Black Muslim’s Diet - A Critique


Though Elijah Muhammad said that eating raw fruit and eating no meat was best for Black people in his classic health book "How To Eat To Live," his present day followers, the overwhelming majority of them, have not even attempted to head in the direction of fruitarian much less basic vegetarian.

Elijah Muhammad gave too much room in his book and instructions for the present-day Muslim follower to continue in a carnivorous diet in the present (2006). More than 40 + years since How To Eat To Live was first published and the average Black Muslim follower and member of the Nation of Islam is STILL eating a degenerate meat-based diet in addition to STILL eating a plethora of junk foods, forbidden hog or pig-based substances (mostly unknowingly), and the average Standard American Diet which consists of excess meat (dead, slaughtered animal flesh, cadavers), dairy (liquefied cow snot), and refined starches (stiffening agent) and refined grains (glue).

The Black Muslims profess to have Supreme Wisdom and advanced knowledge of the Original people and man of the Earth, the Black man and woman, but their actions and practices pertaining to diet show and prove otherwise.

While Elijah Muhammad espouses much truth in "How To Eat To Live," his religious beliefs blind him to the African biological-genetic makeup and dietary requirements and to the detriment of his loyal followers.

In addition, as Dr. Sebi told me nearly ten years ago, Elijah Muhammad was very incorrect about certain dietary statements, recommendations, suggestions, and information which I will cover in this article.

The purpose of this article is not to attack Elijah Muhammad, but to show the modern-day Muslim follower and/or adherent that the Muslim diet as prescribed by Elijah Muhammad in "How To Eat To Live" was at best an elementary and rudimentary diet for the African, Black man/woman, or as the Nation of Islam prefers, Asiatic Blackman/woman, to advance them from the Christian and slave-day soul food diet; and to point out certain flaws espoused by Elijah Muhammad in his book "How To Eat To Live." So this article is merely a critique (of Elijah Muhammad) and not an attack on the person of Elijah Muhammad.

The diet advanced by Elijah Muhammad was only a rung above the Black Christian diet (soul food) most of his followers had previously engaged in before converting to Islam or Fard Muhammad's version of Islam. The Black Muslim diet is just as inferior as the Black Christian diet. In fact, the Black Muslim diet actually falls in the category of the Standard American Diet. Their diet is no better or superior than the diet of the white man, their enemy (and the Devil in their doctrine and dogma) or their Lost-Found brethren whom they scold for being "deaf, dumb, and blind" and "brainwashed with the white man's mind."

Even though Elijah Muhammad told his followers and the Black nation to keep their mouths out of the white man's kitchen, the overwhelming majority of his followers today STILL can be found with their mouths in the white man's kitchen (restaurant) or his fast food eateries.

Though they purport that the white man is the Devil, they are dependent upon the Devil for sustenance in the form of food (and everything else, for that matter) and you would at least think that with Supreme Wisdom, they would "consciously" be after a "superior" or "supreme" grade of food - organic, nutritious and wholesome foods; however, the average Black Muslim follower today does not shop at good health food markets (such as Erewon, Whole Foods, or Wild Oats), and like their Lost-Found, deaf, dumb, and blind brethren (most of whom are Christian), they complain of the astronomically-high prices of healthy and wholesome organic foods and instead continue to frequent the super caskets, oops, I mean "super markets" that sell cheap, denatured, and overly processed food stuffs. You will find the Black Muslim with all of his/her so-called Supreme Wisdom in line at stupid markets, oops, I mean "super markets," like Ralphs, Safeway, Vons, and Albertsons, or worse, the corner liquor store owned by the "enemy" Korean merchant or even their religious kin, the Arab. The Black Muslim males (FOI/adherents) love to talk about Elijah Muhammad and what he did and accomplished, but today, the Black Muslims don't even have a chain of grocery stores that they can call their own. Instead of rebuilding "Your Market" which Elijah Muhammad set up, they are too busy arguing over religious dogma and rhetoric and condemning the white man and Negro Christian, both of whom own more stores than all the factions of the Black Muslims (or Nation of Islam) put together.

This article is written in hopes that the modern day Black Muslim follower and believer will up their diet to a higher grade (or notch) and begin to take an interest in African Wholistic Health and the African bio-genetic complimentary diet for their optimal biological and genetic health and well-being.

They must stop being ignorant to the fact that their foreign religious views and beliefs does not cancel out or override their biological and genetic makeup and dietary requirements for survival purposes on this Earth. This may be a bit difficult or challenging for most of them because Black Muslims don't acknowledge themselves as African, instead acknowledging themselves as Asiatic (being from Asia, though you never hear them talking about returning to Asia, probably because they believe the entire Earth belongs to the Black man and woman).

However, the facts conclude there is no historical Asiatic diet or Asiatic modality of health or diet for Black people nor has there ever been, at least recorded in history. But then again, much of what the Nation of Islam (Black Muslims) espouses is not recorded anywhere in history but for the most part is merely espoused from the mouths of either their Founder and Savior, Master Fard Muhammad, God or Allah in person, or his apostle, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, basically making their foundational beliefs (including dietary beliefs) dependent upon rhetoric, dogma, and hearsay. Authenticity or verity of their beliefs, including dietary beliefs, is based primarily and sometimes exclusively on "the Messenger said so!" and that suffices as concrete evidence for the Black Muslim follower, believer, and adherent. But then again, we must not forget that the Nation of Islam is a religious outfit and religions are based upon "belief" and not "knowing." The Nation of Islam is not exempt from this standard.

It is not difficult to understand why the Nation of Islam embraces the Standard American Diet rather than an Eastern-based or vegan-vegetarian diet considering that the Nation of Islam embraces the Western allopathic approach to healing, a modality of health (if you can call it "health") created by the white man, their open and sworn enemy. Dr. Sebi calls allopathy "Yakub medicine" and Phil Valentine-El calls it "poisonopathy." Dr. Laila O'Afrika calls the Western diet or Standard American Diet "Nutricide." The average Black Muslim embraces "poisonopathy," "Yakub medicine," and "Nutricide" despite allegedly having so-called Supreme Wisdom. However, many are waking up and embracing naturopathy and for that i give them props (accolades).

The majority of Black Muslims, whether they are followers of Louis Farrakhan, John Muhammad, Silis Muhammad or Solomon, can be found eating at Wendys, McDonald's, Burger King, Carl's Jr., Taco Bell, In and Out Burgers, Rallys, White Castle, Harold's Fried Chicken, KFC, Fat Burger, Sizzler, Denny's, Coco's, and a plethora of other fast food and non-fast food restaurants and eateries, the same places or eateries that you can find people who lack their so-called Supreme Wisdom and knowledge of self and the Truth. It's not hard to believe the foregoing when you consider that Black Muslims with all of their Supreme Wisdom suffer from the exact same diseases and pathologies that the Lost-Found Negro (Christian), and their open enemy (white man) suffers from.

