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Black Folks: Your History and Acquiring Education and Knowledge Are Your Personal Responsibility

I have literally read hundreds of books on my soul-journ and quest for knowledge (mundane) and higher knowledge (spiritual). There are literally hundreds of great books on African-American subject matter out there that one can read and learn from and become culturally conscious or more culturally conscious.

In my opinion, books should only be read to serve as the building blocks for one's own personal thoughts, to stimulate one into free, independent, and critical thinking and thus helping one to become more conscious in one's life on one's personal life journey.

However, books can also serve as a time machine for us (if we enjoy the subject of history), for after all, "In our modern world of affairs, we live in our own age; but in books, we live in all ages."

There are some really great books on the market that I believe if the average African-American person read would truly and tremendously open his or her eyes and instill a sense of dignity, self and cultural pride, self-esteem, and high self-image.

Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam was correct in his coined phrase, "He who gives you the diameter of your knowledge, prescribes the circumference of your activity."

Well, who's giving you the diameter of YOUR knowledge? Who's prescribing for you the circumference of YOUR activity? Is it YOU or someone or something else? You need to think about this, especially if your knowledge and consequential activity has not led you to where you desire to be in life.

Personally, I am so thankful that after WWII many books on black subject matter and themes written by black authors began to surface, and by the 1990s black bookstores were saturated with books dealing with African and African-American themes and subject matter - books that corrected the wrongs of biased and linear-minded white authors, many of whom were simply propagating the erroneous history of blacks (or Africans and African-Americans) that they themselves were brainwashed into believing. In all due honesty, it was African-American history as a subject matter that began the journey of opening my eyes and elevating me to a level of higher awareness, especially culturally.

The more I learned about the accomplishments of my people (ancient past, past, and present) the more I grew in self-pride, self-esteem, and self-image. Knowledge activated something deep within my core as a person and as a so-called black man.

Learning all I learned from reading and studying, I wanted to be a better person - for my people, the world, and myself.

My subconscious self-hate quickly dissipated and I ascended in love with my blackness and my people. I began to freely and lovingly accept my African features: helixical (DNA strand-like) hair, broad nose, and thick lips.

I began to respect black women in particular and black people in general, but also I began to respect all women and all people just on general principle - the fact that we were all members of the human family. True knowledge and true history can actually help to humanize us, especially if we have been systematically dehumanized.

Because of my changed perception and outlook, I started to get along better with people of other races, including white people or Europeans. The more I understood my people and myself I began to understand people of other races, nationalities, and ethnicities better.

Also, a lot of social pressures were removed and I wasn't as uptight and intense like I used to be (due to anger and other negative emotion).

When I discovered that my people had a vast and glorious history of greatness, I immediately and instinctively knew that I too could be great even in these modern times. I had the opportunity to be more than a basketball player, a gang-banger, drug dealer, pimp, hustler, clown (jester), thug, etc. - images that permeated my community and thus tainted my own focus and perception.

Reading and applying the information I read in various so-called black books did wonders for my cultural identity and personal self-esteem. My journey began with so-called black books, books of an African-American subject matter and theme.

I am forever grateful to the black book store (as an institution), which unfortunately is becoming a defunct entity across America nowadays (like what happened to black record stores).

Black bookstores in the Los Angeles area became my new stomping ground in the 1990s.

In the Los Angeles area, we had several good black bookstores: Crossroads (in the defunct Hawthorne Mall), Grassroots (on Slauson Avenue, now defunct), Eso Won (still open), Zahra's Books & Things (still open), Malik's Book Palace (which merged with the African Marketplace in the Crenshaw Baldwin Hills Plaza, but which just closed this year, unfortunately and is now defunct), Crescent Books and Video (on Vermont Avenue, now defunct), Isis & Horus Bookstore (in Compton, now defunct), and Smiley's Bookstore (in Carson, California, still open).

However, I've also seen a lot of major commercial book retailers go out of business and become defunct, which speaks to the fact that Americans are getting far away from reading, well, at least as books are concerned as the Inter-net has helped to change the game as far as reading and purchasing books are concerned.

