The Shift


The Shift is an interview between Djehuty Ma’at-Ra and Bro. Khaazra in mid-2012. The interview is open and heartfelt interview that gives insight into the behind-the-scenes machinations that led to the split of a partnership business known as “Djehuty Herbaceuticals” but better known around the world as “Dherbs.”

The purpose of the interview is not to disparage, malign, or berate any individual or individuals but to simply give outsiders a look at what was transpiring behind the scenes.

Khaazra: Hotep Brother Ma’at-Ra! How you feeling today?

Djehuty: I’m on top of the world, Good brother. Thank you for asking. How are you? It’s been a minute since we used to do your show in Orlando?

Khaazra: Yeah, I know. You used to drop the mad science. We did some great shows together.

Djehuty: We certainly did, Beloved.

Khaazra: Okay, well let’s get right to it and discuss Dherbs. A year ago you shook up the world of herbs and natural healing with your breakup of Dherbs. After all of these years of such great works with Dherbs what happened to cause the split?

Djehuty: Well, in all due honesty, Beloved, there were several reasons with the most important reasons being of a spiritual nature or spiritual reasons and it is because of these spiritual reasons I had to end the partnerhsip with my former partners and the business or partnership I entered into with them or I guess I should say, allowed them to become a part of.

Khaazra: Right, because you were doing the herbs before you met your partners, right?

Djehuty: Right! I became an herbalist officially and professionally in late 1999 with my first herb company, Afiya Herbaceuticals, which I started along with my ex-wife in the kitchen of my little apartment in South Glendale, California.

Khaazra: So how did you meet your partners? How did it occur.

Djehuty: Well, I first met A.D., his name is Ahman Dolphin, but people called him A.D. for short, at a legal educational session I was conducting at a friend’s house. I forget the city I was in at the time, but it was kind of far out from where I was residing. A.D. was actually a friend of a beautiful brother I met named “Lucky” and Lucky brought A.D. through one weekend afternoon to my session and I’ll never forget A.D.’s facial expressions in response to some of the things I was saying to the audience. They became his hallmark expressions I would come to know and witness over the years. I remember I ended up talking about health and I was specifically talking about cereal having rat hairs in it and milk containing mucus and pus and it really being cow snot and I remember A.D. putting his head down and saying, “There goes milk!” “He just killed milk!” I was really rocking the foundation of A.D.’s world but that’s what I did best and was known for - rocking people’s world, especially if their live’s were based upon ignorance, unconsciousness, frivolity, or other things of this Matrix.

Then, one day A.D. came over to my apartment and said he was interested in sovereignty and wanted to become a sovereign citizen because that was the thing a lot of us were into back then in 2002. So I hooked A.D. up with my man who was doing the sovereign documentation at the time and A.D. was on his way. We actually connected because A.D. really wanted to do the right things in life. That’s one thing I noticed about A.D. early on. But I remember A.D. said something that only one other human being had ever told me and that person being my ace, Gump, my man Forrest Patrick, and that was, “Djehuty, you’re worth billions of dollars!” And both A.D. and Forrest really meant that too. Of all the people I knew in my life at that time including a host of celebrities, only these two individuals told me this. And it was like a code word of sorts because it was like of all the people I knew only these two people truly knew who I was and what my value and worth was, well, in terms of the knowledge I possessed. I was literally a walking library.

Well, after saying this (that I was worth billions of dollars), A.D. said to me, “Djehuty we gotta do something together. I don’t know what it is but we’re going to do something together and big!”

I didn’t really put too much on it at the time because in all due honesty I never imagined I would be doing anything with A.D. of all people because even though A.D. had a generally good heart and wanted to do the right thing in life, he was too much of a worry hog for me and I could easily detect that in A.D. and I have a thing, an adversity, for people who are hesitant, somewhat doubtful, and a little scared or outright scared and want to play it safe in life; but I knew A.D. were these things mainly due to ignorance and fear. He had the heart deep down inside but he clearly was lacking the knowledge and it showed in his hesitance and fear of certain things.

Suffice to say, we decided that our business endeavor would be what I was doing as my number one hobby and love - herbs, and in which I was already bringing in money, a few thousand dollars per month, and that really impressed A.D. because A.D. was all about the money from jump and I only knew of this because of my man Lucky who told me one day, “Don’t let A.D. fool you! A.D. got money. He may act like he don’t have any, but A.D. got some money!”

I vividly remembering A.D. coming through weekly paying me for statutory law legal studies as he wanted to become legally astute but the things I was showing A.D. in the various law books was just too much for him. It was really rocking his world and his facial expressions said it all. A.D. would just put his head in his hands and then look up at me and ask, “Why they want to do that, Djehuty?” “Why do they want to do all these bad things to people?” And of course he was talking about those in positions of power, especially government. I was exposing the fraud of the Matrix and it was killing A.D.’s world because A.D. really wanted to be a part of the world and live it up, which I wasn’t mad at him for, but he didn’t know the things that I knew.

A.D. became so distraught at what he had learned that I remember him just looking up at me while sitting in his chair and saying, “Djehuty, let’s just go make this money!” A.D. had realized that it was no changing or saving the world because the con job done on us, the people, was just too deep. The world was too controlled so the only viable option was just to make a lot of money and just ball.

