Why Djehuty’s Health Store in Virginia Closed


On October 20th, 2013, DHS, inc. management agreed to close the doors of the Newport News, Virginia location of Djehuty’s Health Store, a franchise store we were experimenting with for future stores.

While we made the decision to terminate business on this particular day, we did not make the decision to close the Virginia store permanently or for it to go out of business entirely. This decision to close the Virginia store location was made by one person, Karen Cooper, franchisee and our partner in the Virginia endeavor.

Djehuty Ma’at-Ra and Dhealthstore brought the store to Virginia because of Djehuty’s trust in Karen (to manage the store), who contacted Djehuty in July 2013 with news of purchasing property in Newport News, Virginia at 14357 Old Courhouse Way. While Djehuty suggested Karen name her business, ‘Karen’s’ and retail Dhealthstore products in the business, Karen adamantly suggested making the space a franchise and naming the business ‘Djehuty’s Health Store No. 3’ in which Djehuty obliged the request.

Djehuty and Karen agreed that she would receive a certain salary from DHS for managing the Virginia store until it could become self-sufficient.

Karen did an okay job in basic managing of the Virginia store, considering how we had to rush to get the store open for the September 7th opening. We flew our operations manager and her assistant in to Virginia for basic training (of the Virginia employees) and getting the store ready for business and its grand opening.

However, DHS flew Karen out to DHS headquarters in Glendale, California from October 7th - 11th for advanced management training. It was during this training session that we discovered Karen lacked very basic computer and technical skills that would prevent us from training her further (on this visit for advanced training) and that would also impair her being manager of the Virginia store and training the other employees of the store.

Upon this startling discovery, DHS management made a decision to reassign Karen to the position of “sales lead/manager-in-training” while having her undergo six months of training (to learn and develop the necessary skills that would allow her to manage the Virginia store and assist the California operation in the future) at company expense, an investment into a team member, an asset to the company (which is how we looked at Karen and the matter).

We realized that Karen’s ignorance of basic things made her feel very inadequate, which is very understandable. We also believe that Karen may have had an issue with Djehuty’s business demeanor while visiting California, which is different from his personal demeanor. He takes business very seriously and there were some minor communication problems between he and Karen that adversely affected time for Karen’s training that we’re sure made Karen feel very uneasy and inadequate (also considering she’s a Scorpio - who are naturally very sensitive people and get hurt easily). It was totally unintentional.

Upon Karen’s return to Virginia on October 11th, DHS notified Karen of the decision to reassign her position in the interim until fully trained and that her salary during this time would also be reflecting this temporary change (we believe this is the basis for her claim of us breaking our agreement with her as she believed she should receive a manager’s salary despite not performing manager’s duties, or, that she should be paid as a manager for performing the duties of a sales clerk, which type of thinking is understandable considering how members of the black ‘culturally conscious’ community think in their way of doing business).

Karen responded to the notice (on October 12th) stating that she (as well as all other employees of the Virginia store) was not interested in being manager and that she (and everyone else) was happy as a “sales associate” and thankful that we brought the DHS experience to Virginia.

This notice baffled us considering all we had invested into Karen and also considering that she agreed to the position of  manager (justifying her salary). At DHS, we pay pursuant to position, i.e. managers make a manager’s salary, department leads make a department lead’s salary, cashiers make a cashier’s salary, and customer service representatives make a customer service representative’s salary. There is no pay pursuant to favoritism, deemed personal favors, being cool with someone, knowing someone, etc. DHS operates in strict business fashion (which does not mix well or is not accepted well by the likes of those who consider themselves ‘spiritually’ and/or ‘culturally’ conscious and lack necessary business or corporate skills, but desire to do professional business or be employed in or by professional business, hence the public debacles with Karen Beadle aka Varaneka Celeste and Alexyss K. Tylor).

Thereafter, as DHS began a hiring campaign for a new manager in response to Karen’s notice, and with four days having gone by without any further communication on the matter between all parties, on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 around 11:00 a.m., Djehuty received an unexpected text from Karen that stated the following:

“I have always kept my word to you... I am no longer interested in working for you. No need to continue with this relationship... I’m sorry it couldn’t be everything we agreed to. Let me know when you will be moving out.”

Djehuty responded by giving her a date (October 26th, since he was scheduled to be in Virginia for an event with Damien McSwine and Lenon Honor around that time). However, on Saturday, October 19th, DHS management decided to end the operation before the 26th.

It is our collective opinion that Ms. Cooper acted out of pure unskillful emotion (emotionalism) and without regard to the consequences of her decisions on the community at large, something we deem to be very unskillfully selfish as the people and their health needs should have been the primary focus, not hurt, anger, and money (survivalism). This is shocking to all of us considering Karen is a person who advocates ‘community.’ But the Newport News area community now loses out because she placed herself (and bent emotions) over the people (community).

