pads that deceive people (men) into thinking a woman's butt is bigger than it actually is. Only a bold woman would wear a butt pad. I mean after all, once a man has been hooked and the woman gets him in private and the clothes come off, the truth is going to be made known. He may still want to have sex with the woman, but if he was enticed with the big ole butt, chances are he's gone after hitting the skins (vaginally penetrating).

Okay, you're probably wondering about elephantitis of the booty, the booty of a female/woman who weighs 300-400 pounds. Clearly this denotes a pathology in addition to lack of self-restraint and willpower. The burdens of life robbed these women of the natural sweetness life has to offer. Of course the robbery was voluntary as we always have a choice. But clearly these women have an eating disorder. They eat too much! In most cases they compensate lack of natural love and affection (especially from a man) with food - harmful, processed and synthetic food.

The big woman who weights 300, 400 to 500 pounds in many cases is African-American. Medical statistics state that African-American women in general are 60% overweight. This means they are double their size. And is it any coincidence that Black women have blown up (gotten larger) since they have become independent (of a man)?

Obesity seems like the last stages of the successful woman syndrome. Many successful Black or African-American women are single and remain single (unless they decide to start dating outside of the race) due to their success in the corporate world. Many of them say Black males are intimidated of them, their success, intelligence (education) and their higher salaries. However, in many cases, the successful females have too much Yang energy going on and it causes a natural clash with the men who are naturally Yang creatures. Yang and Yang will automatically clash and repel one another. This is why Nature ordains Yin and Yang or female and male which balance each other. But women/females who choose the career path pay a hidden price for their success in the corporate world. Most of these women don't know it, but they compromise and suppress the Goddess within, silencing her in order to play the Yang-based corporate game.

The Yin (feminine essence) cries out through the body and almost always in one of the female reproductive organs, organs which denote "female." Yes, the female body uses disease in the reproductive area to call attention to the neglect of the inner-self, the Goddess within. Disease is a language, a sensor.

So no matter how fine, beautiful or attractive most American females are, if they've compromised (unknowingly or knowingly) their inner Goddess, they have pathologies going on or manifested in their breasts, ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, and even their butts (i.e. cellulite, steatopygia).

A successful woman, in the majority of cases, is a sick woman when you are conscious or aware. Success usually comes after ambition, drive, and desire and these qualities can create stress and worry which cause a host of health problems like hair thinning, ulcers, constipation, digestive disturbances, infertility, acid reflux, etc. Most people usually neglect themselves (their health and nutrition) in the pursuit of success.

Do you know why a lot of women/females have stretch marks on their butts? It's simply because they're growing or expanding faster than their skin on their butt can keep up with. They are stretching the skin like a rubber band. All the waste from the meat, dairy products, refined grains and starches and the SUGAR (which converts to fat) is dumped into the rear end and because this process happens so much or constantly, the butt keeps expanding and expanding and the poor skin can't keep up. It can only stretch and this is where those ugly stretch marks (that many women are ashamed of) come from.

The meat industry injects hormones into the buttocks of female pigs so as to get more pig booty for bacon. Bacon means "back end." Remember this the next time you take a bite into your BLT sandwich. The "B" in "BLT" doesn't stand for "bacon," it stands for "booty." A BLT is a booty, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

Eating fried female pig booty affects the booty of the eater. You become that which you eat. Some of these obese American women and females with elephantitis of the buttocks look like a pig from behind. I'm not attempting to be funny, cruel or insensitive. I'm just being very honest. The same applies to men/males with elephantitis of the buttocks.

Meat, dairy and refined starches leave many toxic byproducts of a fluid nature that find their way into the buttocks for storage purposes due to impaired eliminative channels. This is why cleansing and detoxifying the major eliminative channels (colon, kidneys, etc.) is a must in weight loss. The fat stored in the cells will be excreted via the kidneys (urine) and the colon (defecation) and some of the fat may be burned for energy if the woman/female works out (exercise).

Colon and diuretic herbs are the best natural tools in helping a woman to naturally tone and shape her buttocks.

Fasting (constantly) on water and lemon juice is also helpful in this situation but the reality is most Americans (women in general, African-American women in particular) lack discipline and the average person is not going to go without food for more than 3-4 hours so fasting is generally out of the question. Obesity is a clear sign of lack of discipline and willpower and since African-American women in general are 60 pounds OVERWEIGHT, what does this say about African-American women/females and discipline and willpower? Anyone espousing fasting to African-American people in general and African-American females in particular is clearly out of touch with reality and not practical in their approach to helping people, especially Black people, to heal.

