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Your career number is your Life Lesson (or Path) Number. In Numerology, your Life Path Number is derived from your date of birth which is the day you incarnated with a flesh body so as to partake of earthly or worldly existence for certain soul lessons you missed the last time around when you were alive (in a space suit) and also to learn new lessons.

Because your Career Path number matches your Life Lesson (or Path) Number it is important for you to know about the Life Path number. The Life Lesson (or Path) number represents the typical way you approach life experiences.

We get many life experiences by way of our work, the career we’re in because we choose the career or ended up with the career by default. However, it’s always better to CHOOSE a career than to end up with a career.

Choosing a career is an important step in your life. It’s always best to have a career that allows you to use your resources (mental, intellectual, emotional, spiritual). With the help of astrology, you can discover what your Work Houses are and what are your resources (talents) as revealed by your astrological natal chart. In the Placidus Orb chart, your 2nd House reveals your Resources. Your 6th House reveals your Daily Duties. Your 10th House reveals the best career(s) for you.

If you have more than one talent, you may have difficulty deciding what career course to follow. This is when a study of your numbers (numerology) and their particular vibrations can help. Your numbers indicate your abilities; use them to plan your future.

Going back to astrology for a minute, your Work Houses will usually be in one of the four Elements: Earth, Water, Air, or Fire. These all mean something. However, I’ll cover them in a separate article here on

Okay, if you know your Life Lesson (or Path) Number, then you’re in luck because you also know your Career Path number and can look up brief meanings below:

1 As A Career Number: Inventor, designer, aviator, leader of a group, department or business organization. Ambassador, director, program planner, store-owner, officer in the military, producer of motion pictures, television or theater productions, lecturer, promoter, sales manager, engineer, executive, explorer. NOTE: Creative work of all kind!

2 As A Career Number: Diplomat, agent, caterer, clerk, lawyer, insurance adjuster or any position, that demands arbitration; architect, bookkeeper, bill collector, custodian, legislator, librarian, minister, foreign minister, politician, teacher.

3 As A Career Number: Artist, musician, nurse, dietician, physician, writer, entertainer, cosmetician, salesperson of cosmetics or art supplies; an artisan in any line; lawyer, judge, engineer, pastor, priest, playground director, athletic coach, scout director, vocational school teacher, philosopher. NOTE: A “3” should avoid positions of close confinement or long hours, as self-expression is necessary for happiness and best work.

4 As A Career Number: All building trades, numerologist, farmer, miner, industrialist, mason, draftsperson, mechanic, accountant, undertaker, efficiency expert, executive, professional boxer, engineer, mechanic, chemist, or laboratory technician.

5 As A Career Number: Salesperson, advertising executive, investigator or detective, writer, teacher, lecturer, copy reader, news columnist, editor, any career in communications; graphologist, proofreader, publisher, playwright, TV or radio operator, actor, secretary, consultant, psychology or language teacher, interpreter, import-export dealer.

6 As A Career Number: Actor, host or hostess, homemaker, teacher, writer, nurse, doctor, interior decorator, artist, florist, singer, voice teacher, tutor; beautician, dressmaker or designer, fashion expert, musician, perfumer, incense chemist, herbalist; any branch of theater work; marriage counselor, divorce attorney. NOTE: The “6” needs to be in service to others in some way!

7 As A Career Number: Archeologist, astrologer, engineer, healer, preacher, author, dentist, farmer, lawyer, photographer, psychic investigator, any sort of research work. NOTE: Could do library work as cataloger or indexer; A “7” dislikes manual labor and does best in an atmosphere of refinement and culture.

8 As A Career Number: Banker, financier, engineer, undertaker, chemist, carpenter, crime investigator, druggist, exterminator, firearms or dynamite expert, lawyer, organizer, supervisor, philanthropist, manufacturer, architect, or broker.

9 As A Career Number: Researcher, electrician, explorer, magician, narcotics agent, scientist, doctor, teacher, preacher, surgeon, diplomat; iron-worker, artist, musician, lawyer, spiritual healer, horticulturist, or landscape gardener.

11 As A Career Number: Inspirational writer, teacher, lecturer, promoter, sales manager, leader in public affairs; professional in metaphysical work, astrologer, astronomer, numerologist; electrician, space age electronics expert, or astronaut.

22 As A Career Number: Executive, diplomat, ambassador, government agent, adjuster, mediator, humanitarian, librarian, school superintendent. NOTE: A 22 belongs in public service or in an advisory capacity in some way.

33 As A Career Number: Professor of Bible interpretation, public servant. NOTE: A 33 birth date is usually destined for sacrificial service in some capacity. It could be a life of nurturing or of giving up one’s own career in order to serve a parent, a community or the world.

44 As A Career Number: Farmer, builder, doctor, nurse, dietician, soldier, politician, banker, businessman, or social worker. NOTE: A 44 must contribute to the world in a substantial, materialistic way.

Because everyone has a birthdate, everyone has a Life Lesson or Path Number and because everyone has a Life Lesson or Path Number, everyone has talent, although that talent may be lying dormant at present. But nevertheless, it’s there. You just have to invest in yourself by cultivating yourself and at that’s what we help you do - cultivate yourself and on all levels.

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