Black Muslims are not exempt from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, constipation, balding (alopecia), depression, infertility and impotence; headaches; aches and pain, knee and joint problems, arthritis, skin diseases, menstrual abnormalities, and every other disease people commonly suffer from in the United States.

Though Elijah Muhammad instructed his follower to not eat fried foods, many of them can be found throwing down on fried chicken, beef steak, and fish almost daily.

"When it comes to meats ? no fried chicken or steaks: NOTHING FRIED. Fried foods are hard on your digestive system and will cut short your life." [emphasis added] SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 8

Black Muslims still love to eat chicken in 2006 even though the chicken has become a pig with wings (and contains trichnosis worms due to eating pig feces), is genetically-engineered (SOURCE: The Food Chronology, by James Travis), and are Copraphagous.

"Chickens are not fit to eat." SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 11

"Allah has taught me that chickens are not good for us to eat. They are quite filthy (inasmuch as they do not eat the cleanest food), but we eat them." SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 61

Elijah Muhammad knew chickens were by nature Copraphagous.

COPRAPHAGOUS. a. That eats dung. SOURCE: The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, 1993, pg. 508

"When they are raised in the above ? mentioned manner, the chickens do not have a chance to eat poisonous food, such as worms, bugs, and filth, which they will do by nature. They will eat anything the hog and the buzzard will eat, if allowed the freedom to do so." SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 117

Alleged and so-called Supreme Wisdom is no indemnification against the diseases that are severely affecting Americans collectively and faction sect leader Louis Farrakhan is a prime example of this, having dealt with two severe cases of cancer in the past and is presently suffering with a life-threatening illness. Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad himself suffered from a plethora of degenerative diseases at the time of his death in 1975, including diabetes, congestive heart failure, asthma/bronchitis, and whooping cough.

"As you know, I contracted bronchial-asthma ?" SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 27

Even "How To Eat To Live" was no indemnification for the man who espoused it, though he goes on to say on pages 27-28 of "How To Eat To Live" that: "But I am doing fine now." This was back in the 1960s.

Muhammad espoused that a Muslim could live a few hundred years from birth (240 to be exact, pg. 5) on the "How To Eat To Live" diet which is predicated upon "navy bean-arianism." Yes, according to many present day Black Muslims, navy beanarism is the best diet for Black/African or so-called Asiatic people, even better than veganism, frugavorism, and raw foodism. Elijah Muhammad said Blacks can live on bean soup (white navy bean) alone, which is a wholly preposterous statement in my opinion.

Okay, let's look into some of the dietary practices, principles and doctrines espoused by the Nation of Islam for Black/African people or so-called Asiatic people, that the facts show are deleterious to the well-being of Black or African (or Asiatic) people.

The greatest fallacy espoused by the Nation of Islam is that the white navy bean or small white bean is a superior food and the "best" food on the Earth. This is totally preposterous! How can a dry, genetically engineered bean, grafted by the white man be the best food one could eat? This bean was grafted or created by the United States Navy though Elijah Muhammad said the navy bean was of ancient origin:

"This dry bean, or pulse, is of ancient origin." SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 5

Elijah Muhammad goes on to say that "It was this bean, according to certain historians, that Daniel preferred for himself and his followers in the prison of Nebuchadnezzar." SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 5

This is incorrect! Pulse in Daniel (Chapter 1, Verse 12) actually refers to "vegetables." SOURCE: The Holy Bible, Reference Edition, Thomas Nelson Publishers, pg. 729

We must understand Biblical terminology. The use of a word thousands of years ago does not mean what the word means today in our present world. For example, the Bible refers to fruit as meat:

"I have given you every herb bearing seed ... to you it shall be for meat." Genesis 1:29

The term "meat" in the Book of Genesis actually refers to "food." SOURCE: The Holy Bible, Reference Edition, Thomas Nelson Publishers, pg. 2

God (Enki, leader of the Annunaki or Elohim) of Genesis was referring to the flesh of fruit as food, but today meat means "animal flesh."

How could a bean be the best food when humans cannot even digest beans unless they are either cooked or soaked (spouted)? Black Muslims do not pop dry navy beans into their mouths and swallow them and they know why they don't do this. They're not that blinded by religion and belief.

Plus, the navy bean came out white after being grafted. The Nation of Islam according to its own doctrine (gospel) teaches that ANYTHING grafted or not original is Devil! This would have to apply to the white navy bean. Elijah Muhammad left no exception to this rule. The small white navy bean lacks melanin. The absence of color means no melanin is in the food. White foods are the worst of all grafted foods. There's even a saying that "If it's white it ain't right!" Even the grafted carrot has color. But that which is grafted is devil according to the Nation of Islam and they turn around and espouse that a devil (grafted) food is the BEST food to eat. Now this is absurd! Rev. Phil Valentine-El, Jewel Pookrum, Kweku Andoh, Laila O'Afrika, Dr. Sebi, Doctah B Sirius and any other non-religious African or Africentric naturopath will bear me witness.

The Black Muslim is incorrect to espouse that the white navy bean is the best or most nutritious food we can eat or food that can prolong life. This is not true! You need water to eat the navy bean and a complete food naturally has water in it already. This is FRUIT! We are fruitarian by nature and design. Fruit is a complete food. With fruit all you have to do is eat it.

The Black Muslims' primary religious book, the Bible, states in Genesis, Chapter 1, Verse 29, that God (Allah) instructed man to eat fruit with a seed in it, not a grafted white navy bean. Is not Allah the best knower according to Islamic doctrine and dogma?

Allah says in Genesis 1:29 "behold, I have given every HERB bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to YOU it shall be for meat."

But then Allah evidently changed his mind about fruit being the best food to eat and designated the genetically-engineered white navy bean as the best food to eat, at least to the Nation of Islam Black Muslim.

Because the average Black Muslim is so un-health conscious today, you will catch the so-called Supreme Wisdom-having Black Muslim eating SEEDLESS watermelon, grapes, and oranges and thinking nothing about it. Why does the Black Muslim eat seedless fruit? They don't know? But how can they not know when they allegedly have Supreme Wisdom and are God? Remember, the Black man is God according to their doctrine so how could God be in the dark on something and not know a thing? God is All-Wise and All-Knowing. This would not add up! This would not be mathematics and the Black Muslim has supreme mathematics. God cannot not know or be ignorant for God is All-wise and All-knowing.

