Metaphysics of Sickle Cell Anemia and Crisis


How can sickle cell be transferred down to a child whose parents, both parents, don't even have the trait? You may be of the notion or belief that genes hop around, skipping a generation or two and then manifesting in a subsequent generation. I won't rule this out, as I don't believe that there is any one single or specific reason or theory pertaining to the etiology of a disease, including sickle cell crisis. However, I do believe that all disease has its existence on the etheric plane, in the human aura.

However, as a metaphysician and paranormalist, I wholeheartedly subscribe to reincarnation, which is a belief predicated upon past life existence. All of our past life experiences, especially the most recent or previous past life, are recorded in our subtle body, our etheric body (etheric blueprint), also known as the aura or biomagnetic field or sheath that surrounds the physical body and providing a protective zone that extends for about 18 inches to 3 feet (and in some people, to about 25 feet - those who are highly spiritually evolved and opened at all energy centers of chakras, major and minor).

The etheric blueprint is the subtle program from which the physical or dense human body is constructed and that carries imprints of past-life disease, sickness, and injury from which many present-life illness or disability result.

Sickle cell anemia is a unique blood disorder endemic of peoples in lands where malaria is common or widespread, i.e. Africa. The sickle cell blood disorder acts or serves as a prophylactic of sorts against malaria, and believe it or not, is actually a desirable trait in lands where malaria runs rampant.

People of African heritage born in the United States who possess the sickle cell trait despite no parent possessing the trait are individuals who may have lived an existence in Africa in their previous incarnation. They may have lived in areas infested with certain mosquitoes or where other mosquito-like insects existed. The sickle shaped blood cell that serves as a prophylactic was recorded in their etheric blueprint.

A body that suffers from sickle cell crisis allows the soul to experience a certain lesson, as all diseased and/or disabled bodies do. Nothing is left to chance in the Universe, which means there are no accidents. Basically, in my opinion, people with sickle cell are souls who chose such an incarnation and spacesuit in which to experience a certain lesson or lessons.

Many people born with sickle cell also may have died from malaria or a malaria-type disease in the most recent past life existence and the trauma from such a death was recorded in the etheric blueprint and simply carried over into this present lifetime. How we die in the previous lifetime determines how we are born in this present lifetime. As Osho states, "the quality of birth is decided by death." All unfinished lessons and unresolved karma roll over or devolve into this present lifetime. Basically, we pick up where we left off, at least here on Earth in the 3rd Dimension. We don't escape from any of our actions in any lifetime. All that we do will be dealt with.

Also, the person who previously died of malaria or a malaria-type infection or disease may not have had the sickle cell trait and also may not have been an African native but could have simply been a foreigner visiting an area whereby malaria or malaria-type conditions existed and fell prey to mosquito or insect bites and eventually died of malarial infection. This is a possible scenario.

Sickle cell crisis and anemia are more than just a physical blood disorder. Its roots are in the etheric or auric body. While iron phosphate, so-called supplemental oxygen (liquid oxygen, i.e. o3 Drops), and dietary thiocyanate may be ideal in preventing the blood from being sickle shaped, the energy body must be addressed if there is to be total healing of sickle cell in this present lifetime.

Malaria (a disease caused by a protozoan parasite transmitted by mosquitoes) can be prevented or addressed with's Malaria-Rid formula which contains the best herb for healing from Malaria - Cinchona Bark, also known as Peruvian Bark, which is an herb rich in natural quinine, which suppresses cell enzymes and acts as a disinfectant in cases of malaria.

Other herbs good for healing of malarial infection include Dogwood, Magnolia Bark, Ginger, Cloves, Goldenseal Root, Manjistha, and Cayenne.

Good parasite formulas, i.e. Parasite & Worms Formula and Parasite and Worms Cleanse are also good for malarial infections.

For people adverse to inoculation or vaccination that is required to travel to Africa, I highly recommend they take Cinchona Bark before and during their visit and upon return to their home country to perform the Full Body Detox followed by the Parasite and Worm cleanse and regimen.

You know, it's so strange to me that when one wants to travel to Africa one has to be vaccinated; but when one wants to travel to Europe no inoculations or vaccinations are required. But I'm sure people will and can argue that Europe and Africa are not the same and Europe doesn't have all the problems Africa has.

To learn more about the physical manifestation of sickle cell, please read our Sickle Cell Anemia and Crisis and Iron Deficiency Anemia article.

If you have sickle cell, I recommend periodic cleansing with the Full body Detox and followed by performing the Sickle Cell Kit and Regimen and thereafter a daily regimen of Dietary Thiocyanate, Herbal Iron, Vitamin C, and o3 Drops. You do not have to suffer from or die from sickle cell. It is unnecessary! You can heal, even from sickle cell and/or malarial infection. Unfortunately, allopathic Western medicine does not believe in this or espouse this, but it's true. Every disease has its antidote!

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