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Dragon's Blood is one of my favorite substances. It is not literally dragon's blood, but just the name given to the plant. Dragon's blood is a plant. It's botanical name is Daemonorops draco Bl and Xuejie in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It is a bright red resin secretion derived from the fruit and stems of the plant.

Its medicinal and therapeutic properties include stypticity (arrests profuse bleeding) which makes it useful for menstrual complaints such as menorrhagia as well as for arresting hemorrhaging; healing of wounds, pain relief, removing stagnation and obstruction of the blood, reducing swelling conditions, and to arrest post-partum bleeding.

Energetically it helps to remove blocked chi which in many causes is the underlying cause of blood stagnation issues. It is one of the best herbs for blood stagnation issues, ranking with Cranesbill (Alum Root), Manjistha, and Cayenne (Capsicum).

Dragon's blood can also be added to any compound concocted to prevent miscarriage as well. I highly recommend this herb (powdered resin) for purposes of miscarriage prevention or cases of spot bleeding while pregnant.

It can be added to a mixture of Goldenseal Root, Comfrey, Manjistha and Cranesbill for purposes of a snuff to stop nosebleed. Simply dip a wet tissue or towel into the snuff mixture, remove and insert into the nostril and leave in for 5-10 minutes which should stop the nosebleed. NOTE: Never add Cayenne to a snuff mixture as Cayenne can burn the nostril and cause great distress.

The herb (resin, in powdered form) can also be added with Myrrh Gum and Frankincense to alleviate and heal chronic ulcers.

Dragon's blood also has many mystical and spiritual ritual applications and can be used for purposes of enhancing mental science, magic (including mind magic), space clearing, and purification.

It also fosters and promotes good luck, success, love (even useful to return a former lover to you if you desire this), and protection (from negative energy and spirits). It has very strong money drawing and love-drawing properties. The resin is actually more powerful than Sage and nothing clears stagnant and negative energy from a home better than Dragon's Blood. Actually, it is best to alternate between Sage and Dragon's Blood when clearing energy.

The best way to clear one's home (of negative energy and/or unwanted entities) is to pour sea salt onto a plate in the form of a pile, like a little mountain. Make a hole in the middle of the pile and place Dragon's Blood powder or incense pieces in the hole. Set the Dragon's Blood ablaze (with fire) so as to cause it to smoke and walk from the back of the house, room by room (setting your intention), to the front entrance door of the home. Make sure you actually go outside of the front door. There you can put out the smoke.

In the case of negative spirits or entities, one's intention should be a strong and clear demand for the entity to leave the house completely due to it being unwanted. Smoke alters vibration as well as impacts it, even on the etheric plane of existence which is the plane of ghosts (Earthbound spirits) and other entities including poltergeists (angry and belligerent ghosts).

If you can't find incense resin pieces of Dragon's Blood, the incense (on a stick) kind can suffice. If you are dealing with strong negative energy or evil entities, burn a combination of Dragon's Blood, Sage, Lavender, White Copal, Frankincense, and Myrrh daily.

Also, place black colored crystals, i.e. Black Tourmaline, Jet, Obsidian, etc, in the room or home to be exorcised as well as stones/crystals of Amethyst, Celestite, Selenite, and Angelite.

Selenite grids are highly recommended for rooms as well as the entire house. Place Selenite sticks in every corner of a room and/or home. Corners serve as an entryway (or entrance) and/or portal for spirits, negative and positive. This is why a lot of people, especially children, see things in the corner of a room.

Dragon's Blood is a plant of attraction. It helps to attract success, romance and love, good luck (facilitates good karma), wealth and riches (including money). It also promotes fertility, especially in females.

A piece can be placed in one's Love corner of the home (along with pink-colored stones) to attract and foster love and romance, as well as placed in one's Wealth or Money corner of the home (along with green colored crystals and other gemstones associated with wealth, abundance, and prosperity) to attract material wealth and money.

To learn more about the Feng Shui of wealth, abundance, prosperity, and money I highly recommend Dhealthstore.com, The Money, Wealth & Prosperity, Vol. 1 e-book which goes into detail about this science that I have personally used with great success for both love and romance and wealth and money.

Do not be afraid of magic. You (via the mind) are magic! Therefore, nothing can stand in your way! Nothing! Magic as defined in occult circles simply means "the art and science of causing change to occur in conformity with will." Does anything sound evil or anti-God about that? Of course not! It is only dumb (or ignorant) and stupid people who think that the word 'occult' is something sinister or evil.

Dragon's Blood oil is a good oil to use on the body for meditation purposes as well as astral projection or astral traveling purposes. It helps protect the body while the soul is outside of the body.

However, most Dragon's Blood oils are made from synthetic oils with perfumed fragrances. They still may be effective if the right intention is programmed into the oil.

To make your own Dragon's Blood oil, simply add a piece of resin to a small bottle of botanical oil (olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, etc.) and let it sit overnight. Program your intention into the mixture before you let it sit overnight. After a 24-hour period, remove the resin from the oil; and if you like, you can add natural fragrance (from essential oils) to the oil that I'm quite sure women will want to do.

Essential oils to use to promote wealth, prosperity, abundance and money are listed in "The Money, Wealth, & Prosperity Manual, Vol. 1” e-book.

NOTE: It's best to make new preparations of the oil during the full moon which magnifies and intensifies intentions which is why people are told to set their new intentions during the full moon.

The mineral 'mercury sulfide', commonly known as "cinnabar" in certain circles, is referred to as Dragon's Blood. Cinnabar, like sulfur, is a poisonous mineral and should never be used to make an elixir that will be orally ingested. Any elixir made from the use of cinnabar should be made using the 'indirect method' as described in other articles such as "MSM Sulphur vs. Sulphur.”

"Cinnabar attracts abundance, it increases persuasiveness and assertiveness in selling, and aids in prospering in one's endeavors without inciting aggression. It also assists organization and community work, business, and finance. Cinnabar is helpful when you want to enhance your persona or change your image as it invests a person with dignity and power. It makes the outward demeanor aesthetically pleasing and elegant. Mentally, Cinnabar imparts fluency to the mind and to speech. At a spiritual level, it connects to the acceptance of everything being perfect exactly as it is. It releases energy blockages and aligns the energy centers." Judy Hall

The best way for you to experiment with Dragon's Blood is to simply use the resin in incense form. Dragon's Blood incense can be quite costly as far as incense is concerned. The incense of the resin can cost you anywhere between $10 and $20 depending on where you purchase the incense, which can be found in most metaphysical and New Age bookstores and shops.

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