I say that the Bible is their primary book supra because Elijah Muhammad quoted from the Bible more than the Qur'an.

While the small white navy bean is highly packed with nutrition while sprouted (just like other grafted foods or vegetation), when you cook (KILL) it, like very other food from the earth, it becomes DEAD, DEAD, DEAD! Anything cooked in heat beyond 118 degrees dies because the enzymes (life essence) are destroyed and the aura or bio-magnetic sheath around the natural food disappears. This is scientific fact!

"High temperatures, as in cooking, destroys enzymes in natural foods." SOURCE: Enzyme Nutrition, (1985), by Dr. Edward Howell, pg. 16 "Cooking Destroys Enzymes."

Elijah Muhammad even knows this but is partial to the navy bean, the Black Muslim staple:

"When we cook fruit, it takes away the vital property that is necessary for our good health." SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 37

The vital property Muhammad referred to supra is none other than the enzyme.

What a minute now, if cooking fruit will take away the vital property (enzyme) of fruit, you mean to tell me cooking beans won't do the same to the vital property of the bean? This just doesn't add up! Is the navy bean a magical bean or something?

The Black Muslim religious zealot will argue with Djehuty Ma'at-Ra because the basis of the Black Muslim bean soup is the small white navy bean. Black Muslims love their bean soup but bean soup too is dead and eating anything dead will create MUCUS in your body. This too is scientific fact.

And whether the Black Muslim knows it or not, a bean is technically a seed and a seed is also known as a "nut." Thus, technically speaking, a bean is a fruit:

"Indeed, beans are technically a fruit." SOURCE: The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia, by Rebecca Woods (1999), pg. 30

NUT. noun. 1a. A fruit or seed with a hard shell and an inner kernel. SOURCE: American Heritage Dictionary, 4th edition (2001), p. 583

BEAN. noun. 1a. Any of various twining plants with edible pods and seeds. B. A seed or pod of a bean plant. SOURCE: ibid., pg. 76

And since beans are a fruit, what did Allah in Person tell Elijah Muhammad about how to eat fruit?

"Virtually all fruits are good." pg. 5; and, "All fruit is better for you RAW than cooked," [emphasis added] pg. 11, How To Eat To Live.

The navy bean is better eaten raw than cooked, so says the Black Muslims' savior.

Therefore, the devout and learned Black Muslim should start eating the fruit called navy bean, RAW, from this day forward. LOL! You no damn well a Black Muslim is not going to start eating hard ass, raw small navy beans regardless of who said so.

Clearly a bean is a seed and thus a nut. Seeds, beans, and nuts are synonymous. They're the same thing!

However, Elijah Muhammad said: "No beans did He advise, except the small navy (bean)" SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 5

"No beans" would have to include the coffee bean too! I'll deal with coffee later on herein.

Because he placed an emphasis on the "small" navy bean, there must be something wrong with the "large" navy bean.

"...the small size and not the larger size?" SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 5

Does size account for nutrition? Elijah Muhammad failed to explain this to his followers.

Now what's the problem here with this "nut" topic? Elijah Muhammad said and taught (with no scientific or substantial evidence) that nuts take five years off of the eater's life as though this could be measured. This is mere conjecture and preposterous! Nuts (which are seeds) are one of the best things you can eat, with the exception of peanuts as peanuts contain afflotoxins due to growing underneath the ground and are also hard on the digestive process. Elijah Muhammad was right and exact in regards to the peanut.

When I was a member of the Nation of Islam back in the early 1990's from 1990-1994, I saw members of the Nation's paramilitary wing, the Fruit of Islam, eating Reese's Peanut Butter cups. What do you think peanut butter is and where does peanut butter come from? P-E-A-N-U-T-S!!! Elijah Muhammad taught against nuts and these Supreme Wisdom having individuals were stuffing peanut butter down their mouths. These brothers (FOI) knew the Teachings and still disobeyed and ate the forbidden nut that Elijah said to not eat.

There is no scientific proof whatsoever to prove Elijah Muhammad's claim that eating nuts takes five years off of your life. But to the loyal believer, follower, and adherent, this is true simply because "Elijah Muhammad said so!" It has to be true without question to the believer, follower, and adherent because remember, Elijah Muhammad met with and spoke to God face to face and did not die, thus establishing the fallibility of the Bible which says no man has seen God face to face and lived (Exodus 33:20). Everything Elijah Muhammad said has to be true without any fault to the religious follower, adherent, believer and zealot because he was allegedly taught by God and anything said or taught by Master Fard Muhammad, God in person, that is incorrect shows the fallibility of God and we all know God is infallible. So even if something doesn't make sense or does not add up mathematically, the NOI religious zealot must still embrace the erroneous thing or concept so that their God can be right and correct and thus infallible. They'd rather try and defend a known mistake or error than to admit their Savior and/or apostle (leader) was wrong about something and erred.

Now let's look at coffee. Elijah Muhammad himself drank coffee and told the believer/follower/adherent that coffee was okay to consume. Well, it may be okay to consume but is drinking coffee healthy? There are three things wrong with the coffee scenario in my opinion: (1) Coffee comes from a bean which I have just established supra is a nut which Elijah Muhammad said will take five years off of your life, (2) coffee is a legalized drug (due to the Xanthine content), and (3) coffee played a major role in the African slave trade.

People can do without coffee, so why drink it? Coffee is very harmful to the human body and coffee is not naturally produced in nature. Coffee comes from the bean (seed) of a fruit. The fruit is very sweet but the coffee producers throw away the fruit part and instead process the bean. Though this bean naturally contains bio-caffeine, coffee producers add synthetic caffeine to the coffee beans so as to get coffee drinkers hooked (addicted) to their drug. Coffee is a drug! It is a legalized drug just like alcohol and cigarettes.

And remember, "No bean did He (God) advise, except the small navy bean."

Yes, coffee is a drug due to its caffeine content and is categorized as a Xanthine which is a form of a drug.

CAFFEINE. Caffeine is a stimulant found in tea, coffee, cola drinks, chocolate, and aspirin. Although the use of other stimulants, such as amphetamines, is seriously discouraged, the use of beverages containing caffeine is commonly accepted. The coffee break, in fact, has become a regular part of many Americans' lives. Recently, however, greater attention has been focused on the adverse effects caffeine may have ? high blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia. SOURCE: Drugs ? Use, Misuse, and Abuse, 4th Edition, 1994, pg. 7

Now because I'm an herbalist and a person who comes from a naturopathic perspective pertaining to healing and health, the Black Muslim dietary apologetic will attempt to attack certain teas that contain caffeine based upon the above.

