Herbs vs. Pharmaceutical Drugs


In a comparison of herbs to pharmaceutical drugs pertaining to safety, digestion, efficacy, and cost, the facts show that there is no comparison. Herbs win hands down.


The most critical area of review between herbs and drugs is in the area of safety. Since 1986, the United States government has reported zero deaths due to consumption of herbs. However, pertaining to pharmaceutical drugs, it is a fact that over-the counter pharmaceutical drugs and doctor-physician prescribed medicines kill over one million Americans annually.

Pharmaceutical drug consumption plays a major role in iatrogenics (doctor-physician induced death due to drugs and surgery).

When we consider how many deaths are due to over-the counter and pharmacist/doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs each year, especially in the U.S., it is ridiculous for anyone to try and compare pharmaceutical drugs to Nature's herbs.

I'll say (or write) it again in this article: pharmaceutical drugs (so-called medicine) are POISONOUS! Yes, drugs are poisons and thus poisonous! There is a reason you read on medication bottles and boxes in small print: 'In case of accidental overdose contact a poison control center.' It doesn't read: 'In case of accidental overdose, contact a medicine control center.' Drug manufacturing companies know what they are manufacturing and pushing on the drug feine American people - straight up poisons! But can we blame the pharmaceutical industry and drug companies for killing us when they are warning us at the same time that their product is poisonous?

Pharmaceutical drugs are harmful because they are made from harmful inorganic compounds that the human body cannot assimilate and digest. Pharmaceutical drugs (pills) lack intelligence and as such, they cannot communicate with the cells of the body. They actually help sabotage cellular communication in the body and help to make people sicker rather than better.

Just because a drug masks a symptom doesn't mean the drug is good or is helping you overall. Anytime you mask a symptom, which is the effect of a disease or problem (cause), you are creating more disharmony in the body. Why do you think all pharmaceutical drugs create the notorious adverse side effect? So while aspirin may suppress a headache and the pain of a headache, the aspirin pill is polluting the blood, acidifying the body, corroding the intestines, and destroying the nerves in the brain (which numbs the pain). Is it wise to destroy your nerves in the brain in order to temporarily suppress pain? Why create two or more problems due to one problem? You can?t derive optimal health from doing things like this.

Pharmaceutical pills are poisonous and this is why you are instructed to take them in a certain dosage.

And though pharmaceutical drugs are made from alkaline substances, because these substances are synthetic in nature, once inside the body, they cause the body to become acidic. No pharmaceutical drug can fool the body over the long run. Birth control pills may fool the body and prevent pregnancy, but after awhile, the body will develop cancer as a result of this trickery and let you know that you have been harming your body by unwisely tricking it (or attempting to trick it) and the result may be death. How wise it is to prevent life (conception) and in the process of preventing life, end up possibly losing your own life? Females should really ponder over this.

We must remember that the human body is ORGANIC and CARBON and COPPER based. It is electrical! Nature's herbs are also organic, carbon and copper-based, and electrical and therefore are 100% compatible with the human organism. We cannot say the same about pharmaceutical drugs, most of which are made from petroleum which has no place in the human body.

When you place an inorganic substance in the human body, which is organic, you are polluting the human body physically and altering the natural vibration of the body and thus creating disease.

Herbs don't harm the human body, not the ones in common usage, as there are herbs and plants in existence out there in Nature that can harm you. Herbs have intelligence which your cells can decipher or decode and respond to. This is how healing occurs. All herbs can find their way out of the body, unlike drugs. Because drugs lack intelligence and cannot find their way out of the body, they end up lodging themselves in the tissues creating the need to detoxify the body with an emphasis on tissue cleansing.

People are not ending up dead by taking herbs, but they are dropping like flies from taking pharmaceutical drugs and this is a medical fact. In fact, though I would never advocate illegal drug consumption (because and drug is a drug in my book), but so-called illegal drugs are actually safer than pharmaceutical drugs. More people die in one day from legal drug consumption than all the people who will die from illegal drug consumption in 1,000 years. But don't get it twisted! Illegal drugs are still POISONOUS to the human body.

