Testicular Problems


The male equivalent of ovarian problems in females is testicular problems. The male and female bodies possess the exact same organs, which are different in size, shape, and location, but are the same in function.

The male testicles are the equivalent of the female ovaries. The only difference being is that the testicles are located outside of the body whereas the ovaries are located inside the body.

So basically, the testicles are a pair of ovaries located in bags or sacks ("nut sacks") and which hang outside of the male body.

Anything that is located outside of the body or that protrudes from the body is yang or masculine in nature. Anything within the body is yin or feminine in nature.

Testicles, penis, female breasts = YANG

Vagina, uterus, ovaries, male chest (breast) = YIN

The male and female reproductive organs are basically the same. What the woman has the man has and what the man has the woman has.

Male = penis / Female = clitoris
Male = penis shaft / Female = vagina
Male = prostate / Female = uterus
Male = testicles / Female = ovaries
Male = vans deferens / Female = fallopian tube

The one apparent difference between male and female reproductive organs is that the female organs are more functional in nature compared to the male organs. For example, the female version of the male prostate gland holds a developing baby whereas the male prostate gland is unable to.

Every child is born female (XX chromosome). However, if there is a defect in one of the two XX chromosomes, the child become males and develops as a male baby. The defective "X" chromosome converts or degenerates into a "Y" chromosome, giving us XY chromosomes, which equals "male." A "Y" chromosome is really an "X" chromosome missing a leg (right leg). The above constitutes the basis for many metaphysical scientists stating the male is a defective female or form of the female.

In medical and scientific language, the above is known as the TDF factor (testes determining factor), and which is defined as: "A Y-chromosome gene that is believed to determine male sexual development. Studies indicate that individuals with the normal female (XX) sex chromosome combination may develop as males if the TDF gene has migrated to one of the X chromosomes. Also, an individual with the normal XY chromosome pair may develop as female if the TDF gene is missing from the Y chromosome. Mosby's supra, pg. 1157

The male and female biology are both the same with slight to moderate differences most pertaining to development and capacity of function. While males generally produce and secrete more hormones of testosterone and androgen, females also produce these chiefly male hormones, albeit in small amounts. But likewise, while females produce and secrete more estrogen and progesterone, males also produce these chiefly female hormones, and thus, we have balance (yin and yang).

When a female produces more of the chiefly male hormones, the effects manifest physically as well as mentally and psychologically. This is called hormonal imbalance. The imbalance is in the production and secretion of hormones. So if a female produces excessive amounts of testosterone, her physiology and mentality and psychology changes. She will develop hair on parts of her body that are uncommon for a female, e.g. above her lips, under her chin, and on her chest, areas that are common for hair to develop on males. This female will also start to think, act, and behave like a man. The excess production of testosterone will give her the magnetism that a male normally has for the female, and thus this particular female will be attracted to females and if she moves on this attraction, she becomes classified as "homosexual" and/or "bisexual" (if she stills has an attraction for the male).

Without a doubt hormones, or hormonal imbalance, plays a major role in homosexuality. Sexual preference is not determined by the physical (sexual organ), but the mental, psychological, and etheric (which stores past-life karma and desires).

The male testicles are generally classified as "testes." The word 'testes' is plural for 'testis,' referring to one of the pair of male gonads that produce semen. Each testis is a laterally compressed oval body about 4 cm long, 2.5 cm wide, and weighs about 12 g and is positioned obliquely in the scrotum. Each testis consists of several hundred conical lobules containing the tiny-coiled seminiferous tubles, each about 75 mm long, in which spermatozoa develop. The testis are supplied with blood by the two internal spermatic arteries that arise from the aorta, are served by the testicular veins that form the paminiform plexuses constituting the greater part of the spermatic cords, and are innervated by the spermatic plexuses of nerves from the celiac plexuses of the autonomic nervous system. Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 3rd edition (1990), pg. 1158

Testicular deficiencies are rampant today in the Western world, especially in the U.S., and of course this is due to diet, lifestyle, thoughts and emotions, and environmental factors.