The most common and well-known herbs that include bio-caffeine and that are made into tea are Guarana, Yerbe Mate, Kola Nut, Green Tea, Black Tea, and Ephedra. Unlike coffee, these herbs are NOT addictive because they are whole and not isolated like the coffee bean. When you isolate a thing, a chief ingredient (mainly an alkaloid), you now have a drug. An isolated substance is not balanced or stable and will cause problems in the human body. This is what so-called health companies did with the plant Ephedra (a/k/a Ma Huang). They isolated or took out its major alkaloid, called "ephedrine," and sold it in its isolated form and it caused a series of health problems to the point that it had to be recalled off of health store shelves and unfortunately, the innocent plant "Ephedra" took the blame and was consequently banned.

Ephedra was already a serious threat to the obesity and weight loss industries as well as the drug industry as Ephedra gave a natural "speed" (amphetamine)-like effect that didn't harm the human body but gave a person serious energy and also curbed their appetite at the same time which is why Ephedra was sought after by weight-watching individuals, mainly females.

I can understand the Caucasian drinking coffee (and caffeine) as coffee is a stimulant and Europeans (Caucasians) require stimulants to help them convert their iron ferrous into heme iron, but the Black Muslim (Asiatic) or African/African-American?

"You may drink coffee..." SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 22

Clearly we have a case of the slave following the ways of the slave master. Shouldn't there be a difference in the ways of God and the Devil? Well, here we have the Devil drinking coffee and God drinking coffee. What's wrong with this picture? Why is God following the Devil?

Xanthines, the family of chemicals that includes caffeine, are the oldest stimulants known. Today caffeine is perhaps the most widely used drug, constituting a regular portion of the American diet. Drugs, ibid.

Coffee and its caffeine is a legalized drug for work performance purposes, that's why just about every firm, company, or business in Corporate America serves free coffee to its employees. The one thing you will always find at any business, firm, or company in Corporate America is COFEE! People get things done with coffee. It increases work put out. Corporate America need its servants, oops, I mean "employees" to be alert while working those long hours.

Please reference the following:

"Caffeine is one of the most widely used stimulants in the United States. Americans consume approximately 45 million pounds of caffeine every year in such substances as coffee, tea, soft drinks, cocoa products, chocolate, and various over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Caffeine is a socially acceptable drug. Each day over 80 percent of Americans consume beverages containing the equivalent of two to three cups of caffeinated coffee. Most people know that coffee, tea, and soft drinks contain caffeine, and they drink these beverages for their stimulating effects. These effects include an increase in alertness, motor performance, and the capacity for work and decrease in fatigue. Users of caffeine may find that it helps in performing a repetitive task, and it may improve muscular endurance in a physically demanding job. The increase for work capacity may be due in part to caffeine's ability to increase the level of fatty acids in the blood, which are used for energy. Other wise, the increases in work capacity, alertness, and motor performance are the result of caffeine's influence on the central nervous system. These benefits are generally acceptable in America's culture; caffeine use is found in the workplace, in places of recreation, and in the home." SOURCE: Drugs, ibid, pg. 116

And does the Black Muslim consume the other caffeinated or drug beverages and products despite having Supreme Wisdom? You bet! I personally saw them drinking acidic and corrosive soda pop, eating chocolate, drinking milk chocolate, and popping Midol (the MGT, Muslim Girls Training, for their period or menstrual pain) and aspirin, one of them proudly stating that taking an aspirin a day will extend your life when aspirin is a known blood thinner and burns a hole in your intestines and causes internal ulcers and bleeding. Aspirin eats up your red blood cells. Aspirin breaks down into acetic acid. Vinegar is acetic acid and this stuff is highly acidic and therefore corrosive. Don't you use vinegar to remove mineral buildup on pan and pot ware? Mineral buildup is alkaline in nature! Acetic acid (vinegar) counteracts alkalinity. It is not wise to take aspirin. You see, this is espousing "Yakub medicine" or "poisonopathy" despite having so-called Supreme Wisdom.

Aspirin is a pharmaceutical drug!

"There are hundreds of drug stores throughout the country into which we should not go for anything except first-aid if we hurt ourselves down the street or road somewhere; not for something to stop aches and pains in our stomachs caused by eating the wrong food." SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 40

"However, caffeine does not have long-term ill effects on health, except for people with diabetes." Drugs, ibid, pg. 118 I wholeheartedly disagree with this because coffee causes a host of health problems (especially cancer of the esophagus), but the book mentions diabetes and diabetes was one of the degenerative diseases that plagued Elijah Muhammad, an admitted coffee drinker, as well as other Black Muslims. This is not attacking Elijah Muhammad. This is the pointing out of an actual fact that just happens to come from a non-Muslim individual.

Other Muslim leaders such as Louis Farrakhan and Wallace Deen Mohammed also drink coffee. Even though this article is directed at Black Muslims of the Nation of Islam (all factions), the same things herein applies to the Black Orthodox Muslims under the leadership of Imam Wallace Deen Mohammed. Black Orthodox Muslims are just as messed up health-wise as their Black Muslim brethren. Half of all Black Muslims wear eye-glasses because they have poor eyesight, which is a pathology. But then again, Muslims did invent the eyeglasses, but still, there's no excuse for wearing them because with Supreme Wisdom you can devise any solution. No one is born wearing eyeglasses and eye defects are just as fixable as any other disorder or defect.

Coffee was introduced as a medicine in Europe: "Actually, coffee was first introduced as a medicine in England and Europe but became popular as a nonalcoholic drink. The "medicine" became so popular that about the middle of the seventh century coffee houses (known as "penny universities") were established where people could listen to learned figures as well as politicians for a cup of coffee bought for a penny." Drugs, Ibid. pg. 120

Coffee is UNHEALTHY for people to drink! And it's really unhealthy if you add sugar and dairy cream to it and Black Muslims have no business consuming anything dairy because by nature they are LACTOSE-INTOLERANT!