People are so desperate for healing in addition to being half dead (unconscious) that despite the warnings about the 5-7 adverse side effects or reactions from taking the drug that they are warned about (on the bottle and/or from the television commercial), they'll still take the darn drug. And in all due reality, pharmaceutical drugs can have up to fifty adverse side effects or reactions.

While pharmaceutical drugs have about fifty adverse side effects or reactions, Nature's herbs only have beneficial side effects or reactions. No doctor or pharmacist will challenge me by taking 50 pills of a drug while I take 50 capsules of an herb. No doctor will do this unless he or she is suicidal or not wrapped too tight mentally.


Because pharmaceutical drugs are inorganic in nature and comprised of oxidic compounds, the human body cannot digest them. And what the body cannot digest, it cannot assimilate. Because drugs cannot be assimilated in the human body, more than fifty percent of the drugs people consume are eliminated from the urinary tract via urination while the rest stay lodged in the tissues. This is why American water supplies contain drug residues. Our drinking water is derived from toilet water and the filtration process used in the U.S. is inadequate for optimal filtration and purification. Just think of all that nasty stuff that goes down American toilets - feces, urine, menstrual blood, semen, drug residues, chemicals (from toilet bowl cleaners and liquid drainage solutions), and a host of other things. Because of the sad and pathetic state of American municipal water supplies, you must purchase bottled water and/or have a water filtration and purification system installed in your home on your sink, if you're health conscious.

With herbs, the body can digest them and thus assimilate them, so we get assistance in healing. And because herbs are food, we really don't need or require dosages for them, but because of the successful programming of the American people in the Matrix, herbal manufacturers are treating herbs like pharmaceutical drugs and giving dosage recommendations (which I truly understand).

People call us at Dhealthstore.com all the time and ask us 'How many milligrams is in each capsule.' But I bet you these people never worry about how many milligrams of cat booty juice (civet cat absolute) is in each cigarette they smoke, or how many milligrams or ounces of aspartame is in each soft drink they drink, or how many milligrams of sugar is in each Krispy coffin casket crème donut they eat. They damn sure ain't worried about how many rat hairs are contained in each box of cereal they chow down on or how many rat stools are contained in each chocolate bar they eat. Nevertheless, I still love the American people. I have faith in their ultimate conscious evolution despite the present sad state of affairs concerning them and how they are almost completely enslaved by their Ruler's New World Order (via North America Union).


No drug in existence purports to heal or cure any disease and there is a good reason why too. Drug companies know they cannot heal with their product - POISON! You cannot heal the body with that which pollutes and harm the body. That would be insanity and these people who make your drugs are not insane. They may be insidious, but not insane. Perhaps I shouldn't speak so fast. Many may be seriously insane.

A drug can never heal the human body. A drug can only mask a symptom, but the symptom is not the cause of the disease but the effect of the disease. Herbs target the cause of a disease and when you knock out the cause of a disease, you automatically knock out the effect (symptom) of a disease. It's really so easy!

Because I understand these people's law (which are really rules and regulations) and I have mastered their system (the Matrix, judicial/legal, executive, and legislative) I purposely abstain from saying an herb can cure a disease even though there's sound proof from people all over the world who have been cured from diseases by use of herbal therapy. Herbs can help to cure any diseased condition, but when you specifically mention the name of that disease, now you're in trouble with the big shots (government). You can cure yourself from cancer, but you cannot claim to cure OTHERS from cancer with a specific thing or a few things, i.e. products, services, or modalities, especially those not approved by the government (FDA - Food and Drug Administration). If you cure yourself from cancer with Goldenseal and Echinacea roots, the problem is in what you cured yourself from, which is cancer (which is a patented and trademarked medical term that does not belong to you). So the proper wording would be that you cured yourself from a diseased state or condition. You wouldn’t want to specifically state or say 'cancer', 'diabetes,' 'genital herpes', etc. These are terms used to control and regulate people.

