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Pisces, the astrological sign of the Fish, is the 12th and final sign of the Westernzodiac. Souls born between February 19 and March 19 are born under the zodiacsign or constellation of Pisces.

Pisces astrological statement is "I Believe!" or "I Imagine!" Pisces is the Believer!

The Soul's lesson when passing through Pisces is that of the desire to merge withthe oneness from which it started - or to escape from the eternal round.

NOTE: The Soul passes through all 12 Zodiac signs for purposes of experience.Regardless of your Sun sign, your Soul learns the lesson of each zodiac sign.

Pisces is a "Water" sign. In the language of astrology, this means Pisceans, asWater signs, are people who are silent, mysterious types whose magic hypnotizeseven the most determined realist. They have uncanny perceptions about peopleand are as rich as the oceans when it comes to feeling, emotion, or imagination.These creatures are very sensitive, mystical creatures with memories that go backbeyond time. Pisceans have the potential for the depths of darkness or the heightsof mysticism and art.

Like all Water signs, Pisceans, are very emotional creatures. They help finishprojects started by others. They are very supportive and passive creatures.They have a strong desire to please. Water signs live through their emotions,imaginations, and intuitions.

Mutable is one of three different modalities or qualities of the Zodiac with the othermodalities or qualities being "Fixed" and "Mutable. "The "Mutable" signs include: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Pisces is also a feminine sign or polarity sign which mean Pisceans are passive andreceptive. All feminine signs are this way. Pisces element or triplicity or quality is "Water" meaning Pisces are again, veryemotional, imaginative, intuitive, and mysterious just like the other "Water" signsof Cancer and Scorpio. Water signs are typically emotional, imaginative, dreamy, idealistic, and romantic.

More specifically, Pisceans are: sharing, cooperative, partner-oriented, refined,social, agreeable, easygoing, affable, gregarious, considerate, balanced, just, fair,harmonious, tactful, diplomatic, charming, impartial, aesthetic, artistic, pleasing,and well-proportioned.

However, Pisceans are very dramatical and theatrical. Drama is a major theme ofthis sign.
Pisces corresponds to the 12th House of the Zodiac known as the Karma or TroubleHouse. The traits of this house include karma, troubles, illness, secret enemies,drama, addictions, and hidden agendas.

Pisces is a powerful sign because Pisces has to deal with all the drama that comesfrom the other 11 signs because Pisces is the last of the signs, so Pisces is thefilter. Pisces processes the drama from the other signs and as such usually will dealwith a lot of issues and dramas in life dealing with relating to other people. After all,Pisces corresponds to the Trouble House.

This is why Pisces goes through so many ordeals in life. There's always some dramagoing on with this sign until and unless the person of this sign goes upward orascend and becomes spiritually conscious. Pisces is the most spiritual sign of theZodiac.

In medical astrology, Pisces governs the feet, toes, pituitary gland, fibrin of theblood, and lymphatic system. 

Pisceans are prone to diseases and disorders of these body parts. Some of thediseases include:




Swollen feet



Hodgkin's Disease




Sleepiness (an issue, not a disease)

Painful feet

Shoe sensitivities




Weak immunity




Excessive sex drive



Eruptions from corrupted blood

Mucous discharges

Like Taurus the Bull, Pisces likes to indulge in luxury and enjoys eating.

"On account of their fondness for good food and easy life, Piscean people aresubject to gout and the swelling of the feet."

My first wife was a Pisces and I can vouch for this sign being fond of eating goodfood and enjoying the easy life. This describes Jeannine, my ex-wife, to a tee! She'sa true and genuine Pisces. We did enjoy a very luxurious life and ate good most ofthe time.

The woman loved and enjoyed cooking and made some of the best vegan dishes Iever tasted. Cooking is her niche and it's really what she should be doing in life inaddition to her healing services.