In addition to coffee drug, another caffeine-containing beverage many Black Muslims drink is SODA POP! Yes, harmful, caustic, corrosive, and acidic soda pop. Soda pop has a 2 pH which is very acidic. The human being's natural pH balance is 7.3. Soda pop is so acidic that it requires the drinking of 32 eight ounce glasses of alkaline water to neutralize the acid. Elijah Muhammad rightly categorized soda pop as a poisonous drink. He knew it was harmful to drink:

"You should not even drink a lot of soda pop. Some intelligent people will not drink one bottle of soda pop." SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 111

All soda pop beverages contain PHOSPHORIC ACID and this stuff literally eats up your bones, skeletal structure, and teeth. This stuff is greatly acidic. Soda pop also contains harmful sweetening agents, many of which are carcinogenic, such as ASPARTAME and SACCHARIN. And what makes soda pop so effervescent in nature? Answer: CARBON DIOXIDE! God (Allah) made the human body to excrete/exhale carbon dioxide and then human beings (including the Black Muslim in America) turn around and spend their money on a beverage that puts the carbon right back in the human body. Now how intelligent is this?

And now for that notorious and infamous good-tasting bean pie! The bean pie is NOT better (healthier) than the sweet potato pie. Elijah Muhammad was incorrect again with this unfounded assertion. The sweet potato is kin to the yam and the yam is native to Africa

The bean pie is made with the grafted and thus DEVIL white navy bean. It is also made with ABORTED CHICKEN FETAL SUBSTANCE or chicken ovum! YUCK! Eggs are not for human consumption. Eggs are reptilian food. These white eggs are produced in laboratories today and not on chicken farms. White eggs are sterile and then many Black women who eat eggs (and seedless fruit) wonder why they are infertile. You are what you eat!

Those bean pies are made with a lot of sugar, so much sugar! Mr. Muhammad, a local Los Angeles Black Muslim and chef back in the 1990s who operated Mr. Muhammad's (now defunct) on 52nd and Central Avenue in Los Angeles, told me about the bean pie back in 1994. For some reason, this man would always talk to me about health as though he knew something about me, that I would end up as a herbalist. I would simply sit and attempt to eat my food (fish sandwich and French fries) and he would sit down next to me and start talking. The brother was very learned and even told me that the food he cooks creates mucus. The brother was very real and very honest and I appreciated that about Brother Muhammad. One day he told me: "See that fine ass sister walking down the street over there with those big ass titties? That's mucus in her titties!" I was like "Wow! That's deep!" This came out of nowhere and woke me up in all due honesty. But I was like (questioning in my head) "How does mucus get in a woman's tits?"

Anyways, one day out of the blue Mr. Muhammad told me that he doesn't eat bean pies. I asked him why not. He said "Brother, because I make them and I know what goes into them!" That shell shocked me back then. I inquired "what's makes them so bad," and he said: "Sugar! The sugar, brother! "Too much damn sugar!" That was it for me and eating bean pies even though I was a bean pie junkie.

Many Black Muslims think brown sugar is better than white sugar but brown sugar isn't anything but a fraud as brown sugar is nothing but white sugar burned into molasses and poured on top of white sugar to make it brown in color. That's like burned cow shit poured on top of regular cow shit. Bean pies are made with brown sugar. How else do you think those bean pies turn out brown? After all, they are made with WHITE navy beans so how are you going to get brown from white? Think about it!

I know the average Black Muslim reading this article thus far is mad as hell at me and many of them outright despise me for critiquing the Nation of Islam, their teachings (dogmas and doctrine), and their leaders, but it was this same organization that taught me in my early 20's to always stand on the truth and always speak it. They just don't like it when that truth is spoken or directed at them. After all, I was once wet behind the ears and was deaf, dumb, and blind and in that organization it is a crime to rise in intelligence and question the man, leader, teachings and people who "woke" you up. This was the mistake Malcolm X made which is why Malcolm X is the most despised of Elijah Muhammad's students to this very day. He questioned the leader of the Nation of Islam and later spoke out the truth of what he had discovered and was vilified and labeled a chief hypocrite.

The Qur'an has made a fool of many Black Muslims including many Black orthodox Muslims. It has made many of them accept religious scripture (created by the Roman Vatican Church and Abu Bakr) over biological and genetic makeup. The Qur'an states that milk is good, a pure food, and is given to man (evidently to drink).

"We give you to drink of what is in their (cattle) bellies ? from betwixt the feces and the blood ? pure milk, agreeable to the drinkers." SOURCE: Holy Qur'an 16:66

The Qur'an also promises milk as part of the hereafter (Garden):

"...and rivers of milk whereof the taste changes not?" SOURCE: Holy Qur'an 47:12

Djehuty Ma'at-Ra has a problem with the above. First of all, this milk the Qur'an is talking about is from a lower animal, a cow (cattle). There are two different cows on the scene today. You have the cow in the East and the cow in the West. The cow in the East is natural and is golden brown all over whereas the cow in the West is black and spotted with white due to being GRAFTED (genetically engineered), a crossbreed being crossed with a buffalo and a water ox. The buffalo is black (or brown) and the water ox is white. Black Muslims who drink cow milk here in the West are drinking DEVIL milk. Elijah Muhammad taught that anything grafted is devil in nature. We cannot exempt the Western cow. We just cannot do it.

Black Muslims have been allowed to engage in devil-ment for the purposes of diet for too long. Elijah Muhammad was in error, in my honest opinion, in allowing or suggesting Blacks (Black Muslims) could or should drink milk, whole milk:

"Drink plenty of milk ?" SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 50

Elijah Muhammad placed an emphasis on drinking milk (cow snot/pus/mucus) because he advised drinking PLENTY of milk and milk, period, is HARMFUL to the system (body) of the African/African American (Black Muslim) because Allah created the African/Black man, woman, and child to have a natural adverse reaction to animal milk and other milk byproducts.

All animal milk is plain deleterious and insalubrious and there's just no getting around this fact.

"America's drug stores and supermarkets are stocked with many remedies designed to counteract adverse reactions brought about from consuming milk and dairy products. Pills for headaches, sprays for clogged nasal passages, decongestants and antihistamines to alleviate allergic symptoms line the shelves. Stool softeners and laxatives are needed to relieve intestinal gas, bloating, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome, caused by lactose intolerance which plagues three quarters of the human race. Casein in milk has been described as a primary cause of mucous, congestion and childhood earaches. Without dairy consumption, there might not be a need for those antidotes." SOURCE: Milk: The Deadly Poison, by Robert Cohen (1998).

Cow's milk is for a baby cow. It is not for human children or human grown ups. Grown ups have no business drinking any kind of milk, animal or human female.

Number two, cow's milk is a dairy product and dairy products require a consumer to have the necessary enzyme, lactase, in order to break down the milk sugar (lactose) in milk. By nature, Allah did not create Black people (or any people for that matter) to consume dairy products, milk included, for if Allah did, Allah created a defective situation as He allows His creation to consume that which He did not structure their bodies to handle and properly digest and thus has wickedly caused conditions of bloating, constipation, and flatulence (gas, farting, pooting) in his dark-skinned or melanated people.

