Vaginal Blood Clots


Vaginal blood clots are blood clots that are expelled from the uterus by way of the female vagina. A blood clot is a semisolid, gelatinous mass, the end result of the clotting process in blood. It ordinarily consists of red cells, white cells, and platelets enmeshed in an insoluble fibrin network. SOURCE: Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 3rd edition (1990), pg. 155, "Blood clot."

Blood clotting is the conversion of blood from a free-flowing liquid to a semisolid gel. Although it can occur within the intact blood vessel, the process usually starts with tissue damage and exposure of the blood to air. Within seconds of injury to the vessel wall, platelets clump at the site. If normal amounts of calcium, platelets, and tissue factors are present, prothrombin will be converted to thrombin. Thrombin then acts as a catalyst for the conversion of fibrinogen to a mesh of insoluble fibrin, in which all the formed elements are immobilized. SOURCE: Mosby's supra, pg. 155, "Blood clotting."

Basically, the blood clots released or expelled via the vaginal channel are clumps of tissue, uterine tissue, to be exact. They are commonly discharged during the menstrual cycle because the menstrual cycle is a monthly process of eliminating bodily toxins and waste via the menses and this let's us know that the blood clots being expelled are nothing but old clumps of gelatinous uterine tissue from the shedding of the endometrium lining of the uterus mixed with coagulated or congealed blood and mucus.

A few women have reported to me of clots the size of silver dollars being expelled from their vaginas, and usually before their menses begins or during the menses. These women reported to me that as many as three to six clots were discharged at one time. That's a lot of blood clots!

These clots are rubbery and very thick. They were lodged for months and years in the vaginal cavity. The Body Intelligence knows when there are too many clots in the body and there is a need for elimination. The menstrual cycle is the process of female reproductive elimination and whatever needs to be released from the female reproductive chamber will usually be released during the menstrual cycle.

Women who suffer from vaginal blood clotting are women whose eliminative channels are usually blocked or impaired, mainly the colon.

I have personally noticed as well that these women supra are very busy and active women - corporate and career women. Corporate and career females usually have the most damaged uteruses. Most use tampons during that time of the month instead of pads. Tampons are unhealthy because they plug up the vagina, which has a natural downward spiral energy that supports elimination. They push things that may be ready for elimination back up into the uterus and cervix area. Because that downward and spiral eliminative energy is blocked, clots that may have otherwise been expelled or eliminated remain in the vaginal cavity due to that energy blockage. Blocked vaginal energy will stop physical vaginal activity like the releasing of vaginal blood clots.

But when there are just too many clots in the female reproductive chamber, the Body Intelligence intervenes on the part of the woman in a humble gesture to save her life and gets the stagnant energy moving or flowing again.

If the blood clots remained in the woman's or female's body for long periods of time without ever being discharged, the woman could have developed a female reproductive area-specific cancer, i.e. vaginal cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, etc.

When the vagina holds on to something, especially that which is no good (like old blood clots), it is usually a case of "as above so below" and pertains to the "holding on" of negative emotions or situations usually pent up in the woman's body (emotional body and cells of the physical body). This "holding on" energy of the emotional body produces a "holding on" energy within the physical body (vagina, womb area).

When a woman starts clotting, no matter how old, large, or thick the blood clots may be, she should jump for joy and rejoice, because it's far better for the clots to be outside of the body and in the toilet rather than in her body!

Excessive releasing of blood clots will also mean the woman is anemic. Excessive releasing of vital blood will always result in anemia unless the woman is smart enough to consume necessary daily amounts of iron phosphate (organic iron) via natural sources such as Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Nettle Leaf, Red Raspberry Leaf and Yellow Dock Root.

Emotionally, clots mean you need to let go of things or emotions that no longer serve you. These hardened, rubbery vaginal blood clots are the physical manifestations of "hardened" and "toxic" emotions, usually from the past (past hurts, past resentments, past pains, past anger, past frustration, past bitterness, etc.).

Releasing of blood clots means a woman needs to also release her stored "clots" of old, negative, hardened and toxic emotions and feelings she harbors within the uterus of her emotional body.

A clot is basically a lump; a lump of stored, old tissue. When a woman stores negative and toxic emotions, these emotions lump up and form an energetic clot.

To facilitate the elimination of blood clots, a woman should immediately detoxify her body (e.g. Full Body Detox followed by the Total Woman Cleanse). Our Moon Cycle Formula, Yoni Formula, and Blood and Lymphatic Formula will also facilitate the elimination of blood clots.

While I don't endorse douching, douching with herbal teas for purposes of facilitating the dissolving and releasing of blood clots can be done with herbs such as White Oak Bark, Alum Root (Cransebill), Goldenseal, Dragon's Blood, Shepherd's Purse, and Lady's Mantle, if the situation is severe. However, the vagina is a self-cleaning and healing organ.

Sexual intercourse while clotting should be avoided as all activity that pushes things up and back into the uterus area should be avoided.

Believe it or not, vaginal blood clotting is a form of healing and releasing. Get in sync with your lower (physical) releasing of old matter and start releasing on your higher level (emotional, mental, and spiritual) of old matter (negative emotions and thoughts).

Clotting simply means you have not been taking care of yourself as a woman, at least on the inside. Just remember that it's never too late to start taking care of yourself as a woman, inside or outside.

Thank you for reading!

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