A few weeks later we called a meeting after inviting close friends and relatives to come to my apartment and buy a percentage of my business, which was “Djehuty Herbaceuticals” at the time. Only three people showed up, as fate would have it - myself, A.D. and his little brother Jamelle. We agreed on the percentages, 40% for myself, 30% for A.D. and 30% for Jamelle. My heart was so big that I originally offered A.D. and Jamelle 33% each to make things even down the line but A.D. rejected it as fate would have it and very fortunately for myself when things jumped off legally last year during the bitter split which led to legal action.

Another thing that also worked out in my favor was the naming of the business. I didn’t want my name on the business. I wanted something neutral since we were starting a new business but A.D. and Jamelle were emphatically bent on the business having my name on it with me being the image and face of the company. It’s a trip looking back on things because originally I didn’t want that but now I see things had to play out the way they did and for my own protection and the protection of this very important work and mission. I’ll tell you, man, the celestial realm was working major for me even back then and the spirit guides were most definitely guiding me because it turned out that everything I originally offered, like the 33% ownership percentages for all three of us and the business having a new name that had nothing to do with myself as an individual, was rejected by the Dolphins and when the split occurred last year in late June it was things agreed upon at this meeting that allowed me to be the winner in the end or when the split occurred and we ended up in litigation.

You know, Bro, the Universe has always had my back. Always! You see, man, that’s why I’ll never sell out. Never! The Universe or God if you want to call it that, has never let me down and has always guided me on this path ever since I decided to become enlightened and live righteous and assist humanity. Man, righteousness really pays off. It really protects you, especially when you have knowledge and understanding which leads to wisdom.

So, basically, this is how Dherbs was started.

Khaazra: And what did Dherbs stand for or mean?

Djehuty: Dherbs was short for “Djehuty Herbs.” A.D. felt that Djehuty Herbaceuticals was too long and people would have difficulty remembering that name so we decided to shorten the name to “Djehuty Herbs” and so I filled out the dba (doing business as) application as “Dherbs” with myself and Ahman Dolphin as the owners or partners. Jamelle stayed off the dba because he decided to stay in the Matrix for personal reasons which had to do with his real estate business “2F Realty.”

Dherbs was started as a private common law business, though the state would legally see it as a general partnership, well, when the split occurred.

Khaazra: It seemed like Dherbs blew up over night. What was behind the success of Dherbs?

Djehuty: I’ll tell you what was behind the success of Dherbs. Teamwork, despite a few minor and major disagreements and personal hangups, nearly all of them coming from Ahman, that were not worked on and that were fed energetically speaking and which magnified and ultimately materialized for as the Bible states relating to Job, “The thing I have feared has come upon me.”

I always say, “What you fear will appear.” And that’s what happened to A.D. because I always knew deep down inside that A.D. feared I would leave him or do him wrong even though that’s not my character. However, A.D. would later tell me about certain events that gave me understanding on why he was the way he was and experienced what he did, especially in relation to relationships. Everything he told me added up and made sense and made even more sense when I performed his natal chart and realized he had Saturn retrograde in Taurus at the time of his birth in October 1970. A.D. and I both had Saturn in Taurus but the retrograde made all the difference.

But Dherbs was successful because everybody did what they were supposed to do and had to do. Nobody made any excuses not to work or do what they had to do and we had this shared mentality even dating back to when we had to work nearly two years without pay, everyone working on the side to finance their living and personal responsibilities. I was doing legal documents, counseling people, performing chakra balancing sessions on people, and selling my own herbs to make money. A.D. was coaching basketball because that’s his history before Dherbs. Jamelle was doing real estate with his 2F Realty company, and Katerina Hajkova, whom we called “Katka” (A.D.’s wife at the time) was waiting tables waitressing and also doing janitorial work before doing Dherbs. We all did what we had to do make money while we were working to get Dherbs off the ground.

However, as the brains of the business and the image of the business, most of the real work to get Dherbs off the ground was on me, and this was something A.D. just didn’t want to understand and especially as it related to money because A.D. never, and I mean never, liked the fact that I made a lot of money and made way more money than the other partners did despite the fact that Dherbs were selling my products and using my knowledge and information to sell products and make money. Dherbs was making every single penny of profit off of my tangible and intangible creative and intellectual talents and Ahman saw his managerial duties behind the scenes running the base operations as equivalent to my work of creating products and articles and you just can’t do that. You can’t not create a single product and still expect to make the same amount of money as the man who created the products and several years before you guys even met.

In all due honesty and I’ll never change this, and by no means is this an attempt to malign or disparage A.D., but in my assessment, at the root of the split as far as A.D. was concerned, it was money. A.D. was always too busy counting my money and worried about how much money I was making. He didn’t like it and I could sense it a mile away, but I was like, “This is my ship here and I’m the captain.” “I built this ship and allowed you to come on board and help me in exchange for a percentage of ownership, but it’s my vision and don’t get it twisted.” Early off A.D. would always talk about how we’re all equal, saying this over and over again as if to program me with this notion for purposes of splitting any and all monies we would make down the line. I knew what A.D. was trying to do. But he was talking that equality talk for himself more than anything else. I had A.D. penned from day one but gave him room and time to grow which h never did.

Khaazra: So basically that achilles tendon black people suffer from so much, envy and jealousy, was at the root of Dherbs’ death?