So who do you listen to as a Black Muslim, a religious book written by Arabs (and for Arabs) or the book of your body created by God? Can belief in Allah override the harmful effects of consuming milk considering milk contains lactose and Black people (including Black Muslims and Black orthodox Muslims/Bilalians) are naturally lactose-intolerant?

LACTOSE INTOLERANCE. A sensitivity disorder resulting in the ability to digest lactose because of a deficiency of or defect in the enzyme lactase. SOURCE: Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 3rd Edition (1990), pg. 673 See also Lactase Deficiency.

LACTASE DEFICIENCY. An inherited abnormality in which the amount of the enzyme lactase is deficient, resulting in the inability to digest lactose. In adults ? it occurs more frequently of persons of Asiatic and African heritage. SOURCE: Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 3rd Edition (1990), pg. 673.

I must point out that lactose intolerance and lactase deficiency are not inherited abnormalities in Black/African people as though there exist such a thing as lactase normality in Black/African people. Black/African people are lactose intolerant and lactase deficient by nature so to be such is natural and not abnormal. Medical books and literature come from a Eurocentric view as does Western medicine which is why Blacks/Africans/African-American or melanated people must embrace their own modality, lifestyle, and diet which compliments their biological and genetic makeup.

I use medical books to decode the truth contained within many of them as I am a serious de-coder.

After 40+ years of "How To Eat To Live," should not all Black Muslims not be drinking cow (or goat) milk TODAY? I mean, it's pretty basic and common sense that Black people cannot tolerate lactose. Actually, no people can, but some people have an adapted a tolerance for dairy products, mainly Caucasians, Indians (Hindus), and Arabs. But today, you will just about most people regardless of nationality or race consuming dairy products.

"Each person in this country consumes, on the average, 375 pounds of dairy products each year." SOURCE: Don't Drink Your Milk, by Frank A. Oski, M.D. (1983), pg. 2

Consumption of milk and dairy products is the number one cause of leukemia in Black/African Americans. Leukemia is on the rise with Black/African American people in the United States.

Dairy products contribute more towards ovarian, uterine, and breast cysts or tumors in Black/African American females than anything else. Dairy is a big disease causative factor. According to author Robert Cohen, "A sip of milk contains hundreds of different substances, each one having the potential to exert a powerful biological effect when taken independently of the others. Proteins and hormones, fat and cholesterol, pesticides with vitamin D added, viruses and bacteria (including bovine leukemia, bovine tuberculosis and cow immunodeficiency virus) all combine to produce a vast array of ailments in our society." SOURCE: Milk: The Deadly Poison (cover flap).

Cheese is a great enemy to the body of the Black/African/African American person in general, female in particular. Black/African American females love cheese even unto death.

Cheese is a European food. Europeans can tolerate dairy products more so than Black/African or people of color.

Swiss cheese and Cheddar cheese, like many other cheeses, take their names from the names of European cities and countries. Swiss cheese derives from the Swiss or Switzerland. Cheddar cheese derives from Cheddar, England. When a Black/African/melanated person eats cheese, he/she is making a statement and that statement is that they eat the food of their ancestors' slave masters.

The African did not originally eat cheese. Eating cheese is a European and Arab custom that Blacks/Africans have adopted and to their own doom, health-wise.

And the holes in that Swiss cheese, how did they get there? Can you say BACTERIA? Yes, living organisms eat holes into that cheese that you later purchase and eat. And we can't forget the necessary enzymes that are needed for cheese production. Where do the enzymes come from? Can you say the belly of baby cows? Yes, the stomachs of baby male cows are cut open and dumped into the cheese culture. It takes about 6-8 weeks for cheese to rot and spoil (ferment). Cheese is a decayed so-called food. Personally to me, cheese stinks like doo doo! I greatly dislike going by the cheese section at Whole Foods Market, especially the one in Berkeley, California (Northern California). That stuff will even stick to your teeth and gums. But yet and still, Black/African American and other women of color love cheese. White women/girls love it too and it's no good for any human female or woman today.

Healthy alternatives to cow (or goat) milk include rice milk, almond milk, oat milk, hemp seed milk, cashew milk, banana milk and coconut milk. Now, between soy milk and cow or goat milk, I'd personally drink soy milk every time.

And there are plenty of sweet and delicious alternative ice creams, yogurts and sorbets on the shelves of good health food stores and markets. Most are made with soy, but others are made with rice and almond. However, you may still have to watch for harmful sugars in many of these alternative products.

And BUTTER? Elijah Muhammad errs again in my opinion in allowing the Black Muslim to eat butter.

"...and eat butter ?" SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 50

Butter naturally contains milk fat and this is no good for the human body. Butter too is a dairy product just as sour cream, cheese, ice cream, whip cream, and yogurt are dairy products that come from the grafted cow which is a cross between a water oxen and a buffalo.

Milk fat clogs the arteries and leads to arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and a host of other diseases including obesity.

There are numerous butter alternatives on the market of health food stores today that should be used in place of butter if you require butter. Earth Balance is the best alternative butter on the market today in my opinion. It actually looks, tastes, and melts like real butter. If any butter alternative does not melt under heat, throw it away and avoid it in the future. If the butter doesn't melt at 325 degrees it damn sure won't melt at 98.6 degrees, the temperature of the human body, and thus will clog your arteries.

Black/African/African-American women (including the Black Muslim woman/female) should not consume any yogurt whatsoever. This is not food fit for the melanated body and individual. Yogurt is desert Arab food. You do not have to eat yogurt for acidophilus or good bacteria purposes. Your body (intestines) naturally produces healthy bacteria or flora if you feed it natural foods such as vegetables, fruits, and seaweeds (i.e. carrots, ginger, mango, papaya, bladderwrack, kelp, spirulina, blue-green algae).

Don't let the Arabic Qur'an (Koran) make a fool of you and have you consuming things that are not complimentary to the Black/African bio-genetic structure and makeup such as dairy products. The milk drank by Arab Muslims over 1,400 years ago is not the same milk Black Muslims are drinking today. Something has happened to the cows as of recent years:

"Dairy cows are also injected with genetically engineered versions of their own growth hormones which makes greater milk production possible. The new milk is different from the old milk. Biotechnology has opened up a Pandora's box of demons and dilemmas. "Wholesome" milk contains powerful growth hormones. The new milk from cows treated the genetically engineered bovine protein contains increased levels of these same potent growth factors. This milk controversy, brought about by genetic engineering, has placed the dairy industry under an investigative microscope." SOURCE: Milk: The Deadly Poison, supra.

