Dhealthstore You Tube Channel Termination


On Friday, November 29, 2013, we received notice from You Tube that one of Djehuty Ma’at-Ra’s videos, Wild Yam For Natural Birth Control” was flagged and reviewed by the You Tube community and was allegedly found in violation of You Tube policy though that particular violation was never stated or revealed to us. We have no idea how that video violated You Tube’s terms (or policy) as it had been up for nearly two years and was one of Djehuty’s strictly informational videos.

This last flagging simply added to the plethora of claims levied against Dhealthstore’s page on You Tube in its controversial two-year history, and to our knowledge, mostly by African-Americans.

The page/channel constantly came under attack by many individuals, mostly angry and bitter black females and allopathic-minded individuals, who simply didn’t agree with the content and who lacked the common sense that they didn’t have to stay on the channel much less visit the channel if they didn’t like and/or agree with the content on the channel pursuant to free will.

There were hundreds of trolls trolling the You Tube page (channel), the very first being Djehuty’s former business partners, Ahman Dolphin and his ex-wife Katerina Hajkova, who constantly monitored the site that first year and exclusively shot down via comment every video whereby Djehuty was expounding on his products.

It wasn’t long before Dhealthstore’s page/channel started blowing up, getting 25-50 new subscribers daily. In less than two years, the site garnered 27,000 subscribers before its account suspension and termination. Subscription was growing and moving at a very face pace and that is because our herbalist Djehuty Ma’at-Ra was doing something unprecedented: he was dropping knowledge via edutainment - educating while entertaining, and not to mention, marketing at the same time for his business and products. Djehuty was doing him, blowing up his business and products, and getting paid for it all at the same time.

You Tube served Dhealthstore.com’s purpose and we are thankful and grateful to You Tube. Below are Djehuty’s words on his You Tube experience:

I originally got on You Tube in response to a former associate, Jorge Garcia, bringing to my attention how a certain individual and entrepreneur’s business starting making millions of dollars on You Tube through video promotions. In all due honesty, I wasn’t interested at first, but I said to myself, ‘what the hell, it’s free and I have the time and the knowledge!’ So, around August 2011 I set up the channel and recorded a few videos, but mostly on general topics, not the business or products. But around November 2011 I went on a tear making videos constantly and consistently about general topics and my business and its products. Views and subscribers started picking up. Momentum was forming and fast. I remember when the channel only had around a hundred subscribers and my former business’ channel had 917 subscribers in its 5 year history (in which I was there during those 5 years but not using You Tube). Man, I thought that was a lot of subscribers back then but after perusing certain videos and channels on You Tube I soon learned that 917 subscribers wasn’t shit, especially compared to all the people and channels that were promoting bullshit on You Tube (and also getting paid for it due to the high numbers via advertising dollars from monetizing their videos).

As the channel started blowing up, You Tube and certain people started hitting me up about monetizing my videos in which I really had no interest in because in all due honesty I knew I stood to earn more money advertising my own business and products rather than someone else’s and because I live with integrity and am true to what I promote and how I live I can’t just promote any ole thing for a damn dollar.

 After a short while I knew the value of what I had with the You Tube page and my business. My intention was using You Tube (and Facebook) to advertise my business and products exclusively to get word out there to the public that I had left the former business, selling all stock/shares in the business, taking all my formulas/products and original articles in their raw state (though allowing the former business to alter the articles for their use as I know they didn’t and don’t have the intellectual or creative abilities to write a single article as it’s just not in them) with me to Dhealthstore.com.

It was an awesome business game plan strategically thought out and executed. It worked like a charm and to this day I’m nothing but grateful to You Tube, Jorge Garcia, the viewers, and the subscribers because my business too soon became a multi-million dollar business like the one Jorge brought to my attention.

After I left the former business in which I started  from a tiny one-bedroom apartment in Glendale, California in 2002, I didn’t have the hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in radio commercials for advertising, which in all due honesty I wasn’t going to do if I did have the money because I did a lot of reflecting on my former business after I left it - bad moves or poor choices (e.g. investments) and usually made by my former partners, and what we could have done to really have gotten to the next level. But I had to face the fact that I could have never gotten to the next level with them because they just weren’t on my creative, intellectual, and spiritual level and as my personal psychic Janette told me in a private consultation, the energy at the old business and with my former partners was greatly dense and couldn’t hold me and she was on the money. I knew I was ready to go next level but had to severe all ties. All I know is that things played out the way they were supposed, I have no regrets, and went to the next level with my new business and my beloved wife as my partner. It’s been one hell of an experience for which I’m grateful and thankful. It’s nothing like seeing your dream, your vision come to light, to manifest. To live life on your own terms. To truly ball!

It’s a great feeling! It was also a great feeling to shut the mouth of Ahman Dolphin who really thought he was behind the success of my first business (I still laugh at hearing this in my head) and couldn’t do it without him. Like they say: show folks with your actions, not your words. His trolling ended within a year, I made him focus on running his own business which he knew was in trouble if mine’s started taking off which it did. This eventually led to him and his partners signing (and paying a fortune out of their own pockets from other endeavors) with the Steve Harvey Show, a move that greatly benefitted myself and my business because my sales increased 30% due to people getting the businesses confused (due to many similarities since I allowed them to use my information for product descriptions and articles and they kept their product names very close to mines) and calling Dhealthstore. And when they heard the price differences and how much they would save, they bought 2-4 Full Body Detox kits. It was awesome and I thank my former business partners for making that move giving me free advertising. You can’t beat that!