But even without the Inter-net, Americans had already begun getting away from reading and you saw this fact in our national illiteracy and poor reading comprehension rates coupled with the fact that books started to contain less pages and all you heard was that the average American reads and comprehends on a 2nd grade level (which I have discovered to be true).

Mind you this is the richest nation on Earth and also the most information-saturated as well.

I have also seen major commercial book retailers such as Crown Books, Super Crown Books, and Scribners bookstores (which I also used to frequent) all go out of business as well.

I used to spend almost all of one half of my monthly employment paychecks on books during the 1990s. The one thing I bought a lot of on my spiritual and intellectual journey were books followed by educational audios and videos. To this very day I have nearly all the educational material I've ever purchased from the start. My library is vast and very consequential to me.

Knowledge was my greatest investment and to this very day that investment is paying off (and of course I am still buying books and more than ever - I'm a Taurus and Taurus is a natural collector of things).

Certain friends of mines (who bought into the paradigm and scheme of the Matrix) invested into the stock market but I invested into knowledge (for myself), which I call the "self-stock market", and it was I who struck it rich and on all levels.

You're never at a risk when you're investing into self and into knowledge (for self). There are no crashes like with the stock market when you're into the self-stock market. Knowledge itself is an indemnity and asset at the same time.

There was no feeling like having your eyes opened or the wool being removed from over your eyes. The more I learned the more I wanted to know (and also share). The more I knew the more inspired I became, the more passion for learning and doing better in life I became preoccupied with.

To this very day, history is my favorite subject amongst many. I especially love American or United States history, African history, and world history.

Some of my other favorite subjects include language (especially English), health, herbology, mental science, law, revisionist history (or conspiracy theory), social studies (or sciences), religio-political occult philosophy, and New Age studies to name a few.

To me, Black History Month is for the average non-black American citizen and I think one month is sufficient for other races to learn about the accomplishments of Black, African, and/or African-American peoples.

However, if you're Black, African, or African-American and anything else that falls under these umbrella terms, e.g. Asiatic, Moor, Nuwaubian, Hebrew Israelite, Bilalian, Nubian, Kemetic, etc., one month will not suffice for you to learn about your people - their struggles, upliftments, accomplishments, and contributions to so-called civilization and humanity (via their creations and inventions). You owe it to yourself to learn as much as possible about your own history and not just during one month out of the year that government and society has set aside for you (and in the shortest month of the year, incidentally), but throughout the year.

Black history is not the responsibility of the U.S. government (school system). The same system that conditioned you with grave falsehoods is not going to free you from same said grave falsehoods so you can lose credence or faith in said system. It doesn't work like that! And it never will!

The American educational system has its own agenda (for all American sheeple regardless of race, color, ethnicity, or nationality) so you too had better come up with your own agenda for your education, an educational agenda that addresses your own true needs and also for purposes of your own edification in pertinent areas.

What YOU need or require is YOUR responsibility, not government's. Government only has a responsibility to provide for certain of your civil needs, e.g. protection of your civil liberties, public transportation, etc. Nothing more, nothing less! Government is NOT God, so by all means stop acting like it (if you do).

YOUR history is YOUR responsibility! YOUR education is YOUR responsibility!

After I graduated from Locke High School in South Central Los Angeles in 1988, I was too dumb and too broke to attend college (even if I wanted to). However, I still ended up educated and within the Top 2% of people in the world - the major players, the movers and the shakers; the people who follow their own hearts and passions and who spent and spend most of their time in creative thought and thus creating things the world needs while becoming free themselves in the process.

Visit Nightingale-Conant Corporation to learn more about the Top 2%. I also highly recommend that you listen to Earl Nightingale's "The Strangest Secret" audio. It's a great personal investment for anyone who truly wants to succeed in life in any area of life.

The American educational system was not set up or established to free you (or anyone else). It was set up for a mass social engineering agenda to get all American citizens (sheeple, Boobus Americanus) to think and behave in a certain individual and thus collective fashion for purposes of a benefit to the System (Matrix).