Djehuty was not actually surprised by these events because on Tuesday, October 15th, Djehuty shared a dream he had that featured a big tiger charging at him with mouth wide open, occurring in his old childhood neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles. The definition or meaning (second part of it) of the dream interpretation pertaining to the tiger was very revealing:

“....You must also be aware of someone’s unusual behavior for the next three days to ensure they do not pull a power play on you. This person is very conniving and will deal with you in a very underhanded way. This will result in this person having the advantage over you. Otherwise, you are definitely headed for a brilliant future. Use common sense and proceed with confidence.” Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language, The. Briceida Ryan, p. 666

Within 24 hours Djehuty received Karen’s text whereby she clearly dealt with him in an underhanded way and had the advantage over him due to her having the space he allowed DHS No. 3 to operate out of, not to mention the $25k he invested into that business (franchise) to help the people of the Tidewater area of Virginia, as well as Karen.

In closing, DHS, inc. apologizes to the people of Newport News and surrounding areas and all of the employees and volunteers of DHS No. 3 (who labored hard) for their loss. We did not have enough time to relocate the store due to how busy we stay serving the people. And again, we would have never closed that stored down, even if it would not have been profitable (which it was, rivaling our California stores). We all knew and felt that within six months that store would have been self-sufficient to pay all of its expenses, including payroll.

Djehuty also states the following:

“As I have said repeatedly in my videos on You Tube, it has been very challenging doing business with so-called spiritually, culturally, and Kemetic conscious individuals, black people, and especially black females. They just don’t know business and refuse to learn. No matter how many opportunities I give them, they just don’t understand and/or appreciate the value of what I offer them and the community. They are always complaining about lack or what they don’t have or how they are not given opportunities here in America, but when they do get it (even from a black man), they blow it and have the nerves to blame the helping hand as the reason why they failed or a partnership ended, a la Varaneka and Alxyss K. Tylor.

Even though I have successfully taken a small business that operated from my small kitchen of my small Glendale apartment and created two multi-million dollar businesses (including Dhealthstore.com) and never attended university or business school a day in my life, these individuals will point the finger at me as being the bad guy, not knowing how to do business or how to treat people in business when they themselves don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of and have not and will not create one viable business that will serve the community and create jobs.

I had to do what I did (attempt to partner with others) to show people, black people particularly, firsthand, of that decision I have now and finally arrived at, which is not allowing members of the so-called spiritual, conscious, and Kemetic community coming on board the DHS ship because in all truth they will attempt to hurt this operation and hurt other people in their own hurt and sense of failure at blowing a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. Trust me, no other person, black or white, would and will ever give grassroots level black people the chances and opportunities I have, in an attempt to remember where I came from and to give back. I was always taught during my days in the culturally conscious community to give back and that’s what I did or attempted to do. You all have seen or witnessed the results (in partnering with others who profess to want to join me to help do the work, and it wasn’t just black females either).

I have learned that 95% of people, black people, are just simply not going to do the critical self-work that I did on myself to be who I am and to get where I am now in my life.

I also reflect on my natal chart’s 7th House stellium, especially Mars in the 7th House (deals with problems in dealings with business partners, especially those of the opposite sex) and Part of Fortune in Aries (warns me of partnerships).

I have personally seen for myself and experienced why we as a people are at the bottom of the social ladder in the U.S. We are an ignorant, lazy, combative, stubborn, evil-spirited, jealous and envious people (especially our women), generally speaking. However, I will never give up on the people and will continue to labor hard for the people in all areas of life. I will continue to reinvest my money and other resources back into people and the community at large because it’s what’s in my heart to do. I trust now that other well-meaning blacks (those who purport to be culturally, spiritually, and/or Kemetically conscious) will understand my decision to not allow them to come on board or for us to enter into business partnerships. It is merely to protect the baby I have created (Dhealthstore.com) and that so many people the world over depend on.

There’s only one person that I can trust to always live and act with integrity and do what I’m doing without ever selling out and that is me - Djehuty Ma’at-Ra. I’ll never stop serving and I’ll never stop keeping it real. Ever! I do not hate black women, my sisters. I just really wish the more balanced of black women would really step up their game to reach more black women (who are obviously hurting on some very deep levels) and help them to heal and elevate. In a healed state, Black women can and will give life to a thing. Hurt, they can and will destroy or will try to (as you see with the damaged goods Alexyss K. Tylor).

I have never stated this publicly, but I am invincible. Nothing or no one can stop me or defeat me. This is why my confidence level is so high; so high that many of you see me as and call me egotistical and arrogant. No, I just know who I am and that’s why I do what I do, and very well. In my mind, I am the best!

Peace and Love! - Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

This is article is compliments of DHS management staff.

Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

Djehuty Ma’at-Ra
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