My wife today is a Virgo which means her polarity sign is Pisces. Virgo picks up thenegative or shadow traits of Pisces as all pole signs do. I find it interesting that inmy two marriages I have ended up with women of opposites astrological poles butboth of which are mutable signs.

However, I am receiving the good traits of Pisces in my Virgo wife, Andrea. It'sreally so amazing! Ranking up their with my paternal grandmother, mother, andex-wife, my Virgo wife has prepared some of the best vegan dishes I have evertasted. I really am experiencing the best of both of these polarity signs. However, Iam complete and balanced by the Earth quality in my Virgo wife.

Because both of these women are mutable signs, I know I have lessons to learnabout not being so rigid in life (and I have made tremendous progress but I canbe very stubborn at times being a true Taurus as my Sun sign is Taurus, I have3 planets in Taurus (Mercury, Venus, and Saturn) in my natal chart, and mydescendant sign is Taurus).

Of all signs, none is more prone to addictions than Pisces.

"Pisceans must never drink or take drugs because unnatural substances impactthem more profoundly than most signs, and may lead to death." - Judith Hill

"The Piscean is prone to drift into the habit of drink and the use of narcotics,especially if we find an affliction of the moon and Neptune in the Horoscope."

Pisceans may delve into drug use in an attempt to escape reality, especially if thatreality is harsh. Pisceans are naturally ethereal, imaginative, and spacey. Theyhave a difficult time staying focused here on Earth. They are already barely herewith one foot on Earth and the other in the astral world. It is very common to findpeople born under this sign in routines of daydreaming, fantasizing, and imagining.They are not the most mental creatures. They are however more intuitive, artistic,and creative and thus make great artists (musicians) and entertainers.

They are also very much interested in occult, esoteric, and metaphysical studies, asall Water signs generally are. Because they are so intuitive they make great intuitive healers, psychics, massagetherapists, and other forms of hands on healers. They also respond well to gentle and diffusive holistic treatments that address theentire system, i.e. homeopathy, herbology, nutritives, reiki, foot reflexology, chakrabalancing, hypnotherapy, etc.

This sign also tends to sleep more than any other sign. Most Pisceans take plenty ofretreat time to diffuse their consciousness away from worldly stress and houseworkand sleeping may be a retreat for these creatures.

According to Judith Hill, "It is completely natural and healthful for natives of thissign to eschew hard labor and sleep late. Pisces need plenty of decompressionstime." I concur with this as I grew up with a Pisces-Aries cusp mother and livedwith a Pisces woman for four years.

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Famous Sun sign Pisces include: Harry Belafonte, Nancy Wilson, Holly Hunter,Alexander Graham Bell, Irene Cara, Nina Simone, Chopin, Albert Einstein,Harriet Tubman, Golda Meir, Jackie Gleason, Edward M. Kennedy, Victor Hugo,Michelangelo, Liza Minelli, Linus Pauling, Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor, GeorgeWashington, Jasmine Guy, Kurt Cobain, George Harrison, Drew Barrymore, GlenClose, Sidney Poitier, Gloria Vanderbilt, Ron Howard, Catherine Bach, Rob Lowe,Aidan Quinn, Ursula Andress, Vanessa Williams, Jessica Biels, Freddy Prinze Jr.,William H. Macy, Patricia Hearst, Kurt Russell, Desi Arnaz, Bruce Willis, Billy Crystal,Jennifer Love Hewitt, Edward James Olmos, Lou Reed, Bernadette Peters, Jon BonJovi, Lynn Redgrave, William Hurt, Carl Reiner, Jackie Gleason, Cindy Crawford,Tony Randall, Jerry Lewis, Tyne Daly, David Niven, Paula Prentiss, Michael Caine,Spike Lee, Rupert Murdoch, Ivana Trump, Victor Hugo, Rudolph Steiner, Sally JessyRaphael, Peter Graves, Johnny Cash, Dorothy Stratten, and Tammy Faye Baker.

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