Fasting is abstinence and abstinence is only necessary when there's overindulgence in a thing. Overindulgence in a thing (including poisons and toxins euphemistically called food) denotes addiction and imbalance, usually of a spiritual nature at the core of the problem.

Animals in the wild only fast when they are sick and never when they are healthy. Just look at your dog when he/she is sick. The dog will only abstain from eating when sick. Usually it is the carnivorous (meat-eating) animal that you will find fasting and this is due to excessive meat consumption.

A constant healthy state prevents the need from fasting (except for spiritual reasons). What would a breathatarian have to fast from since he/she doesn't eat or drink? Think about it. Original man never had to fast. Their environment was pure and clean. Fasting came about only after the ancient wars of the gods (Annunaki) from Planet X or Nibiru whereby the environment and atmosphere became polluted from the aftermath of nuclear explosions during these destructive wars.

The god of modern humanity, Enki, the caring of the two Annunaki brothers and original Rulers, prescribed fasting to his creation in order to help us survive after the wars between the gods. Enki (God) was always found to be helping and saving his genetically-engineered species whereas Enlil was always trying to destroy them.

God in the Bible refers to Nephilim or Nefilim (Annunaki), also known as Elohim, which is a plural term. The word "plural" means two or more, i.e. Enlil and Enki.

Enki (a/k/a Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah) prescribed fasting for humanity for purposes of purification. This is why God (Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah) prescribes fasting in ancient religious texts and manuscripts including the Bible and Qur'an.

Fasting is for purification but a state of purification neutralizes or cancels out the need for fasting (from minute or major harmful things).

Continuing with the gist of this article, colon herbs will help to remove the waste via the colon and diuretic herbs will help remove the waste via the kidneys.

Colon herbs include Cascara Sagrada, Senna Leaf, Buckthorn, Aloe Vera Resin, Jalap Root, Bilwa, Bibitaki, Mandrake, and Rhubarb Root.

Diuretic herbs include Celery Seed, Uva Ursi, Juniper Berries, Cornsilk, Parsley, Orris, Pelitory of the Wall, Gravel Root (Queen of the Meadow) and Agrimony.

Herbs that neutralize fluidic waste buildup include Guduchi, Burdock Root, Uva Ursi, Dandelion Root, Safflower, and Devil's Claw. Many of the herbs listed supra are available here at

Water is very instrumental in flushing waste from the tissues of the buttocks. To make sure you are drinking the necessary amount of water daily take your body weight and divide it in half and change the pounds into ounces. For example, if you weigh 180 pounds, divide that in half and you'll get 90 pounds. Change the pounds (90 lbs) to ounces (90 oz). So if you're 180 pounds you should be drinking 90 ounces of water daily. That's more than one gallon of water per day.

You can also rub coconut oil or any other good oil that is food-based, i.e. Almond, Rose Hip Seed, Avocado, Sesame, Grape Seed, etc. into your buttocks as a carrier oil and then add a few drops of essential oils of either Eucalyptus, Juniper Berry, or Grapefruit Peel to your hands or palms and massage into the tissues of the buttocks. After this, you can begin to rub a loofah brush (in circular motion) into your buttock tissues which will help to cause fluid in the fatty pockets to evaporate and the friction of the loofah rubbing against the skin produces heat. You must do this daily and religiously for results. Even if you don't have a big ole butt, a woman can do this to give tone and definition to her buttocks. A lot of women/females swear by this activity I recommend to them. You can find these oils listed supra here at in the “Oils & Butters” and “Aromatherapy” categories.

Many female celebrities have asked me how to prevent their butts from getting out of shape and I gave them this procedure. Brandy, Gabrielle Union, Melinda Williams, Vanessa L. Williams, Venus and Serena Williams; Nicole Ari Parker, Rona Bennett (of EnVogue), Lisa Marcos and many more sisters/women (celebrity and non-celebrity) swear by this procedure in butt care. All it takes is about 5-7 minutes of your time out of every day to get the results you desire. It really works.

Doing all of the above can really help a woman's butt to go from steatopygian (unhealthy) to callipygian (healthy) if she is genetically predisposed buttock-wise.