Djehuty: Basically, yes. That’s just my opinion, but again, yes.

But Dherbs really blew up when I started writing the articles and posting them to the website back in 2005. Originally, A.D. wasn’t feeling the articles but after a year, trust me, he knew the value of my articles and that’s why in their civil suit they filed against me last year, not only were they trying to claim and steal all of my herbal products stating the products belonged not to myself, but to the business or partnership despite the fact that I never transferred a single product to the business or partnership. They were also claiming, get this, that my articles also belonged to the partnership though I also never transferred over one single article to the business. In business, anytime you transfer over  a personal item to the business entity so it can become a business asset, you must file a transfer of property, which creates a record for the books. I never did this. Well, actually, at one point I attempted to do this but again as fate would have it, A.D. would never sign the papers. Never. In all of my years of business with A.D. he would never sign a document I presented to him, well, outside of the initial partnership agreement. After that, he ran from all documents presented to him and I can’t lie to you, this raised serious red flags with me. I’m saying to myself, “How come this cat won’t sign documents?” And I knew it was because A.D. never really trusted me (due to personal insecurities and some past events that scarred him and damaged his trust in people) and felt that I could or would swindle him through my knowledge of the law as my legal knowledge made A.D. very uncomfortable and I didn’t know it back then but A.D. later told me in the office of his attorney friend, Bob Ackerman, that he was actually swindled in the past and Bob had to bail him out. And Because A.D. has a lot of Scorpio in his chart, he holds on to things, even to his on detriment.

But I digressed one time to many, Dherbs blew up in February 2008 after I did a fifteen minute interview on the Warren Ballentine Show that Jamelle arranged. I was on the air for fifteen minutes live and it was the first time a national audience got to hear my speak and man I tell you, it was over with. People could resonate with what I was saying. They could feel my passion, my dedication, my integrity ... Dherbs’ server crashed and the phones rang off the hook. The phones rang so much nobody could answer them. I did the interview from my home, I was domiciling in a condo on Louise Street in Glendale, A.D. called me and told me about the chaos at the office and I was like, “Oh yeah, it’s about to be over with now!” And I was right! That month alone Dherbs clocked a quarter of a million dollars in sales which set a new mark for us and was the first year Dherbs clocked over a million dollars in sales.

And it’s funny too because just a few weeks prior to the Warren Ballentine interview in February 2008, in December 2007 A.D. called me very down and depressed (as he would get down and depressed many times about the business’ financial status) and said to me, “Man, Djehuty, we aren’t ever going to make millions of dollars.” I knew right then and there that despite A.D.’s work ethics and dedication to our cause, deep down inside he was in this thing for an entirely different reason than I was. I was doing my heart’s passion of freely educating people and making awesome herbal products at prices way more affordable than the rival herbalists and would be competitors, with Dr. Sebi being on the top of the list. Before Dherbs, Dr. Sebi and his Fig Tree, Paul Goss and his New Body herbs, Dr. Rabb out in Inglewood, Doctah B, and Nature’s Sunshine were the only games in town.

I came out of nowhere in November 1999 and took the grassroots herbal game by storm, doing things that no other herbalists were doing or would dare do, chiefly educating people and for free and offering herbal formulas with fifteen to twenty-five different herbal ingredients in them and selling them for a cheaper price than all the other herbal formulas on the market that were only using three, four, five, six or seven herbal ingredients and charging way more money that I was for my herbal formulas, giving the people more for less even back then with Afiya Herbaceuticals as I’m still doing now with, and now putting Dherbs in that list of would-be competitors and rivals though I know I really don’t have any competition because I’m too busy to compete and steady busy creating.  I don’t compete! I create! Not to sound arrogant or tooting my own horn, but nobody out there in the herbal game can match my creative drive and desire fueled by my Sun in the sixth house placement and my serious business acumen that comes out of my Leo midheaven placement and not business school which I never attended.

Khaazra: So, fast forward to the present as I know you have many wonderful tales about your Dherbs heyday years, tell us about the twofold reasons for the split.

Djehuty: Okay, basically, on a higher spiritual level, I knew my time at Dherbs with my former partners, especially Ahman, was up. I had known it for a few years dating back to 2009. When the money came, the problems came from my partners but really not so much Jamelle and Katka but mostly from A.D., and that’s because they didn’t prepare spiritually and mentally for this time. We all pretty much had rags to riches stories and the truth of the matter is that money really does change people who don’t have real spiritual convictions to keep them grounded once the money comes in. They allow money to change them instead of them making change with their money. Remember, with me it was never about the money. People, including A.D. and Forrest, used to tell me all the time how I needed to start charging people money for everything I was offering people for free and that I was too nice. Forrest used to tell me I needed to charge a price for my articles, but that just never made any sense to me and I just rolled with my heart and said I’m going to give the people the information for free and let them purchase my products, and I stuck to this and now today Forrest sees the wisdom in my choice and stance.