Pertaining to diet, consumption of meat and dairy products is the greatest causative factors of testicular diseases, which include testiculitis (inflammation of the testicles, a/k/a blue balls), testicular cancer, and low sperm count.

The excess female hormones (estrogen) injected into animals and thus their byproducts, meat and dairy products, enter into the human bloodstream upon consumption of them. Estrogen in meat and dairy products cause an imbalance in the male gonad and the result is lack of testosterone hormone and lack of production and secretion of sperm (low sperm count).

Consumption of meat and dairy products causes elevated cholesterol levels in the body, which clogs the arteries, including the testicular artery that transport blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the testes which in turn creates an aerobic environment in the testicles allowing cancer of the testicles to develop as cancer develops when and when there is lack of oxygen and alkalinity.

The wearing of tight clothing, primarily of tight underwear (e.g. Hanes and Fruit of the Loom briefs), impairs testicular health by obstructing circulation in the body, testicular arterial circulation in particular.

Excessive ejaculation of sperm from inordinate amounts of sexual intercourse (or masturbation) can lead to sexual exhaustion, primarily of the gonad, and can cause testicular and penile atrophy. The male penis and gonad are located in the coccygeal plexus (first chakra), which is the energy center above the physical penis and testicles and has a direct correlation to the physical adrenaline glands. Excessive ejaculation from sexual intercourse and/or masturbation can greatly exhaust the adrenal glands and led to chronic fatigue in general and sexual fatigue in particular.

Excessive masturbation can also result in severe inflammation of the penis and testicles, the body intelligence's way of conveying the message to the host that the act is too excessive and a break or outright termination of the act is necessary and required. The sex glands and organs need adequate rest (and nutrition, e.g. molybdenum, sulfur, zinc, Vitamin E, etc.) in order to replenish the sexual fluids and to rebuild, strengthen, tone, and rejuvenate the sex glands and organs.

Untreated STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) can severely impair testicular health as well as the overall health of the male reproductive system and organs, even leading to sterility in some cases.

Synthetic male hormones (steroids) will adversely affect the male sex glands and organs, leading to premature degeneration of the sex glands and organs.

Heavy and strenuous weight lifting causes strain to the testicles, and if synthetic steroids are consumed in the regimen as well, the testicles will greatly be adversely affected. This unhealthy and unwise activity will lead to rapid and severe atrophy of the testicles, with the testicles literally shrinking in size, something that is very common and noticeable with your dedicated body builders, especially the professional ones who body build (compete) for a living.

Healing Testicular Diseases and Problems Naturally

Diet. Modifying the diet is always incumbent for healing and preventing disease. Greatly cutting back on or outright eliminating meat and dairy from one's diet is a must. A vegan diet is best, as it does not contain any animal or animal by-products. Many males are apprehensive about becoming vegan due to the protein myth, that vegans don't acquire adequate amounts of proteins.

This is false! All vegetation has protein and sea vegetation (e.g., Spirulina, Chlorella, Blue Green algae, Irish Moss, etc.), provides the most abundant sources. Because meat is usually from one part of the animal (e.g. leg, breast, wing, buttock, shoulder, neck, etc.), it is not protein because in order to be protein, there must be 22 complete amino acids available and if you are not eating the entire animal and RAW (uncooked), you are not obtaining protein. Also, when you cook meat, you are not obtaining protein because cooking alters the molecules of the meat and the end result is something foreign and unrecognizable.

Remember, meat and dairy products are tainted with synthetic female hormones (among other harmful things contained in them), which causes hormonal imbalance in males and females.

Eliminate milk, coffee, soda pop, and all alcoholic beverages from the diet and drink adequate amounts of water (6-8 glasses a day).