Butt care may seem frivolous to many men but to women, butt care just like cosmetics, fashion, jewelry, and hair care is serious business. Many Rap and R&B album covers features the glorified female butt. Black people (mostly Black males) have even made songs about the butt which include "Doing the Butt" by EU (from the movie School Daze), "Big Ole Butt" by L.L. Cool J, and "Baby Got Back." It's safe to say that there's an acute infatuation of the Black female/woman butt by Black men/males.

Many Black females/women, usually those with low self-esteem or who are superficial, see their big butt as an incentive in getting attention. Many females/women wear tight jeans that highlight their butt and when the dog nature of Black males/men come out and they start lusting after and chasing a piece of the booty, these females/women become upset. But like the homies in my neighborhood used to say to the beautiful, big butt women/sisters who were showcasing the butt, "Hide it if you ain't gon' divide it!" "Hide it" is a most appropriate phrase for the woman/female who wears the tight skintight jeans with the cutouts in the back that allows her butt cheeks to stick or hang out of the jeans. Quite enticing I must admit! However, what is the message when a woman reveals her butt cheeks via fashion except to send the message that she's advertising "ass" or "a piece of ass." Men/males are going to find out if the ass is for free or for sale so they're going to spit game (inquire) to find out.

I have learned through and from past experience with females that "ass" can also mean "acting an ass." Yes, many females can and will act an ass after a man/male gets a piece of the ass and she becomes emotionally attached (especially to a dude who was just simply interested in the ass for short-term pleasure purposes). Many Black women/females advertise "ass" and when the advertisement is answered, they become upset. My personal philosophy is this: If you don't want attention then don't advertise! Plain and simple! Wear a nice lengthy dress instead of pants that highlight your backside.

And these G-string panties, somebody's making a fortune because I see damn near every woman and teen female wearing these today. You can't help but to see them. G-strings no doubt reveal 100% booty or buttocks absent pants and its okay if you're behind closed doors with your man. They're hell of enticing I'll admit. But one thing baffles me. The white settlers of this country used to call the Native Americans savage for wearing the G-string. Native Americans invented the G-string. So if Native Americans were savages 300-400 years ago for wearing G-strings, what are the American women/females of today? What makes the Native American savage for wearing the G-string but not the modern day American female?

In conclusion, if you have a big ole butt, just know that you can do something about it. You don't have to go under the knife.

Lastly, regardless of the size and shape of your buttocks, know that your buttocks don't make you as a woman. Your buttocks are just an anatomical feature considered an embellishment that many men idolize. Buttocks don't make the woman. Whatever the shape and size of your buttocks at the present moment and however you may feel about your buttocks, please remember to love and accept yourself unconditionally. At some point in your life as a woman (especially in the United States), you are going to lose the firmness, shape, tone and definition of your embellishments (breasts, hips, thighs, etc.) to gravity.

On a spiritual level, butt care is frivolous and superficial as a big butt does absolutely nothing for a woman in the way of salvation, peace, prosperity, and happiness. Real beauty is inner beauty. Beauty is from the inside out. This is a message to the wise woman. Cultivate first your inner-self or goddess and the outer self will automatically get in line.

It is your "mind" that makes you woman, not your "behind." A woman has to have more than a big butt and smile to keep a man. You may be able to catch a man with a big butt and a smile, but this won't be enough to keep him.

The 1990s R&B group Bell, Biv, Devoe (of New Edition) were right, because in many cases you can't trust a big butt and a smile because that girl no doubt may be POISON when you consider what she has in her buttocks.

Recommended compounds for detoxing a trunk full of funk include the Full Body Detox and Supreme Colon Cleanse.

Individual compounds ideal for keeping a toned rear end include: Bowel Mover, Colon Formula, Intestinal Janitor, Sen-Fen and Bowel Mover Tea.

There is no sound, wholistic, and permanent healing absent healing of the mind - changing the negative and destructive thought patterns that creates disease in the flesh. As such, we highly recommend that you order and READ our Mental Science e-book. For healing on the emotional level as well as the inner self level, please order and READ our “Love Manual” e-book.

To learn how to eat better, especially a vegan (vegetarian) and/or more raw foods diet, we recommend that you order and READ our Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual e-book.

Thank you for reading!

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