But man, I loved and enjoyed feeding people the health and Life 101 knowledge and information, helping people to improve their lives. I was and am an iconoclast in this respect. I love breaking up the false ideas and beliefs of the Matrix. I love assisting people to get free of this Matrix. That’s why I have typed so many articles over the years and just recently recorded over 450 videos that are up on You Tube on the Dhealthstore You Tube channel. Man, I love to serve people. I can do it freely and did it many years for free. It’s what I do from the heart and will transition or die doing. I pride myself on being that one special individual who will never sellout the true cause of liberation (of all people on the planet who truly desire liberation) and always keep it real by telling you the truth no matter how my words may sound. I’m going to give you what you need until your wants and desires change into your needs. I’m a bona fide radical with this shit. I’m a ridah! I don’t play when it comes to this mission. I’m a radical but buttressed by spiritual principles that keep the peace. In other words, I don’t force my views on people but if you’re in my space, you’re only going to hear positive, liberating and uplifting talk. You have to be about progress, productivity, positivity, and providence.

The more money Dherbs was making and I was making, the more A.D.’s insecurities and need to be in control surfaced. It got to the point that A.D. really believed in his mind that he and his ex-wife, Katka, were behind the success of Dherbs and a mutual friend of ours, Roger Franklin (also known as Jasir Allah), called me one Sunday afternoon and told me A.D. had told him this. I knew from this point on A.D. would never understand the importance of creativity over manual labor. A.D. just didn’t understand that without something to sell you’re not in business. None of the three other partners had anything to sell on Dherbs. My creativity took care of everything and everybody.

By 2009, we were all clocking a base salary of $10,000.00 per month. All monies came in from my products and services and in all of my years of business with A.D., Jamelle, and Katka, none of them ever created one single product or wrote one single article and you can ask anybody in the world what made them come to Dherbs and patronize and they will not hesitate to tell you: the articles and the products, and these two things were all created by me - Djehuty Ma’at-Ra. Not Ahman Dolphin! Not Jamelle Dolphin! Not Katerina Hajkova! But yet in still, A.D. began to believe that he and Katka were responsible for the success of Dherbs because they were running the daily operations of Dherbs and from behind the scenes.

At any rate, the split had to occur because my angels were telling me via divination card readings that I was at the end of a cycle in my life and I knew that as early as 2010 because I know my life cycles. They occur every ten years. Major things occur in my life every ten years, beginning in 1972 when I was facing death as a very sick baby, 1982 facing death again from a severe bout of asthma (whereby I came so close to death where I got a glimpse of the angel of death but my desire to live and do good in the world prevailed and I literally begged God to spare me, to let me live and if God did let me live I would be a good person, and man was I so sincere in those prayers); 1992 facing jail time for a misdemeanor, and 2002 facing a major public divorce from my ex-wife and having a lot of people in my circle turn on me and try to destroy me and my image with false accusations, you know, the same things Varaneka Laxmi or Karen Beadle just tried to do and also failed miserably just like all others before her - Adham Gordon, Dennis Grimes, LaShron Moore, et al. By far 2002 was the darkest year of my life and now looking back on 2002, it was the most pivotal year of my life because of all the growth from all the life lessons.

After meeting my earth angel and friend, Harold Acey, at the end of 2002 and becoming astrologically astute and learning so many spiritual things from my friendship with Ace, I had learned about my cycles and also about my Saturn return and thus by 2005 had absolved serious karma and had a grip of information downloaded into my mind from the cosmos which freaked me out because at the time I thought the government (F.B.I.) had did something to me because I had a case of non-stop tinnitus that lasted for five days straight and I thought I was going crazy but I didn’t know a lot of data was being downloaded so I could write all those articles I ended up writing (originally on the Dherbs website but now on the website and in their original form and content as the ones on the Dherbs website are no longer original and have been greatly altered, doctored, and watered down to hide any semblance of my personal essence in those articles) and those videos I ended up recording and which are up on the You Tube channel.

So I knew something major was going to happen in my life, I just didn’t know what it would be. I had no idea it would be a severance or separation from Dherbs and my partners though I had been forewarned for nearly two years straight by Gump whom I jokingly call ‘the prophet Gump.’ After Gump left Dherbs after only thirty days of being on board, not being able to see eye to eye with A.D., which honestly was just a common thing back then whereby all the issues at Dherbs involved A.D. and this is just a fact and many can bear witness to it. There was A.D. and my sister-in-law Samantha. A.D. and Jorge. A.D. and Corey. A.D. and Kelli. A.D. and Gump. Man, there was always some drama there in the building and all involving A.D. though it wasn’t always A.D. as the bad guy. I have to give A.D. his props in that he was handling his business as far as protecting his investment many times. It’s just that A.D. was not very professional and he didn’t always treat people professionally. I always pushed my former partners to attend management and other types of seminars and to dress professionally but it all fell on deaf ears. They were already making a lot of money and didn’t see the need for what I was advocating. With me there’s always room for growth. But truth be told, my partners just weren’t business savvy or inclined and they just didn’t understand that how you dress makes a statement. Katka was an exception here and really, Katka and I got along great. A.D. turned Katka and Jamelle against me because up until 2010, during business or partnership meetings, Katka, Jamelle and myself would all agree on the same things with Ahman as the lone outcast, the pessimist, especially where money was involved, including our pay raises.

At a very intense partnership meeting in July 2008, I’ll never forget A.D.’s words and facial expressions and an email he sent later on that night. Because we had voted on major pay raises for all partners, A.D. thought the world was coming to an end and when Jamelle and I had issues of the money Katka was making based upon a decision A.D. made without Jamelle or my knowledge or consent, A.D. was devastated that his little brother was calling him out on his including Katka into our triumvirate and thus braking up that triumvirate, at least financially.

