Manjakani (Oak Gall) For Vaginal Tightening and Strengthening


Manjakani is truly a generous gift from Mother Nature to women.

There is no better herb on the market better for addressing all vaginal issues, including and especially vaginal atrophy (resulting in a loose vagina), than Manjakani, known as Oak Gall (botanical name Quercus infectoria).

Manjakani or ‘Oak galls” comes from oak trees indigenous to Asia and Persia and have been used since ancient times by various cultures including the Arabs, Persians, Indians, Chinese and Malays. 

The oak galls are produced, and strangely I might add, when the leaves of the oak tree are penetrated by stinging wasps which consequently induces a spontaneous chemical reaction caused by the penetration that stimulates the leaves to produce a roundish hard ball called an oak gall.

These galls contain tannin and small amounts of gallic acid and ellagic acid and have antimicrobial properties. Additional properties of this herb includes Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, fiber, protein, and carbohydrates.

Oak galls are traditionally used by Malaysian women after childbirth to restore the eslasticity of the uterine wall. Along with Kacip Fatimah (another great herb for women), Manjakani (“Oak galls”) greatly facilitates healing of the womb after childbirth.

To add, Manjakani is also the best vaginal astringent herb. Yes, Manjakani is a natural astringent that contains antiseptic materials and antioxidants. It possesses a unique kind of astringency which acts to restore health, tone and vigor in the vagina.

The strengtehing and tightening (as well as toning) abilities of Manjakani on the female vagina are mind boggling. In my opinion, it is far better and effective, not to mention safer, than the man-made and very costly surgical operation known as vaginoplasty. Manjakani makes vaginoplasty unnecessary.

Of all the properties of Manjakani (which are many), vaginal tightening is by far it’s most known and recommended usage. 

Manjakani naturally and effectively help a woman to tighten her vagina which can result in better and more enjoyable sex with her partner and I personally bear witness to this (as a man). Shortly after my wife used Manjakani (in the form of our cream we sell here at and we engaged in sexual intimacy, she physically felt like a virgin. It was like we were two teenagers having sex for the very first time. It was like she became a virgin again or what they call for a sexually experienced woman, a secondary virgin. The post-Manjakani sex we had was the best of our marrital years sex. I was greatly impressed with the vaginal tightening effect of this herb.

A tighter vagina can help women reach orgasms more often, especially if she is prone to having orgasms, as unfortunately most women (in the U.S.) do not experience orgasm. I’m sure this may also be the case with women the world over.

Tightening of the vagina increases sexual sensations and pleasures for both woman and man (partner). It really does!

In addition, Manjakani naturally tighten erectile tissue layers of the vagina and simultaneously restores suppleness and rejuvenates and nourish the nerves in the vagina and thus naturally increase sexual pleasures during sexual intimacy. As a woman becomes more sensitive, she will feel the ‘fulness’ of her partner’s penis inside her. 

The herb is also helpful for healing vaginal tissue, reducing excessive vaginal discharge, improving women’s vitality, restoring vaginal elasticity, effectively tightens the vagina, retarding and reversing vaginal atrophy, and healing uterine and vaginal prolapse. 

Daily use of Manjakani over time will totally rejuvenate a woman’s vagina, and help prevent further vaginal aging which results from childbearing, your age, your sexual partners over the years, and overall health. 

Manjakani is the best herb for purposes of restoring vaginal elasticity. The vagina can lose some elasticity for various reasons, including but not limited to: aging, menopause, overstretching from childbirth, sexual activities, and general poor nutrition.

Many women who use Manjakani, especially as a cream, report almost immediate effects (from 20 seconds to 20 minutes).

Manjakani can be used as a tea, cream, herbal extract, and powder (in capsules). The best tightening effect comes from use of the cream inserted into the vagina.

To use as a cream, simply wash/cleanse your vagina and your hands. Next, wipe and dry your vagina. Apply cream evenly into Yoni and wait for twenty seconds. For sexual activity purposes, wait a full twenty minutes after applying cream before engaging in sex act. Sex is good when engaged in after thirty minutes of use. Even better twelve hours after use. And totally awesome twenty-four hours after use. sells Manjakani in the following forms: Vaginal Tightening Cream, Manjakani Yoni Astringent Cream, Manjakani liquid extract, Manjakani-Kacip Fatimah liquid extract, and Manjakani capsules.

If you want to really restore, tone, strengthen, and rejuvenate your vagina, I suggest you also perform PC (Pubococcygeal) muscle or Kegel exercises. These exercises can be performed with tools such as jade yoni eggs and Ben Wa balls.

Thank you for reading!

Peace, Love, and Light!

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Jorge Garcia
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