Disease is needed to enslave and control people. That's why your governments push pharmaceutical drugs on you rather than herbs, especially here in the U.S.

Disease justifies Medicare, health insurance (HMOs and PPOs), hospitals, medical doctors, pharmacies and pharmacists, the medical industry, the pharmaceutical drug industry and the medical device industry. Disease is big business and herbs and naturopathy threatens this big business. So now the move and strategy is to promote complementary medicine, which is bullshit to me! Drugs do no complement herbs. They are diametrically opposed to one another. They cancel out each other. If you give a person a drug (pill) and an herb, the drug will poison the body and the herb will then work on the poison to remove it from the body.

I may seem linear-minded here, but with me there's just no compromise. I'm a true 'Rebel' as Osho describes in his classic book 'The Rebel.' I'm not participating with a linear-minded profession who only cares about doing things one way and for purposes of greed, power, and control. I do not take orders from anybody! I am here to help people heal on all levels of their makeup and cannot and will not sell this position out. Galactic entities have told me vibrationally that healing is the number one thing needed on this planet in order to help raise the consciousness on this planet. The healing is desperately needed in the West, especially the United States where only 5% of the world's population is consuming more than 54% of all drugs on the planet. Now what in the hell does this say? To me it says Americans are some sick ass people!

Sick people need medicine, but the right or vibrationally correct kind of medicine, which are herbs. The Bible tells us that God made the herbs for the service (benefit) of man, Psalms 104:4; that the leaf of trees is for medicine, Ezekiel 47:12; and that the leaf is for the healing of the nations, Revelation 22:2. So if God has clearly instructed man on what should be used for healing (which are herbs), why are millions of people taking man-made drugs for healing? Now what does this say about man?

The facts are out and it is established that herbs are far more effective than drugs. Actually, there's no comparison. White willow bark and meadowsweet are more effective than aspirin for headaches. Marijuana is more effective than Marinol (please don't go out and smoke some reefer because the U.S. government has banned it and it is illegal); Wild yam Root is more effective than birth control pills. Valerian Root is more effective than Valium. Ephedra (banned by the government) is more effective than Sudafed. Senna is more effective than Ex-Lax.

And the funny thing is to me is that all of your commercial pharmaceutical drugs originally came from plants. After originally using real herbs in their medicines, drug companies got greedy (due to wanting to patent their products) and began making synthetic variations of real alkaline compounds that were derived from herbs.

At first, drug companies would isolate the major alkaloid from a plant and use it in their drug. The major alkaloid is what gives an herb its major property or function. For example, THC in marijuana gives marijuana its function as a hallucinogen.

All of your drugs or their major alkaloids came from herbs. Aspirin was derived from Aspirae (Meadowsweet); Marinol was derived from Marijuana. Birth Control was derived from Dioscegenin (Wild Yam Root). Morphine was (and still is) derived from Poppy. LSD was derived from Ergot. Digitalis was derived from Foxglove and Hellebore. Valium was derived Valerian Root. Caffeine was derived from Kola Nut. Cocaine was (and still is) derived from Coca leaf. Codeine was derived from Wild Cherry Bark. Quinine was derived from Magnolia Bark and Dogwood. Menthol was derived from Eucalyptus and Peppermint.

The English word 'Drug' derives from the root word 'drogue', an Old French word meaning 'dried plant.' So truthfully speaking, the original drug was and is the herb.


Herbs are far cheaper and also more readily available than the chemicals used to make pharmaceutical drugs. Plants grow all over this beautiful Earth. God and Nature give them to us for free! All you need is the knowledge of what is the proper herb for a specific ailment and how and when to take it.