"Never eat ... hot cakes and syrup." SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 6

I beg to differ here. Hot cakes (and waffles) made of healthy, alkaline grains (i.e. Fendo, Millet, Amaranth) are good to eat. If the syrup is Grade B or C maple syrup, there's no better syrup you could consume.

If anything, avoid molasses (notwithstanding unsulphured Blackstrap molasses) or that cheap Brer Rabbit brand syrup many Blacks love to eat with their white biscuits. My father greatly liked syrup and biscuits (as did my whole family) as he was from the South, Mississippi to be exact; but it always turned his stomach and made him (as well as the rest of the family) constipated. So Elijah Muhammad is right and exact to suggest that we avoid these white biscuits. They will have you straining over the toilet with the veins in your neck about to pop out like the Incredible Hulk.

"Eat wheat..." SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 6

While wheat, especially whole wheat, is an okay bread to eat, wheat bread is not an alkaline bread or grain like millet and amaranth which are better for us. Though naturally acidic, Buckwheat is a good grain for Blacks/African Americans to eat. On the 1930s television show, The Little Rascals, one of the Black characters name was "Buckwheat." There is a sign in this. Buckwheat is a good grain for Black/African people. Technically, buckwheat is not a grain, but a cereal grain. It is related to the rhubarb.

"Of all the grains, Buckwheat has the longest transit time in the gut and therefore is the most filling and stabilizing for blood sugar. Since it is a gluten-free, noncrereal grain, many people with food allergies rely upon buckwheat. It's a good blood-building food, as it neutralizes toxic acidic wastes." SOURCE: The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia, by Rebecca Wood, (1999), pg. 47

"Buckwheat inhibits our tanning element, melanin. ? Perhaps this is why buckwheat is a staple of the dark-complexioned Siberian peoples but not of the fair-skinned Scandinavians. If you are dark-skinned, a melanin inhibitor keeps your skin a shade lighter and thus enables you to absorb more of the sun's rays ? and therefore more vitamin D, a hard-to obtain vitamin during long, dark winters." SOURCE: ibid, pg. 48

It is important that I point out (as was above) that Buckwheat is non-glutenous whereas wheat is glutenous (high in gluten). Gluten breaks down into glue (like Elmer's Glue) and plays a major role in Celiac's Disease, which many Blacks/African Americans suffer from. I wouldn't even suggest Buckwheat for a Celiac's Disease sufferer. People who suffer from Celiac's Disease should leave grains and cereal grasses alone altogether.

CELIAC'S DISEASE. An inborn error of metabolism characterized by the inability to hydrolyze peptides contained in gluten. The disease affects adults and young children, who suffer from abdominal distention, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle wasting, and extreme lethargy. A characteristic sign is a pale, foul-smelling stool that floats on water because of its high fat content. There may be a secondary lactose intolerance, and it may become necessary to eliminate all milk products from the diet. Most patients respond well to a high-protein, high calorie, gluten-free diet. Rice and corn are good substitutes for wheat." SOURCE: Mosby's supra, pg. 219

"Eat whole wheat, but not the whole grain..." SOURCE: How To Eat To Live, pg. 6 (Breads)

Whole grain breads (such as Ezekiel brand bread) are very healthy and nutritious for us and contrary to what Elijah Muhammad says about whole grain being too much for the digestive system, it is not. Alvarado Bakery produces some good whole grain breads and I highly recommend them if you eat or like to eat bread. They are far superior and better for us than plain wheat bread, though wheat bread is better for us than white refined breads. Elijah Muhammad was right and exact for advising his followers to avoid all white refined breads. These breads are no good for us. They are seriously devoid of nutrition and high in gluten (glue).

And while Elijah Muhammad said to cook bread two to three times, I won't respond to this because its pretty common sense that you cannot cook bread more than once without burning it; and in regards to eating stale bread, what Black Muslim follower of Elijah Muhammad do you personally know who eats stale ass bread? Stale bread molds (with mildew). It is not healthy to eat mildew. You will get sick eating molded bread. I don't know where Fard Muhammad or Elijah Muhammad got this from but it is not a wise practice but you are free to do it if you like and if you take Fard Muhammad or Elijah Muhammad's word as the gospel truth. We have free will here on Earth and I respect that.

While we may have adapted to the eating of milk and bread while here in North America, I wholeheartedly disagree with Elijah Muhammad about milk and bread:

"Milk and bread (wheat bread) alone will keep us alive indefinitely." SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 27

Milk and bread are a seriously ACIDIC combination! Acid, the unnatural kind, is no good for us. God created our bodies to be 7.3 as far as pH balance is concerned. Acid, unnatural acid, creates mucus (the unhealthy mucus that is thick and yellowish-green in color) which in turn creates disease. The African diet must be primarily alkaline in nature, meaning the African/Black person should consume more alkaline foods than acidic foods, natural or unnatural acidic foods.

In regards to corn, which Elijah Muhammad advocates to his followers not to eat, I must point out that there are three types of corn ? white corn, yellow corn, and blue corn. Corn has long been a staple food of the Native American. The best corn is the blue corn variety which makes the best and most sweet-tasting cornbread.

Corn is a greatly genetically modified crop today, along with soy. If you are a corn eater, make sure its non-GMO and organic.

The corn silk makes a great tea for the kidneys. You can boil it for a few minutes (10-15 minutes) and then let it cool down and add a little lemon juice and maple syrup and drink it. It will help in all kidney problems.

"Positively eat no nuts." SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 8

Notwithstanding the peanut, there are plenty of healthy and nutritious nuts we can and should eat today which include: almonds (which is really not a nut but a fruit), cashews, pistachio, walnut, hazelnut, macadamia, Brazil, pinon, beech, butternut, candlenut, filbert, pecan, hickory, pine and pignolia. Nuts are naturally acidic with the exception of the almond, which is alkaline. Remember, there's a natural acid (found in citrus fruit, seeds, nuts, and some vegetables) and an unnatural acid (which comes from processed/cooked so-called foods, i.e. meat, dairy, junk foods, pastries).

Nut butter (such as cashew butter, hemp seed butter, and almond butter) is a great alternative to peanut butter. They are better on the digestive process than peanuts. Hemp seed butter by far is the best butter to consume, followed by almond butter. One of the first foods my eldest daughter, Layla Iman, consumed was hemp seed butter. She liked it very much! The hemp seed is one of the most nutritious foods we have and can eat. Hemp seeds contain all three beneficial omega fatty acids (Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9).