We were going from $5,000.00 monthly to $8,500.00 monthly. A.D. just had serious money issues and I later understood why because to A.D., he knew he wasn’t responsible for creating and generating all that money that was coming in and it could leave him if I left him or the partnership. A.D. wanted everyone to struggle financially and allow the money to grow in savings which would have given him personally security. This is why A.D. had to be in control of the money and even though he was, which I thought would really do him some good because I trusted A.D. 100% with handling the bank account, and I wanted him to feel secure, it really didn’t matter when you understand that all true security comes from within and from this angle, my man was just simply void.

Now Gump had been telling me, forewarning me, for months in a row, that I was going to separate from my business partners. Gump would always say to me, “Man Djehuty, I’m telling you, you gonna separate from them Niggas. Your partners are dumb. Them Niggas are dumber than a box of rocks and you’re going to end up leaving them Niggas!”

Now these are Gump’s words and he’s passionate about this when he’s telling me this and I’m a little perplexed because when Gump gets into this prophetic mode, everything, and I mean everything, comes to pass and always have. But upon hearing Gump’s prophesy, I would just retort, “No man, I won’t leave.” And Gump would just say to me, “Just watch, you’ll see! I’m telling you, you gonna leave them Niggas. Your boy A.D.’s heart ain’t right. A.D.’s jealous of you Djehuty and you better watch out. I’m telling you, A.D. wants to be you, Djehuty!”

And I seriously thought Gump was bugging simply because he and A.D. had an altercation that resulted in Gump quitting Dherbs which was a shocker to me because I was so excited when Gump came on board because remember, Gump and A.D. were the only two cats who told me I was worth a billion dollars so when Gump had joined Dherbs in late 2009 I just knew it was over with and that we’re going to the next level, but it just wasn’t meant to be; and the trip thing for me was, Gump and I had always talked about his coming to California whereby he and I would do something big. We talked for countless hours on the phone over the years about being in business together and making a major dent in the world. I really thought it was going to be with Dherbs but it turned out to be with

Gump also made another mind boggling statement and revelation to me when he said, also in prophetic mode, “Djehuty, I’m telling you, you better get everything out of Dherbs that’s yours because A.D.’s gonna end up giving all his money to the white man, and Djehuty, if you don’t get it, them white boys are. Now trust me on this, Djehuty! I’m telling you what’s going to happen. A.D. is going to give all of your hard earned money to attorneys because he’s too dumb to think for himself. The Nigga told me while I was riding with him in his car that he doesn’t like to read. That’s a dummy right there. The white man gonna eat A.D. up alive. Just watch and see. I’m warning you now.”

Man, little did I know back then that Gump was on the money, as usual. The white boys turned out to be attorneys. Bob Ackerman and Allan B. Gelbard. Attorneys A.D. hired with Dherbs money to try and steal all of my tangible and intangible creations after I left Dherbs.

Khaazra: So what lower level thing occurred that marked the end of Dherbs, as far as yourself?

Okay, so obviously the money hangups of my man, but the constant need for partnership meetings based upon A.D. and by 2010, the other two partners, Jamelle and Katka, joining A.D.’s quest to run Dherbs a different way than from how I was running it. Now Katka had become a partner in Dherbs because I gave Katka a one percent ownership gift from my own ownership percentage since I had the most percentages and I just wanted to thank Katka for all her dedication and hard work over the years. Katka had been with us nearly from the beginning and worked for free for more than a year and while people came and went, Katka stayed and you know, being a Taurus and all and how loyalty and faithfulness means a lot to us, I was moved in my heart to reward this woman for all she did for me and my mission. I was waiting on A.D., her husband at the time, to give Katka a share of his ownership percentages but A.D. wasn’t budging on sharing his ownership percentages, not even for his own wife and originally, everything Katka had done for Dherbs she was really doing for A.D.

When Katka used to watch my children when I had functions to attend for Dherbs, it was because A.D. told her she had to come and watch Djehuty’s kids. A.D. used to sound like a pimp to me when I’d hear him on the phone telling Katka how she had to come do this and do that. It was funny. You know, because A.D.’s this black dude talking to this nice white girl like this, in pimp fashion. It was funny tough I did feel bad for Katka. But Katka would have done anything for Ahman. She really loved him. I was devastated when A.D. called me one Sunday evening and told me, “I don’t think things are going to work out between me and Katka.” I was shocked, Jolted! But you know, in all honesty and fairness, relationships weren’t easy for us, especially A.D. and myself because we were just excessively dedicated and committed to our work.

In A.D.’s defense, I never met or worked with anyone with such dedication and commitment, well, until meeting Tamara and working with her at A.D. and I would end up emailing each other all times throughout the we hours of the night because we’d both be up on the computer working. In all fairness, Dherbs worked because of myself and Ahman handling our respective business with the partnership business. A.D. worked for everything he ended up with. I have to give credit where credit is due. He may have had personal hangups out of this world in my opinion, but he handled his business and never made any excuses. For a while, he really was a great partner. We had a lot of good times, times I’ll never forget.