Now on the other hand with drugs, though they are billions of pills readily available for consumption, they are not for free. Man makes them, so quite naturally man wants money! And if you don't have money (or medical insurance) for the drugs (which is actually a good thing in my opinion), then you are straight assed out as far as the pharmaceutical industry is concerned. They could care less. Drugs is a business, be it legal drugs or illegal drugs.

And think about this, it costs $200 million dollars to get a new drug on the market. Now who has that kind of money save the pharmaceutical giants?

For $200 million dollars you get to patent a drug and have that drug all to yourself for seventeen years. With herbs, you need no money, especially if you live in the countryside. It's a little different if you live in the city.

The city was one of the worst things ever created by man and for man (the worst thing created being a job). The city removed us from Nature and caused hundreds of diseases to form and manifest.

Without medical insurance, most people would not be able to afford their prescription drugs. One Viagra pill costs $50. That's $15 more than one hundred capsules of our Jackrabbit formula that consists of 20+ aphrodisiac herbs, which does the same thing as Viagra with the exception of leaving your cock erect for 4+ hours after sexual intercourse, distorting your vision, and taxing your heart. The penis was made to go limp after ejaculation for purposes of regenerating more chi (energy). If I was a female I'd be scared as hell lying up in the bed with a man with a rock hard penis sticking up through the sheets for hours. This is not natural! But then again, what is natural in our society today?

In conclusion, without a doubt, pharmaceutical drugs are no comparison for God and Nature's herbs. Herbs are safer, more effective, and cheaper than drugs.

Drugs are being used in industrial nations to control people. You saw this in movies like 'The Matrix' (blue pill or the red pill), 'Equilibrium', 'THX1138', and '1984.'

We are programmed to pop pills from youth. Colored candies are a precursor to popping pills. Its no accident that candy and pills (medication) have various colors (usually red, orange, and yellow - colors of the lower charkas) and many are shaped alike. Many pharmaceutical drug pills that are used for depression and nervous system disorders are light blue, blue, indigo, purple, or violet in color - colors of the higher chakras that deals with spirituality. Your depressions and nervous system disorders are usually predicated upon a spiritual nature.

We are given the number one legalized drug in the world in our childhood years, which is sugar. The doctor who delivers us, along with mommy and daddy (if he's on the scene), are our first drug dealers. They introduced us to sugar and got us hooked on it. We didn't know what that crap was when we first arrived. It was introduced to us, by people we trusted and who claimed to love us. And then when we grew up and became crack heads and shirm/sherm (PCP) heads, these same parents were surprised.

As we mature physically, we graduate to harder drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine, PCP, crystal meth, morphine, nicotine and all other kinds of drugs that are very addictive. Government knows this and allows illegal drugs to flow through the streets of American cities and across American borders. It makes very good sense that they do so when you consider how many illegal drug statutes (laws) that are in existence in which you can go to jail for or pay a fine for or both.

In California, most people are in court for a traffic ticket matter or drug matter, or both. And be it spousal abuse, physical violence (battery, assault), vehicular manslaughter, or one of these other penal offenses, in more than 50% of the cases, illegal drugs are involved.

Don't let anyone tell you that crime doesn't pay, because it does (if you're on the right side of it). Crime pays for government and big business. The courts, police agencies, FBI/DEA/CIA, security and surveillance companies, law-legal book publishers, attorneys, city and county jails, state prisons and federal penitentiaries, all depend on crime.

You always hear about REDUCING crime and/or violence but you never hear about ELIMINATING crime and/or violence. Eliminating crime and violence would put a lot of people, businesses, and agencies out of business.

Something to ruminate on!

In closing, there is no comparison between pharmaceutical drugs and herbs. NONE! One day the majority of people are going to discover this, hopefully before it's too late!

Thank you for reading!

This article is compliments of Dhealthstore.com and Djehuty Ma’at-Ra.

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Djehuty Ma'at-ra
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