The System programmed you well and that's why even though you know the American educational system is bullshit or full of shit, you still (after having this knowledge) send your children to it. Now is that successful programming or what?

What can your children learn that you didn't learn? They are learning the same things you did, at least at a foundational level. But in the end, it's the same song with different music playing in the background.

Chances are, your children upon graduating from high school and/or college will also be dependent upon the same System as you are. Chances are they will not have an entrepreneurial spirit and frame of reference. This defeats the purpose when your goal is to make "human resources" to fuel your society (Matrix). They too will be dependent on another to provide for them while they exist in the Matrix. This is why within the Matrix corporations have a "human resource department." This is where you go to get hired. However, entrepreneurs are not hired.

entrepreneur /noun / a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

Did you get free by attending public school and/or even college or are you too (despite having a college degree or two) working for someone else, paying income taxes despite not having income (as income is legally defined as 'profit' which is not the same thing as 'wage' or 'salary'); up to your neck in bills and credit card debt; struggling to pay rent or mortgage, working an additional job or two just to help make ends meet, getting your side hustle on, unhappy with your life, job, career, marriage, and health, etc., etc., etc.?

I was once trapped in a lot or most of the above but the more I studied and pursued knowledge (and most importantly with an open mind) and applied that knowledge, I soon ended up on the right path and became free and able to live the American dream on my own personal terms.

In closing, sorry to burst your bubble but your education (1) does not stop upon graduation, because truth be told you were never educated in the first place, but simply inculcated and indoctrinated, so this is why after graduating from being inculcated and indoctrinated, your education (true education) actually or truly begins.

This process called education is YOUR responsibility, not anyone else's. Your tax dollars do not guarantee or ensure education, only schooling (public schooling, a/k/a brainwashing, programming, engineering).

You must know that education is not the same thing as schooling. A trained man (or woman) is not an educated man (or woman). Training is linear in scope whereas education is wholistic in scope.

My words should not make anyone want to drop out or quit school simply because the programming can come in handy in the Matrix for purposes of providing a living. You must remember that for most people they will have to first make a living before they can ever start living their making (following their heart, following their bliss).

For most of us, we'll have to do some mundane work to provide for our material existence while we are on our spiritual path. After all, was not Jesus a carpenter (Mark 6:3) by worldly trade or occupation?

Many of us (especially Jesus' followers) forget this due to being so wrapped up in our belief of Jesus as God and/or as God's only begotten son (if we in fact believe this); but being a carpenter is not required for purposes of being God's son or a child of Go, so why was Jesus a carpenter? What's the significance of this?

And for the die-hard Christians, I do know there's an esoteric meaning for "carpenter" and I am very familiar with all the issues and debates surrounding the subject of Jesus being a carpenter based upon hermeneutical exegesis and critical biblical expository research.

A worldly occupation helps you to provide for yourself on a worldly level, at least until you can provide for yourself (and family) and acquire all of your worldly goods and needs while living out your spiritual existence and journey while performing your life's higher purpose and calling.

Your true education is always twofold: worldly and spiritual. Trust me, spiritual degrees can take you higher and farther in life than any worldly degree. Worldly degrees dig you into a hole (if you're not careful); spiritual degrees lift you up out of them.

I know too many people who went to college and got more than what they bargained for. They may have acquired a degree but they also acquired major debt via school loans that even after being out of college for 10-15 years they are still paying on. Now really, how smart is that? Now that's some real pimpin' pimpin' for your ass!

I'll say it again - school (public schooling) was never intended to make any of us smart, only to indoctrinate us. Early Americans rioted and revolted when government first set out to force American schoolchildren (who were all attending private schools) to attend government-sponsored private schools in the mid and late 1800's.

I'll also say this again - acquiring knowledge is YOUR personal responsibility. It is not government's! And never was!

To all African-Americans, Y(OUR) history is Y(OUR) personal responsibility, not government's!

Highly Recommended: Djehuty’s Recommended 100 Black Books To Read and Own (e-book).

Thank you for reading!

This article is compliments of and Djehuty Ma’at-Ra.

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Djehuty Ma'at-ra
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