But at any rate, I got tired of traveling from Glendale to West Los Angeles for these business meetings that always had to do with money. A.D. was afraid we (actually myself) were spending too much money and would sink one day, which really used to piss me off. I on the other hand was working my belief in Universal abundance and prosperity, countering A.D.’s poverty consciousness, always reminding the team  (partners) that the Universe had our backs and it was okay to spend and expand the business. I wanted to spend and A.D. wanted to save. But I knew if we saved we would be saving for somebody else, that we’d lose the money, as money should never sit idle and should always be working for you, be moving. I knew that creation and creativity was key, for creativity is the precursor to abundance. A.D. just wanted to save money. His goal was to save a million dollars and then spend it on something.

You see, what happened was this: A.D. and I suppressed a lot of our true feelings at one another. I would always get my way at partnership meetings, but A.D. always resented it. I could look in his eyes and tell he felt small, especially in the eyes of Katka and his brother Jamelle, but especially Katka and that was a manhood thing. I never liked pulling rank but so many times A.D. would choose to take me there. I did my best to be humble, always caring about my partners and their say and their views about the business, but many times they were just too linear and simply lacked vision, which can be very difficult for the quaquaversal individual such as myself.

A.D. really wanted to run Dherbs and I’m glad he got his wish in the end and for so many reasons. A.D. really thought I was a detriment to Dherbs. He thought he could do it better than me and without me and he got his wish, but he couldn’t handle that wish. He wants to run Dherbs but he wishes he had me totally out of the way because even a year later, trust me, he’s concerned about his former partner and you know why? Because deep down inside A.D. was afraid that everything I ever told him (things I wanted to do) would be successful. By 2010,  I knew A.D. didn’t want me to succeed because he needed to really believe he was behind the success of Dherbs.

In 2010, in an attempt to generate more income during the slow and dark Winter months where Dherbs really took a hit financially because as a conscious business with a large African-American base including many in the Black consciousness community on board, Dherbs could not take advantage of the holiday season like most other businesses. This is why last year Dherbs lost so many members of the conscious community because despite having the Kemetic All Seeing Eye of Ra or heru as the company logo, because last December Dherbs’ home page reflected the European Christmas theme, with a snowman in the header. It was a serious oxymoron but again, A.D. lacked vision in my opinion. Or, he just simply didn’t care about the black conscious community and what they thought (about a snowman next to the Kemetic Eye of Ra) and was too focused on profits for Dherbs which was seriously selling out by then by switching up the content and the earlier foundation I had created for Dherbs. Many times I just wanted to reach out to this dude despite what was going on and just pull his coat tail to help him out, but I had to remind myself, he wanted to be captain so he got his wish. However, my man could not see or smell an iceberg while steering his Titanic.

His moves were too drastic causing many loyal and die hard Dherbers and Djehuty supporters to wonder what the hell was going on at Dherbs and people were seriously lost and confused as to what was really going on behind the scenes because A.D. willfully and purposely hid the notice of my departure on the Dherbs home page so people would still think I was there and order the products, which were all new products too by the way. I’m jumping the gun here on so many things but the unscrupulous and deceitful and fraudulent things my former business partners were doing to innocent people was outright embarrassing and sad considering the integrity I impressed upon that business. But I knew A.D and the others were just playing out their divine roles pursuant to a past life karmic contract we entered into so as to absolve past life karma but also while simultaneously creating next life karma.

And Bro. Khaazra I’m not attempting to malign or disparage anyone, beloved, because I have loads of emails from people that bear witness to everything I’m saying and know about Dherbs and their unscrupulous, deceitful, fraudulent, specious and dishonest business practices after my departure and A.D. and his attorney know this as I sent them copies of emails from people who later discovered me at and wrote emails expressing their shock and dismay at being bamboozled so as to spend money on products they thought were made by myself and also at the impotence of Dherbs new formulas. In all honesty, it was outright embarrassing and for so many reasons. You know bro., it also doesn’t help that we’re black people here too and here you had this great business, that just happened to be black-owned, full of great everything and that really stood for right and had integrity and the people’s trust, and the management changed and everything the business once stood for was shot straight to hell by a blind, money-motivated captain who just didn’t and don’t understand the spiritual ramifications of his unscrupulous actions. From the mundane point of things, it’s really sad these people didn’t understand what they had. This is why the Bible states, paraphrasing right now, “cast not forth your pearls unto swine for they shall be trampled under the feet of the swine.”

But hey, you have to respect free will.

But getting back to the dark Winter season, Dherbs created a few subsidiary businesses, my ideas, of course, Trinity Herb Company, Inc. and Herbal Jackrabbit, L.L.C. so as to supplement the lost Dherbs income during the slow holiday season.

Trinity was a Christian-themed company that I was managing from behind the scenes, considering how I’m viewed by the Christian community. Now, I always wanted to help the Christian community as I have love for my Christian brothers and sisters but they are just too slow for me based upon all that I know, including about Christianity, but still, Christians get sick too so I wanted us to capitalize on an untapped market, Christian health, and in the process help Dherbs out at the same time. Corey Hall was the face and image of Trinity and this brought out a lot of drama concerning A.D. and Corey that I’m not at the liberty to divulge or discuss. However, Trinity was our pet project that I had the task of getting off the ground, with Dherbs’ funds of course. And it was this business that A.D. was afraid of the success of because had Trinity succeeded, A.D. would know that I didn’t need him instead of the other way around.