Thanks to all the additional business that came from the Steve Harvey Show promotion, my business hit a personal milestone for myself in April 2013, generating over $300,000.00 in sales for a single month, something I had never done in my business life or at my former business, only hitting $262,000.00 one time (in 2009, our highest peak year) and never reaching it again; and then to start averaging that former business high every month at my new business was astounding to me. Accomplishment is a great feeling.

Success really will bring out the ‘hate’ (anger, bitterness, jealousy, and envy) in others, especially black folk. It’s worst with us a group of people. We started the terms hate”, hater”, and hating” as they are used today.

But at any rate, I used You Tube to set and reach a goal and that goal was reached. I don’t know all the parties behind the account termination and in all due honesty I really don’t care. I have a multi-million dollar business and am living my dreams with open eyes. I have all that I desired and received them very fast working Universal law with perfection.

You Tube served its purpose and I also would be remiss if I didn’t state that the account being terminated was really a prayer/request being answered as there were so many days I would ask the Universe to help free me from the stigma of a cyberspace celebrity as I was losing a part of my life that dealt with privacy. Because of You Tube, I became popular almost over night. Shit got crazy and I was unwilling to deal with the craziness. I couldn’t walk down the street anymore, especially here in Los Angeles. But it was the same way in Atlanta, New York, Chicago, etc. It was crazy because in my mind I’m just a regular cat. I just know and understand this Matrix better than most.

In Atlanta at the W Hotel in March 2013, I was in the spa about to get a massage and I had to use the lavatory. I got lost and asked this black staff member for directions. Before she gave me directions, she said, OMG, I watch your videos! I love your videos!”

When I say things got crazy, they got crazy and I really began to understand what Hollywood celebrities and famous people go through in their lives. I understand their escapism. But as a spiritual cat, I wasn’t falling prey to any low vibrational antics including the sexual advances from would be or so-called conscious black females, soliciting pussy through the internet with spirituality and being a goddess as a cover. I saw right through so much. But it’s amazing to find out again how people are and how they will contaminate that which is pure and correct all for their own agenda. Quick to call themselves God or Goddess with actions of the Devil. Quick to call themselves Kings and Queens but are nothing but Niggas and Niggettes. It’s really a trip! I feel sorry for the so-called black conscious community. I have more respect for the black Christian community than I do for the so-called black conscious community because being so-called conscious, they should know better and be doing better, especially compared to their black Christian counterparts.

At any rate, I did get my request from the Universe to help free me of the You Tube-made popularity and fame. It was horrible! I was missing my privacy. More people started reaching out to me. It was very draining and if it wasn’t for who I am and what I do consistently (on the health and spiritual tip), it would have got the best of me.

When I got the news of the account termination last Friday, I was in San Francisco (the plane had just landed) and you can ask LaShana-Nicole and Rozhin Afshar what my response was - strictly how could I capitalize from You Tube’s action; seeing an opportunity instead of a problem. That’s just how I am. I can’t or don’t trip on things beyond my control, only what I can control, and I can control my own platform (Djehuty Speaks.com) which I created months before You Tube suspended their account because you see, I wanted to leave You Tube months ago (which I talked about in a video entitled Signing Off!”). I wanted to get away from all the trolls, all the attempts at diversion, all the non-serious people, all the stupidity and bullshit!

I wanted out and away from all the bullshit because I don’t have time for it plus I don’t believe the elite people of society should be in the same space with the degenerates. Or, high vibrates shouldn’t be in the same space with low vibrates. I’m about my work and money! Generating more money so as to do more work. Period! Hey, I’m a true spiritual baller, a true spiritual-preneur! I got shit to do here on this planet. I may have black skin but I’m not like the majority of my people. I’m not into entertainment, sport and play, bullshit. I’m a spiritual and business visionary. I’m here to create, to build. To hell with all of that talk! The black man and woman is God/Goddess!” Bullshit! I’ll believe that when I see it. Until then I will see and know them as Niggas, degenerates, who are on You Tube for ego -based fame but don’t know how to convert fame into fortune which is what really matters. Only a Negro wants to be famous and broke at the same time. My motto is: ‘Fuck the fame, give me the fortune!’ Straight up no chaser! I don’t fake the funk and people knew and know this about me and I displayed this in my videos which people from around the world loved and enjoyed.

I’ll tell you, the only unfortunate thing about the termination of the account is all those hungry for knowledge people out there who will lose out, at least for a time, until they find me again and it will happen. I saw this with the leaving of my former business and how they tried to suppress the knowledge of my departure, attempting to capitalize off me without paying me which I was not going to let ride and successfully used You Tube as an aid in preventing that.