Eat a lot of foods rich in Zinc. Zinc is the number one mineral and food for the male (and female) sexual reproductive system. However, unlike males, females don't lose large amounts of zinc, which males do due to ejaculation (which results in loss of vital nutrients). Females lose their zinc via the menstrual cycle, a form of ejaculation of vital nutrients via a fluid base (menstruum). Zinc-rich foods include Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds (Papitas): herbs of Dandelion Root, Alfalfa, Burdock Root, Irish Moss, Cocculus Root, Garlic, Horsetail, Chaparral leaves, Red Clover tops, and Rose Hip.

MSM Sulfur is also a great food for the testicles and feeds the testicles and enhances quality and quantity of sperm.

Exercise. Make sure you get good and adequate exercise in as much as possible. Exercising is great for circulation purposes. It keeps the blood and lymph fluid flowing. Eastern exercises (e.g. Tai' Chi, Qi Gong, yoga, etc.) are best because they are mostly predicated upon stretching and not strenuous activity, which is found in Western exercises (which develop the body quickly but are very harmful in the long run).

If you use steroids, you would be wise to stop. Steroidal hormone use adversely impacts the health of the entire male sexual reproductive system, in addition to polluting the entire body, especially the liver and blood.

Herbs. There are many male-specific hormonal herbs that are conducive to testicular health and healing. These herbs include: Yohimbe Bark, Catuaba, Tribulis (Gokshura), Sarsaparilla, Cocculus Root, Licorice Root, Damiana, Muira Puama, Peruvian Maca, Ashwagandha, Schizandra, Eucommia, Lycii, and Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed). These herbs help to increase sperm count, especially Tribulis (Gokshura), Lycii, Catuaba, and Eucommia.

Essential oils. Some essential oils have an effect on the male hormonal or sexual reproductive system and can be inhaled directly into the nose, burned in a diffuser, or applied to the bath water or the body itself. The following essential oils are conducive to male sexual reproductive health: Combava (for impotence), Patchouli (overall male problems), Cananga (impotence), Neroli (aphrodisiac), Rose (increases sperm count), Sandalwood ((aphrodisiac), Tuberose (overall male problems), Jasmine (aphrodisiac), Ylang Ylang (aphrodisiac), Champaca (aphrodisiac), Niaouli (prostate), St. John's Wort (prostate), Spruce (prostate), Thyme (Thuja) (overall male problems), Balsam Tolu (prostate), True Cypress (overall male problems), Mastic (prostate), and Yellow Chamomile (prostate).

Many of the essential oils supra make for great testicular massage oil that can be applied after a nice hot soak or shower or before coitus.

Crystals. The wonderful world of crystals also offers help for male sexual reproductive issues and problems. The following crystals can offer help in healing and preventing male sexual reproductive diseases and disorders: Green Aventurine, Red Garnet, Obsidian, Zincite, Green Jade, and Moonstone. These crystals can be placed directly over the First Chakra (genital area) or can be used in an elixir and drank daily.

Massage. A periodic massage of the testicles with either the hands or an electronic massaging device (gold tip Accu-press device) is great for testicular health. Stimulation via the massage greatly helps to increase sperm count and relaxes the testicles. A form of testicular massage comes from the sex act with a partner and involves bio-lingual oral stimulation of the testicles and the area above the prostate gland (located between the testicles and the anus). This is done with the partner's tongue, which presses against the skin of the testes and prostate (by licking) and incites intense and excitable pleasure. The most sensitive area on a male's body is his testicles, something little girls are taught almost immediately (for defense purposes) so if need be they can knee a guy right in that area and put him on his back.

Of the twelve erogenous zones of a male's body, the testicles and the tip (head) of the penis are the two most sensitive erogenous zones on a male's body and contain the most sensitive nerve endings.

Colonics/Enemas. One of the best things a man can do for testicular and overall reproductive sexual health is to have periodic enemas and colonics performed. The prostate sits adjacent to the rectum and greatly benefits from the stimulation stemming from the performance of an enema.

Enemas can be performed at home, and once weekly or every two-weeks is adequate. Colonics can be performed 3-4 times a year (depending on your diet), three sessions within a one-week period every three or four months is sufficient.


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