In fact, A.D. told me on the phone in early 2011 that I didn’t have the magic anymore because if I did, Trinity would have been making money. Trinity was very slow at making money for several reasons, most notably I was behind the scenes and being restricted to Christian terminology, I was seriously restricted in being who I am.

I just laughed at A.D. in response to his words, knowing that it was my connection to him and his negative energy that was also a part of the problem with Trinity being slow to generate money.

Okay, I’m sharing with you the mundane reasons for my decision to leave Dherbs. Now, again, I got tired of all these meetings A.D. and subsequently Jamelle and Katka would schedule all having to do with money and the direction of Dherbs. Every three months it was always the same damn thing, “Hey Djehuty, the money (our savings) is getting low, we gotta stop spending so much and take pay cuts.” A.D. was always the trumpet here too.

Now really what they were saying was, “Djehuty, you’re making too much money and you need to take a pay cut to help the business out.” Now mind you, all three of them were always game to voluntarily take a pay cut but we’re talking three single people or people who didn’t have the same circumstances as myself, for example, a wife and 5 children, house, private office, cars, monthly child support, higher utilities, high grocery bills, etc. because I’m in a house with major responsibilities and they are in apartments and with no major responsibilities because they are all doing the girlfriend-boyfriend thing. Like I’m supposed to make myself and my family struggle just to appease them.

I never budged and I always left that meeting with more. Every maneuver on their part resulted in a counter maneuver where I left those meetings making more money. I used to be in my car headed by to Glendale with a big smile on my face. A.D. detested my brilliant mind, but he’d keep on trying and trying to get me to take a pay cut to help out Dherbs but I just wasn’t trying to hear that bullshit. So his and their anger built up.

Every three months it was some damn drama. You know, it got draining after a while and by January 2011, I was all but done. These guys became a serious anchor to me. No ability to make money but wanting to control the money.

Okay, now here’s what really did it for me and showed their cold hearts, but I was so thankful to the Universe that I was in charge of things, because innocent people would have gotten hurt if I weren’t in charge.

At our second to last meeting, a Friday afternoon in Santa Monica, California at Planet Raw raw foods restaurant (we always met at a restaurant conducive to my diet as none of them were vegan or raw foodist or lived anything I wrote in my articles, which made them comfortable staying behind the scenes, even to this very day with me gone, you don’t know who’s running Dherbs nor do you see images of the people running Dherbs and there’s a very good reason for this - a fear of exposure of not being anything articulated by myself on that website), the same argument arises from all three of them - Dherbs is spending too much money and this time in the area of the Trinity Herb Company employees (Paris, Corey, Samantha, and Jorge) and their collective agreement and solution was, now get this and tell me if this ain’t cold hearted, to fire all of the employees and let Trinity Herb Company be ran out of the Dherbs West Los Angeles facility that was located at 1931 Pontius before they decided to move into a much smaller building near Culver City on Venice Boulevard, and clearly to save money, of course, and if you think I’m lying about this, ask my girl Kelli or Samantha.

And peep this, they weren’t even going to give them 30 days notice of layoff. The meeting was on Friday and they were suggesting that we fire them on Monday, three days later. I was like, “What the fuck!” “We can’t do no foul shit like that!” “These people have livelihoods.” “We can’t do that nor are we doing that.”

It was no way in the world my conscience would have allowed me to let that happen, even if it meant battling my partners for the sake of the employees. You know, I’m for the underdog in life. The little man and woman. I’ll go against my partners for the sake of righteousness. Don’t ever cross me and attempt to make me go against righteousness. Ever! I’ll never sell out being righteous and doing right by people. It’s the right thing to do and creates good karma.

But man, Khaazra, I’ll tell you, after that meeting, I was numb for all three of them and in all due honesty I had no love for A.D. With A.D., it was now 100% business. No friends or friendship.

But before I left that meeting I emphatically looked at A.D. and told him though speaking to all three of them, “This is the last meeting about this money shit!” “The next time ya’ll call me out for a meeting I’m cursing your asses out!” And I meant it too!

Now, I didn’t leave that meeting without offering a solution, a viable solution at that too. You see, I know from a higher perspective and spiritual business perspective that you can’t move forward by cutting back. I learned this quote from the great Bob Proctor who was featured in The Secret, and I believe in this 100%, so I never cut back and always think of moving forward.

So, before I left, I told the former business partners that by Monday I would have a solution that would increase sales for Dherbs. I actually created it that night and do you know what it is?

Khaazra: No, Sir, Beloved. What is it?

Djehuty: It’s called Club Dherbs!

I created Club Dherbs as a solution to prevent four innocent people from losing their jobs because a few people were selfish and only concerned about their own plots and interests in life.

And man, a week into Club Dherbs after it was created and went up on the website, like he always did when the money came pouring in, A.D. called me happy as a wino with a full bottle of wine, talking about, “Man, we’re doing good! We made $9,000.00 today because of Club Dherbs.”

And we ended up increasing sales in February 2011 by $62,000.00 and all from an idea that I created after a horrible partnership meeting. Trust me, good brother, problems really are opportunities.