I’m sorry folks, but I’m thankful for You Tube! I wouldn’t be where I am without it, so I have no ill feelings or bad words for You Tube. It helped me and I’m grateful and always will be. I just want others, entrepreneurs, to learn from me, to learn to use social media for their gain and benefit and not for wasting more precious time on dumb shit - black female booty twerkin’, people recording covers of their favorite songs, folks fighting, people drunk, doing dumb shit, etc. I mean, stupid shit that ain’t bringing any much needed money to their pockets. Truly knowledge is power!

A lot of people will think that Dhealthstore’s channel was brought down because I was kicking too much knowledge and truth, too much of that real shit! Maybe it was. I don’t really know or care. All I know is you can’t stop truth! You can’t stop the knowledge from getting to the people who desire it by any means necessary and who will search for it by all means. You can’t stop a mission, movement or idea whose time as come. What I started with those videos on You Tube will go to the next level. I own all of those videos and have every last one of them backed up on various drives.

I’m Brer Rabbit and You Tube threw me down the rabbit hole. It is still helping me financially because it helped to create another revenue stream in an area I’m really weak in but getting strong and stronger in due to my new business partner Christina Haftman that I asked the Universe to send me. The visionary and pioneering white boys from Silicon Valley that I asked for didn’t come because the Universe knows I require the sweetness of Yin and it came through her, a serious and brilliant social media marketing strategist and visionary.

  Add in the mix my dear friend and brother Eric Fletcher (bro. Amenua Hotep), and my wife - it’s a wrap. We’re taking my information to the next level via technology with videos (for sale and for free), audio (mp3 downloads, i-Tunes), transcripts and e-material, streamlined events, and live presentations (I’ll be speaking live in Los Angeles starting January 2014, every Sunday 9am-12pm). It’s all about multiple streams of cash flow while you do your life’s work! It’s all about converting problems into opportunities and taking advantage of them. It’s all about seeing setbacks as stepping stones and setups for comebacks. It’s about having a positive mental attitude.

  Even though my people, black people, have attempted to harm me and my family and bring me down in these past two years, I still and will always have love for my people, because like my favorite rapper Paris said in a song: we’re still struggling” and I understand our struggle. I understand our pathology. I understand that we have some good black folk out there in the midst of all the Niggas out there.

  I cannot be harmed in my work because my intent is pure and sincere. I accept the challenge and have learned from others before me. I will not fail people in general and my people in particular. There are still righteous people in the world and the more you work on becoming righteous yourself the more you will find and attract righteous people from all walks of life and in every shape, form, and color (race). The Universe is impartial and does not discriminate.

  I want to thank everybody who supported me by watching and recommending my videos on You Tube. I or Dhealthstore.com did not remove the videos. Let this be known. We would have never removed the video as we knew it was mental food for the people.

  We understood that any time you have to fill out an application or apply for something, e.g. an account, the thing is not yours. You don’t apply from another for what you really own. If you really think your phone number is your” phone number, try not paying the bill for a few months allowing the service to be disconnected and see what happens in a few more months when you call your” phone number. That number will be reassigned to someone else, because it’s not yours and never was. It belongs to the issuer. Period! Same thing with your car and driver license. It belongs to the issuer of the license and registration. How do you think the State can take your car, like when you don’t get it out of impound or have the boot on your tire removed.

  It’s like this people, if you don’t own your mind, you don’t own jack shit! Or, if you can’t take it with you (when you die or transition, it’s not yours. Watch that old Frank Capra movie, You Can’t Take It With You” since I brought it up. Great movie!

  I hardly ever ask people for anything but I simply ask that after reading my words here that you refer people to Dhealthstore.com (main website) and DjehutySpeaks.com to watch the informational videos that is no longer available on You Tube. The videos will be up sometime in mid-December on Dhealthstore.com and some are up on Djehuty Speaks.com right now. Hundreds more are being uploaded daily.

  Tommy Sotomayor explained to me why he has so many You Tube channels, due to his own experiences with his videos being flagged and channels or pages terminated. Me personally, I just don’t have the energy for that. I’d rather just set up my own venue that I control and take it from there. The serious people who believe in me and support me will sign up for the subscription account and pay the nominal monthly fee because they already know they will see great things that will benefit them personally. Things being free allow anyone to come on board. Payment or fees creates a barrier. I desire the barrier to weed out the wheat from the tares.

  Because there are still some people who think I’m associated with my former business (Dherbs) or don’t know I’m not there, also tell everyone you know about Dhealthstore.com and that Dhealthstore.com is the authentic venue of Djehuty Ma’at-Ra (and has been since July 2011), not my former business ran by individuals who don’t know anything about health nor live healthy and haven’t and can’t drop one single video that would uplift and awaken people. They are all about the money and nothing more. I’m not associated with them. Not at all!”

  Everything authentically Djehuty Ma’at-Ra is exclusively at Dhealthstore.com, DHSLA.com, DjehutySpeaks.com, and my stores located at 1015 N. Pacific Avenue, Glendale, California 91202; 4785 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90028; and, 5444 Crenshaw Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90043.

  We support what we profess to believe in! Period!

- Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

Thank you for reading!

Djehuty Ma’at-Ra
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