Tahini and hummus are also forms of nut butters. Tahini is a seed butter made from sesame seed and hummus is made from the garbanzo bean (also known as the chickpea). These two foods are staples in the Middle East and Mediterranean and contain dietary thiocyanate which the Black/African/African American requires for optimal health.

Other good seeds include: sunflower, hemp, chia, pumpkin (papita), flax, and Black cumin (caraway). Seeds too are naturally acidic. Prophet Muhammad touted the Black Seed as sacred and said it was "the cure for every disease except death." The Black Seed is very medicinal and therapeutic and can be used for lung problems, internal parasites and worms, high blood pressure, digestive problems, liver problems and also helps to increase and enhance the quantity and quality of mother's breast milk.

Good beans and legumes include: Chickpea (Garbanzo), black turtle beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, mung beans, split peas, red beans, lentils (yellow and red); lima beans, aduki, anasazi, black-eye peas, green bean, and speckled butter beans. A bean's color indicates the organ it most benefits. Beans collectively strengthen the kidneys (especially when eaten sprouted). Green-colored beans strengthen the liver; yellow-colored beans strengthen the pancreas-spleen; red-colored beans strengthen the heart; and pale, white-colored beans (which would include the small navy bean) energize the lungs and the colon.

In re the soybean, I am in agreement with Elijah Muhammad with regards to this bean. The soybean (along with yellow and white corn) are the two chief genetically engineered crops today and thus should be avoided, unless they are grown organically and are non-GMO (non-genetically modified organism). Even if the soybean is grown under the proper conditions, it is very hard on the digestive system. The soybean was never intended for human food. Originally, it was an industrial product. Soy is the primary source of many vegan-vegetarians, eating soy in various forms such as tempeh and tofu.

Soy requires a lot of heat to process and manufacture into a so-called food. I am not an advocate of soy products which includes soy milk, soy flour, soybeans, and soybean oil. Elijah Muhammad gave good and sound advice concerning the soybean and its oil. Soybean oil is harmful and destroys the myelin sheath around the nerves in the brain. Soybean oil is one of the four worst or unhealthiest oils a person could consume, the other three being cottonseed oil (cotton is not even a food, but a fabric), peanut oil, and canola oil (which is really rapeseed oil). All four of these oils will greatly negatively impair human health. You would be wise to avoid them.

"Soy oil ... is considered toxic in traditional Chinese medicine, and it is difficult to digest." The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia, supra.

The best oils to cook with are olive oil (extra virgin is the best), safflower seed oil, sunflower seed oil, and grape seed oil. Olive oil is by far the best cooking oil.

Though Elijah Muhammad suggested vegetable and corn oils as good oils to cook with back in the 1960's, today AVOID THEM! They are unhealthy oils and contain remnants from other unhealthy oils.

Many Afro-Carribeans cook with coconut oil but I don't advocate cooking with coconut oil. There are much better oils to cook with.

In regards to the Lima bean, the white man did not advertise the eating of them. Their eating originated in Peru. The Lima bean takes its name from the city of Lima in Peru. Peruvians have been eating the Lima bean for many centuries. It is a tropical food and tropical foods are good for Black/Africans/African Americans who now reside in the Diaspora.

"The lima bean is another large bean advertised by the devil for you to eat, which will almost burst the lining of the stomach and intestines of a Texas bull." SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 10

Lima Bean. 1. A plant having flat pods containing large, light green, edible seeds. [After Lima, Peru] SOURCE: American Heritage Dictionary, 4th Edition, 2001, pg. 491

Lima. The capital of Peru, in the west-central part. Population 6, 414, 500. SOURCE: American Heritage Dictionary, supra, pg. 491

In regards to pastries and cakes, I concur with Elijah Muhammad on these. However, in 2006, it is common to see Black Muslims selling pastries and cakes in front of the mosque after Sunday service on the street corner during the week. These sugary cakes and pastries sold by Black Muslims are just as bad or unhealthy as those Hostess brand pastries and cakes sold in corner liquor stores in the hood. Number one, they contain too much drug called SUGAR (white refined sugar)! Number two, most of them are made with white refined flour which Elijah Muhammad told his followers to avoid and rightly so:

"Pastries and cakes ? the kind made with crusts of white flour and sweetened with white sugar, so sweet you can still taste them the next day ? are not good for our stomachs." SOURCE: How To Eat To Live (Book I), pg. 11

Many Black Muslims suffer from diabetes and hypoglycemia today but yet and still they can be found purchasing sugary snacks and treats after Sunday service. This applies more so to the Black Muslim of the Nation of Islam rather than the Bilalian or orthodox Black Muslim under the leadership of Wallace (Warith) Deen.

These same sugary cakes and pastries contain CHICKEN FETUS (eggs). Eggs are not fit for human consumption. These white eggs you may cook with will not hatch under heat. They are sterilized and therefore dead!

Eggs can be replaced with Egg Replacer which can be found at good health food stores. The price varies between eight and ten dollars, but it's worth it. I have heard some Black Muslims say that Egg Replacer costs too much. But if the Black Muslims can build a $5 million dollar restaurant in Chicago (now closed) and send millions of dollars to their leaders, like Louis Farrakhan, who owns homes in Illinois, Arizona, Michigan and the West Indies and who also has numerous luxury cars and even a private jet, the Black Muslims cannot justify high prices as an excuse to not purchase and use Egg Replacer in their cakes and pastries. The Black Muslim is supposed to love his/her people. Surely they are worthy of healthy ingredients.

Egg is animal excreta and comes from the female reproductive organ of a lower animal, the chicken, which is also a grafted bird, invented by the Chinese in the year 1505 A.D.

Today, there are many healthy and tasty vegan cakes and pastries available, mainly at health food stores and vegan restaurants. They contain absolutely no dairy, eggs, or harmful sugars.

Healthy alternatives to sugar (including brown sugar) include: Grade B/C maple syrup, maple sugar, date syrup, date sugar, stevia (sweet leaf), agave nectar, vegetable glycerine, and fruit concentrate. I'm not big on the sugar cane sweeteners. Sugar cane is not a natural crop and is a gigantic weed. Many alternative health foods contain sugar cane so beware when shopping for them.

"Use brown sugar?" pg. 11 (How To Eat To Live). No, not today! That may have been good for the 1960s, but today, Black/African/melanated people must avoid brown sugar. It is nothing but burned white sugar poured over white sugar.

For a list of healthy and unhealthy sugars and sweeteners, visit the Food Combining section at (articles).

In regards to the sweet potato, I disagree w

Djehuty Ma'at-ra
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