Now, here’s the final straw. After A.D. found out I purchased a building to open up a store, originally for Dherbs, in Glendale not far from my house, it was over. I heard it in his voice when he asked me, “Your store is going to have an online store?” I said, “Of course! What store nowadays doesn’t have an online store?” I heard his thoughts in his silence as he processed the thought in his mind that Dherbs was going to have competition, and mind you, from it’s own store as I was originally opening up the store for Dherbs, again, to help increase income.

But you see Khaazra, here was a major problem. In 2011, I started studying real deep on business, especially corporations. But I was also studying deep on multiple streams of income or cash flow. You see, while I was spending my money on books, my partners weren’t studying anything. It was just business as usual and buying their material goods: new cars, clothes, and other wares, very typical of how we do as a people when we get money.

I tried my best to get these cats on a certain level to prepare to go the next level but man, these cats just wasn’t haven’t it.

On Monday June 13, 2011, A.D., Katka and Jamelle came out to my store to see it and to discuss some business for Dherbs and their private corporations. What many people don’t know is that we incorporated Dherbs on April 2, 2011, the same day I incorporated Djehuty’s Health Store, Inc. Incorporation changed everything and allowed everything that took place to occur as it did, especially with the litigation.

They saw the store and I instantly knew what they were thinking, especially A.D., “Djehuty’s been coming up with his Dherbs’ money and he’s about to break away from us” which really wasn’t the case at all. I was just simply creating another revenue stream.

We handled our business and the next day, a Tuesday, A.D. calls me and says, “Hey man, I’m just letting you know that Katka said if we go another month at the rate we’re going now we’ll be out of business in a month.”

It was a wrap! I went off on A.D.

Subsequently, we scheduled our last partnership meeting for Monday, June 20,  2011 though Dherbs was incorporated but we hadn’t yet signed any of the required documents to activate the corporation, well, outside the articles of incorporation, and again, it was because A.D. was hesitant to sign any documents. This dude was in business and yet was afraid to sign documents and contracts and I knew it was because he was afraid to sign anything based upon his ignorance of things but he wouldn’t go study to acquire the necessary knowledge to overcome his fear. He just wouldn’t go study and like Forrest prophesied, he would end up spending over $30,000.00 (that I know of) on attorneys, who like Gump just happened to have said, would be white men (Bob Ackerman and Allan B. Gelbard).

On June 20, 2011 we met at Panera Bread on Brand Boulevard in my destiny city of Glendale. I had traveled so much to West L.A. over the years for partnership meetings that I made sure all future meetings would be in Glendale.

At this meeting, it was the same thing, let’s terminate an employee so as to save money, and by this time we agreed to dissolve Trinity but only after giving the staff 45 days notice so they could make personal plans. We kept one employee who came on board Dherbs corporate payroll and her $3,200.00 monthly salary was seen by the new A.D.-led triumvirate as costing Dherbs too much money and they wanted to fire this valuable asset.

But before Katka could get into her expense projections, I interrupted and passed out copies of my angel card for the day which was the same card as before stating, “You’ve reached the end of a cycle in your life.”

I told the crew, “I’m out, guys! I can’t do this any more.” Jamelle and Katka were shocked and like always before tried to smooth things out. But A.D., his facial expressions said it all. Right there on the spot he started planning his course of action. It was right there A.D. told Jamelle, “we’ll just write our own articles” because I told them I’m taking my articles with me to

Katka was in a daze and Jamelle couldn’t believe that it was finally happening, though I really believe he knew it was inevitable. The inevitable was occurring right before his eyes: Dherbs’ partnership, after seven years, was breaking ties.

In the midst of Katka and Jamelle trying to get me to reconsider, A.D., the leader of the pack, said, “Hey ya’ll, Djehuty gotta follow his heart, so, he gotta follow his heart, Come on, let’s go! The meeting is over with.”

He was livid! I could sense and feel his energy yards away.

That same day of the meeting, a few hours later, A.D. had locked me out of the Dherbs social network accounts which I had been maintaining, especially Dherbs’ Facebook account which I built to 5,000 subscribers. He changed the code to the alarm to the West Los Angeles facility which he and Katka managed in West Los Angeles. He didn’t waste anytime planning his coup d’tat, his lockout, his protecting his baby, his investment. This dude really did all of this, his was that scared.

I had about $100k worth of herbs (Dherbs formulas that we were selling with a Trinity label on it) at and everything else I needed. I was planning on divvying up everything (Dherbs assets) equally based upon ownership and corporate stock shares and percentages, but no, A.D. didn’t want this. Djehuty had to be punished for wrecking his dream of financial security. A.D. wanted the whole damn ship and Djehuty gets nothing. So A.D. reached out to his messiah, Bob Ackerman, to save the day for him and on Friday, July 1st, 2011, I received a letter via email from Bob Ackerman stating that I had no right to threaten the other shareholders with dissolution of the partnership (as they chose to see the corporation and partnership as separate and distinct entities, co-existing, though we converted Dherbs into a corproation) because since Dherbs was now incorporated (as Dherbs Health Emporium, Inc.) I was a minority shareholder and my partners collectively were the majority shareholders.

Suffice to say, I tore Bob Ackerman out a new asshole with my response that he couldn’t respond back to. His secretary sent me two emails telling me Bob was on vacation and would respond to me, my letters which were responses to his letter, upon his return. Yeah, right! I’m still waiting for his response more than a year later.

Continued in PT. 2

Djehuty Ma'at-ra
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